Citi Double Cash

Citi Double Cash
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Great card until Fraud Happens!!!

Card was awesome and the rewards were unmatched for my purchases. I am a business owner and used this card for several thousands of dollars a month. THEN… MY CARD WAS HACKED! It has been 14 months since the unauthorized activity was spotted on my account. I have not even received a call from their fraud department. There have been many excuses but the main frustration is that there is no way to get a hold of the fraud department. You can fax them papers and information, but there is no number or email in order to talk to anyone. Worse yet, they did not report the fraud case correctly on my credit report. Therefore, I have had to call all 3 credit bureaus in order to correct the problem because you can’t talk to anyone at CITI Bank Fraud Department. I will never get a credit card or anything from this company.


The ONLY card to carry

Free money is a good thing!


The Ultimate Everyday Cash Back Card

To start, I prefer cash back cards to any other form of reward program. Therefore, the following is based on that mindset. I recently got this card to round out my wallet. What the Citi card does better than any other is raise the minimum bonus of each and every purchase you make to 2%, generally doubling your rewards. I use this card in conjunction with Amex Preferred Blue (6% groceries & 3% gas easily covers the modest annual fee) and the Discover It (5% rotating bonus categories). As a result, I have only one card with an annual fee and often get close to 3% rewards on total purchases.

I have not had an issue with the credit limit like some other reviewers. I believe my initial limit is between $6,000 and $8,000. It is not the highest limit I have, but plenty for what I need. I also have not seen any issue with the $25 redemption minimum - after all, I only use the rewards as statement credit. This card does have a higher interest level (though it really should be inconsequential particularly with how this card functions as a double cash card), but if you don’t pay off this card each month as a rule it looses all of the additional benefits.


Best card I’ve ever had

2% cash back is amazing and makes for a nice holiday season (I can afford to be more generous). The few negative reviews of this card seem to be complaining that the individuals couldn’t get the credit limit they want and stuff like that. One person had a 700 credit score (good but not great) and complained about their limit. But isn’t this card intended for folks with great credit? I can imagine a similar complaint from folks with a 600 score.


I can’t recommend this card enough

I’ve had this card for about a year and a half now and we have about 1200 bucks in rewards in our account waiting to be redeemed. I started charging every normal spending purchases on this card - groceries, gas, shopping, utilities, daycare, dining etc. Then just pay the balance off every month. For larger purchases I use another card which makes it easier to track spending I need to take out from our savings. Things like vacations, furniture, etc.

The mobile app on this card is great. I set up notifications for every transaction, that way I know immediately if my card is used without my authorization. Which brings me to my last point. I got a notification last week for a 900 charge in a city about 500 miles from me. I called the merchant right away to confirm this was fraud ant not something my wife did or something I forgot about… I tried logging into my Citi account right after that and I was warned that my card was put on hold and to call them immediately. As I was calling them they were calling me- spoke to them and explained someone had my card number in another city… they reversed all the charges and told me they’d issue me new cards. The next day (Saturday) my new cards were delivered. My Apple Pay info was updated automatically, as was my mobile app. All I had to do was update my card in the places that do auto-pay. Citi really kept us protected.
This is a card with no annual fee. And it has the highest (currently) cash reward rate. Their customer service is astounding. Their mobile and web app are clean and easy to use. They keep you protected. They also have other perks I haven’t even explored yet- discounts to sporting / music events- all sorts of things. I can’t speak for what the interest rates are because I’ve never been charged interest. But when I got the card they did have an 18month 0% introductory APR. This card is freaking awesome.


good card

This is a good care but I just don’t use it much because I forget I have it. But this card gives me a huge line of credit so I appreciate it. Also it gives Fico score.


Great cash back!

It’s nice to get 2% back on everything.


Love the 2% Cash Back

Love the fact that I can get 1% each time I buy and and 1% back when I pay. Bonus rewards!~



was sent card, called to activate and nothing but a huge run around could not VERIFY ??. Really gave them all my info not enough. OK keep your card !!! Canceled Before even using it. Glad I did customer service was the worst EVER !!!


