Citi Double Cash

Citi Double Cash
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CiTI Won me over!!!

Outstanding card! and the icing on the cake was when i read from the whiners on the reviews that are obviously trumpettes complaining that the company wont deal with guns hahaha. You morons need your head examined. Great card, they opened with $12,500 CREDIT LIMIT and the cash back has been stellar! Great customer service too!!!


Worst customer service I have ever had

June 30th I set up my online account as well as my authorized users account. I then tried to set up Apple Pay. I had to call in to verify which the agent said it was all set up and ready to go. She had to call me back on a second line to verify (I don’t understand this since it is 2018 and who has a land line) I then proceeded to set up the authorized users Apple Pay. They called back on the second phone number to verify. His said it was ready to use while mine still needed verification. When I called in to ask why mine was still not working, they then proceeded to transfer me to the fraud department. They said I would not be able to use my card until I could verify the information, I had my credit card number, my verbal verification, full address even offered to recite my full social security number. I did not understand how I didn’t answer the questions properly. I then asked to speak with a manager, she said the security department was going to put a hold on my account but she was able to prevent that, she wanted to call me at a third phone number (suggesting a land line or work phone) it was Sunday and I was at a cabin. Anyways I went to use my card a few days later and it did not work (surprise surprise) I had to wait 10 days to get a letter from the fraud department to reactivate my credit card. This has been a truly awful experience and I hope people realize how terrible their customer service is.



Terrible experience with Citi Bank. I contacted Customer Service back to find out about their credit cards with 0% Interest because I wanted to fund a project around our house and needed a card with 15-21 months free interest. I spoke with someone in India who I could barely understand. After nearly an hour on the phone I was told the best card for me to meet my needs were the Cash Back card because it had 21 months no interest. I applied for the card and got a healthy line of credit to fund my project. Used the card to pay for the project and went on vacation from the of May to the end of June. Came home a week ago to find that I’ve been getting charged 14% interest on a card that I was told had a promotion of 21 months no interest. Found that the CS rep from India misinformed me and that the card I signed up for was a double cash back card that offers 21 months interest free on BALANCE TRANSFERS. I filed a complaint and requested the call get pulled so they can see I was advised incorrectly, doubtful anything gets done. Paid out $500 in interest in two months, cancelled the card and will NEVER deal with Citi again.


Wish it was visa but overwise amazing

love this card in general