Citi Double Cash

Citi Double Cash
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Atrocious Customer Service makes it not worth it

I will admit the 2% cash back is an amazing feature but I continued to add up 2% based on my purchases and could never quite get a full 2% for some reason despite paying it off every month. On top of that, we had some fraud issues come up (which didn’t trip a fraud alert and should have) and when i called to get it handled I spoke to a person who barely spoke english. I reported all fradulent transactions and they promised to send us new cards. 3 weeks go by- no cards and low and behold- some fradulent charges are STILL on my online statement!!! I called back and demanded to talk with a supervisor and the supervisor was worse than the customer service rep!!! She didn’t care at all, never apologized for the lateness of the replacement cards, and also I told her i wanted to redeem my accrued double cash rewards, and she made me aware it takes a full billing cycle for statement credit or 10 days for a check in the mail- are you kidding??? I don’t care if they give 10% cash back this is a garbage company with garbage service that does not deserve any of your business.


love it

easy to use. get a lot of cash back anytime. Beautifully designed card a color scheme. looks awesome when i whip it out.


That good

As i just applied and was denied i got a credit score of 703 used my boyfriends phone grrr oh well. …always Halle Rose


Great cash back

I use it for every purchase virtually. I apply the rewards right back against my balance and building excellent credit.


Amazing Card!

I received an initial $8K limit which is perfect for me and with the intro 0% for over a year, it allows me to put EVERYTHING on this card and I plan to pay it off every quarter when I receive my bonuses and such and then see my double points. I was using another cc with points and received a great intro of 5x the points for specific purchases + 1.5 year intro 0% and I earned about $220 in gift cards, so not bad. But would rather have cash back! It doesn’t bother me to wait for my additional 1% during the intro period and I never carry a balance on credit cards outside of intro offers anyways. I am a Realtor and for personal and business expenses being mixed up, this is a great personal choice! VERY HAPPY!


Low credit limit with high interest rate

I researched many cash back credit cards and decided on Citi Double Cash. I have just received the card and have not used it yet. I was shocked when I saw that my APR will be 23.24%, the maximum rate, after the 0% introductory rate ends. Most of the reviews indicated that the range of interest that could be charged would be between 13% - 24%. Since my credit score is over 800, I anticipated being assigned a rate on the lower end of the scale.

As others have written in reviews, I, too, was given a low credit limit of $3000 and have been told that another credit report will have to be pulled before my limit can be increased. I don't understand why such a low limit is assigned, especially to someone with an excellent credit score. It appears Citi pays no attention to the credit report and starts everyone off with a low limit and a high APR.

I'm not the only one with these complaints and I don't understand why Citi doesn’t listen to their customers. The interest rates are outrageous. I was told I could call back when the 0% introductory rate ends in April 2017 to talk with someone about getting the APR lowered. You can rest assured that I will be making that call.


Love the Card format

2% Cash back speaks for itself but there is something else about this card that is unique. The numbers, expiration date, and three digit code are all on one side and legible because the are not raised numbers. This is VERY nice when you need to read this info to someone as often is the case.


Absolutely No Brainer!!

I had Citi Thankyou Preferred card which I converted to Citi Double Cash. Look, there is no other card which will give you 2% cash back on paying your utility bills. There are cards which pay you more on grocery and gas but 2% consistently on every transaction in a great deal!. If you think about it you spend significant amount of money on car insurances, home utilities, phone bills, internet bills, electricity bills and so on which fall into 1% rewards category (1 point per dollar spent on few cards) with most other rewards cards. Its worth using this card for such “bland expenses”.

If you are interested in keeping more than one card then applying for Amex Preferred and Chase Sapphire preferred/Capital One venture for travel rewards would give you more options to use a particular card with a particular expenditure. For e.g. if you are shopping at a grocery store use Amex, if you are in a gas station use Amex and if you are in a restaurant use Chase Sapphire or Citi Double case and so on.

Of course if you are a frequent traveler particularly to foreign countries use a card with no foreign transaction fees.

Bottom line is to have some 2-3 cards and use them smartly to maximize your rewards.


Set to earn $300 per year!

On average, I charge about $1300 per month on my credit card, and set up auto pay to pay in full every month. I only use my Bank Account to pay off my credit card and for the one or two monthly bills that will not take a credit card for payment. I earned $150 in my first 6 months of owning this card! I will be careful, though, after the introductory period, to NOT carry a balance on this card, as the interest rate is going to be high (13% - 23%).