Good 2% Cash Back, TERRIBLE Customer Service

After reviewing my first month’s statement, I noticed all kinds of fees and interest charges. When I called customer service, they told me that these were “cash advance” fees and the related interest from the advances. They said that based on how the merchant charges the card is how these fees arise and that Citi could do nothing to fix the issue. Their best answer was for me to call each vendor and tell them to run my card again in a different fashion, but even the Citi rep couldn’t advise exactly “how” the card should be run to alleviate the cash advance issue, let alone deal with a duplicate charge for each transaction.

I’ll take my business back to American Express who takes care of their customers.


Great benefits, terrible credit card company

I’ve had this card for about 6 months and the double cash benefit is great. My shock has been that Citi is terribly slow at notifying me when fraud is suspected, terribly slow at notifying me (as I requested) when I’m approaching my limit, and terribly slow at taking action when I call to authorize a charge after fraud is suspected. I’ve had several incidents that were handled so terribly and slowly that I’ve had no choice but to reach for the American Express instead, because with American Express I never had these problems. When fraud is suspected, I should get a call or text instantly – not 36 hours later. When I call Citi to explain that a charge is legitimate, I shouldn’t have to wait another 24 hours before the merchant can re-run the transaction. When I pay full balance, I shouldn’t get a text notification 24 hours later that I’m approaching my credit limit. Absolutely pitiful. So no, even though I like the double cash benefits, I CAN’T recommend Citi.


No hassle cash back

It is so easy, with a couple of clicks, to get my cash back transferred to my bank account. No waiting for checks in the mail, which require a trip to the bank. Love it!


Incredibly bad customer service

I had this card for just over 1 year and charged over 75K, paying off the balance each month. I had the same issues with the low credit limit as others have reported even with a credit score of 800+ and sufficient income. But that was the least of my problems: mine problems were multiple security issues and terrible customer service. I have multiple credit cards, visa, mc, disc, amex. I have never had any card used by someone else for unauthorized transactions other than the Citibank Card, it happen twice on two occasion, with multiple purchase each time, even though a new card/number were issued. Citi is not protecting the account information. Of course each time this happens, I had to call customer service which is a nightmare. Customer service representitive are obviously not in the US, extremely difficult to understand and are like machines. The last call caused me to cancel the account. It started when I received a call from a merchent (NOT CITI) to confirm I had made a purchase. Since I hadn’t made the purchase, I immediately called Citi. The first representative was so diffficult to understand, I hung up and called back. The second person stepped through validating purchases, cancelled the card, an initiated a replacement card with a new number. She then asked if I wanted to pay $6 for a replacement card. Let’s see…charged $75K over a year, how much has Citi made off of me…out of principle, I said no thank you. I figured I would use my costco amex till the replacement card arrived. Well, after 10 days and no replacement card, I called customer service. The representative attitude was o’well, saying “the cards were mailed on ____, if you needed them, you could have paid the $6 for expidited shipping.” I said, “just cancel my account” and she did. Not once did she say, "thank you for your past business, sorry to loose you as a customer, you can kiss our ***, nothing. " I will never use a Citi card again, I want a card with great customer service that shows they appreciate your business. I will use my costco amex until it Costco switches next month to a Citi card. I know there are other cards that will OVERNIGHT replacement lost cards, for FREE.


Good for 12 months, but after that, the 2% interest doesn’t outweigh the downsides

Got this card as I was attracted to the 0% APR for 12 months and the 2% cash-back on purchases. It quickly became my main card. Overall, my experience with Citi during the first year was good. There were a few frustrating instances where I made a large payment on the card so I could use it again on a new purchase and it took about 14 separate phone calls and a total of 9 days for the payment to show as received and fir my available balance to be updated. Each Customer Service Rep robotically said this is the standard protocol on any payments “larger than your average monthly payments” – this was despite the fact I was ysing the same payment account as I had used for over 20 months’ previous transactions and NOT ONE of my payments had ever declined. I also asked for my credit limit to be raised after about 18 months of being a Citi card holder and ny request was denied, meanwhile Bank of America upped my limit by 9000 with one phone call. Lastly, when the promotional interest ratebtine period ended, after 12 months, Citi cranked up the APR to a staggering 24.24% interest rate. The Customer Service Rep I spoke to said she could not lower this at all. Because of this, I recently switched to American Express Blue Cash prefferred which offers 6% cash back on gas, 3% cash back on groceries, plus 1% on all other categories.


LoW CrediT LiMiT

i make more than 100k/year, my credit score is 812 with strong credit history and i have 2 CC’S with BOF with very high credit limits and always make my payments on time , uses 40% of my available credit and pays off every month so i dont have to pay any interest. i applied for citi double card and they only approved me for 3k. 2% is alot of cash back and we spend alot, so i asked my wife to apply for citi double card. too. she dont work, her credit score is 715. she have 2 other cards with credit limit of 1k and 1.5k, thats all she got in her credit history and i m the one who pays her all credit card bills and citi approved her for 5k. i thought may be their automated system that approved you for credit cards and set your credit limit is faulty. so i called citi to get my credit limit increased and they denied it tooo. other than this, CITI DOUBLE CARD is the BEST CARD IN MARKET. I think everybody should have this card. other good thing about citi card is that if you spend all your credit limit then just make a payment with your debit card and start using your citi card right away, you can do this again and again as many time as you want in 1 month and keep earning the 2 % cash back. LOVE THIS CARD. Spending money was never this much FUN…


Annoying payment restriction

I ended up cancelling this card because I had trouble sending Citi the payment every month. When I pay my CC bill I like to pay it at the end of the month and pay the current balance PLUS the balance of all pending transactions. But no, Citi places a ridiculous restriction where you can only pay the current balance plus 7.5%. I called them about it and was told it was a security restriction for money laundering fraud. I said the restriction was BS because it should factor in pending transactions. They transferred me to a supervisor who told me he can manually process the payment for me. I said no thanks, that I wanted the restriction lifted on my account (or at least factor in pending transactions) because I wasn’t going to call the supervisor every month to pay my CC bill. They couldn’t help me so I told them to cancel my account. I’ve never experienced this issue with any other CC.


Cancelled my card, Citi forfeited my rewards balance without informing me

Citi Cards forfeited my rewards balance without informing me. I cancelled my card and a few days later after my final payment was posted I called to redeem my final rewards balance and was told that it was all forfeited when I cancelled it. Of course, they don’t tell you this when you cancel your card. The reason I cancelled my card was because they refused to allow me to make a payment on my card above my “posted balance” plus 7.5%. At the end of the month, I personally like to pay my entire balance including all pending transactions, however Citi has a ridiculous restriction where they don’t allow you to do that. This is the first CC company I’ve encountered with such a ridiculous restriction.


Got canceled for no reason

They closed my account and didn’t give me any reason. This is bad as I have 800+ credit score and never missed a bill.


Customer service SUCKS!!!

When I called today I waited over 40 minutes to speak with someone before hanging up! I was calling to cancel my card because I just paid it off! When i finally got in touch with them they told me I couldn’t redeem my rewards of 16 dollars and some change because it had to be atleast 25 dollars or more to redeem!!! I think that’s pretty messed up!!! I will NEVER use citi again! Also I would appreciate talking to someone that I can understand when I call! I honestly never leave reviews but I have had it with citi! Glad its paid off and I don’t have to deal with yall and yall don’t have to deal with me again :slight_smile:


LOUSY credit lines to dissuade you from getting cashback!

have 45k in limits with Discover…30K in limits with capital one cards…another 60k with amer express and wam, applied for citi double and they gave me $1700 credit line. immediately called support and they told me it could be 5 years before it reaches those kind of limits. I have a very strong credit history with multiple $1M+ mortgage loans paid in full in past 25 years and never made late payment for anything in my life… and this is how they treat me. support rep admitted it was because too many people max out the card every month on purpose to get lots of rewards. i closed the account on the spot same day i opened it and told them to shove it