It says 1% when you buy and 1% when you pay your bill… But the rewards are only redeemable for statement credits which effectively takes away the 1% for paying your bill


I will never apply this credit card if time flies back

The CITI credit card department ( address) fails to receive my mailed and fax materials three times in a row over the last three months, even with the help of CITI local branch in California. They also rejected my initial application with a ridiculous reason: The SSN record they pulled does not match the one of my SSN card - Hey, if any mismatch occurs, won’t they use their brain a little bit to the pull record aligned with the number specified on the SSN card? I am stunned how bureaucratic and incompetent this bank could be…If they did not pull my credit for this I will walk away to other options for sure!


Do the Math! This card is the best.

We just got this card. It’s great. We spend around $2500-$3000 a month all on this card between our regularly monthly expenses (DirectTV, Verizon, electricity, etc). Of course we never carry a balance so we are essentially getting $60/month for free.

When I was looking at cash back cards there were others that offered 5% cash back on rotating items per quarter. But once you read the fine print they capped that 5% at $1,500/month then it fell to 1% cash back.

If you do the math and spend what we do we actually go LESS back on the other card.

The only bad mark on this card is they charge 3% on foreign transactions. So we carry another card (which we never use) in case we travel to Canada/Mexico or abroad.

Do the math! If you spend less than $1,500/month and are disciplined enough to earn the 5% cash back this card mathematically makes sense! You buy get 1%, you pay and get the other 1%. It’s available to use instantly!


Who doesn’t like the most free money?!!!

Here’s a little tip–cash in your rewards to your bank account rather than a statement credit so you don’t miss out on the 1% reward when making a payment for that amount.


Very high APR, not very transparent signup process

I went on their website to sign up for this card after reading great reviews, and I also did some research and it looked like a great deal. The website stated that the APR rate is around 13%-23.00%, depending on your credit. I have excellent credit (my score is 801) so I didn’t think they’d assign me a the highest existing APR rate, but after I filled out the sign-up form I got a confirmation stating that I was approved and that my APR would be 23.99%. I thought this was outrageous - I’ve never had a card with such a high APR in my life, my current Chase Freedom card (while I use for most credit transactions) only charges 13.99%. I was annoyed that I went to the trouble of signing up only to have to cancel the card because of the monstrous APR. The information on the website was misleading, as it led me to think they’d consider my credit score in assigning my APR. Moreover, when signing up I wasn’t offered the option to review the terms of the card prior to opting in. If I had that option (as I usually do when I sign up for new accounts), it would have saved me a headache in having to call them and cancel my newly-opened account.


Cash back card; 1% back when you buy, another 1% back when you pay your monthly bill - on everything!

Great card, especially since I always pay my monthly statements off each month. Have several that give cash back and some more than 2% and up to 5%, but they’re restricted in what those percentages apply to. This one does 2% back on everything without doing anything but using the card. And the Citi Rewind is a great feature. I received a refund of $30 when they found an item I had bought cheaper within 60 days and gave me a credit on my statement of $30. And my travels receive up to $1500 a year of trip cancellation or trip interruption insurance free of charge when I charge my tickets using this card!


Terrible card

Citibank offers 2 % but holds your credit limit artificially low to limit the benefits. If you request an increase, they threaten you with pulling a credit report which will lower your credit score. SCAM CARD


Simple and easy to use with great cash back benefits.

This is my first credit card and I am so glad I choose it. The cash back benefits on every purchase really adds up. Also, having no fees is a huge plus.


very disappointed

We’ve had this card for about a year and for the most part it’s ok - the 2% is great, however we’ve run into some problems with them denying charges. We pay our balances off in full every month. And yes we have had high monthly charges, but we have paid them on time and in full but have still had problems with them denying charges. I don’t think they can handle customers with higher monthly transactions. We may have to go back to American Express. Not the 2% back at amex, but at least they can handle our business. We are very disappointed, and a bit frustrated!


karthiik subash

I aplied for this card during october 2015, i was told 15 month zero interest. Accidently during march i was looking at the statement and realized they were charging interest from day 1. I went to branch and i was told bank officer by mistake told me like that and cant reverse the charges. I would like to give negative rating since there is no option giving 1 star


Great Card

I have always went for the 1% everything cards and now this come along with 2% so why would I not do it. In fact, I started putting more of our purchases (groceries) on the card and after just one year have earned $500! I can use it anywhere and all the purchases count toward my rewards. No annual fee and since I pay it off each month there is no interest either. The only downside is we may purchase a little more than we would with cash but, if it’s less than $500 more we still win!!