Citi Double Cash

Citi Double Cash
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Good Cash Back - Horrible Customer Experience

So getting 2% back is nice but at what cost? The customer experience online is so far behind everyone else just hope you don’t have any issues. Which you most likely will but hey you choose Citi not for their customer service.


.5% is not worth bad customer service

If I could give zero stars I would. I called to report fraudulent activity on my card it took 8 tries to finally reach a human after getting hung up on by an automated system each time. Then after finally reaching someone they tell me they cannot dispute a charge in their customer service department so I ask to speak with a supervisor I’m put on hold and end up being forwarded to a trucking company. I’ve had other cards where I could report fraud right from a mobile app and immediately get a call. That extra .5% on every dollar is NOT worth the two hours or the stress… Meanwhile my card is still compromised.


My favorite credit card

I love my Citi Double Cash card. I’ve been using it for a solid 6 months and it’s been great to me. I’ve been using it as my primary card for all purchases and I just rake in the bucks.

The mobile app is great to boot. I can easily make payments and view purchases, plus it works with Apple Pay! Payments post immediately, which is amazing. My BofA card takes a several hours to a day to post payments and make funds available, but not with my Double Cash card. And I love I get a free FICO credit score. It’s great to see where I stand.

There’s lot of great ways to redeem your rewards too. You can get a credit towards your card, buy gift cards, or have it deposited right into your checking account. My little loophole is I deposit it into my checking account and then make a payment on my card, getting an extra 1% on my rewards bucks!

I initially had a lower limit, about 1K, but was recently upped to 1.5K. The Citi Double Cash card is great for everyday smaller purchases- gas, groceries, going out, etc. It’s also great for someone like me who doesn’t want to pay attention to rotating bonuses and just wants to make their credit card work for them.


2% is nice, but the card is boring

When I got this card, I was tempted to use it as a primary card because the 2% cashback is one of the best deals available for cashback. But then I realized the total package of this card is a bit boring. Citi hasn’t offered anything comparable to American Express Offers, Discover Deals or BankAmeriDeals, for example. Getting statement credits on specific purchases can add up to a lot more cashback than 2% cashback awards from the DoubleCash card. Also, though I have the World Elite version of this card, it doesn’t seem to offer benefits comparable to a Visa Signature card from another bank. And the foreign currency charges aren’t waived. Citi also doesn’t seem to try to bundle this card with other value-added banking services to enhance the overall customer relationship. This card is a bit of a one trick pony; Citi really needs to shore up the rest of its features if it is to be a card and relationship bank of choice.


Customer Service???

Trying to apply for the card and had a glitch so application may or not have been processed. Tried to call to resolve and they had me on hold for over 30 minutes. Called again and still getting bounced from one department to another. Horrible, horrible customer service


great card, unless you need customer service

My son lost his card while traveling. Cancelling the card was easy, but getting a replacement card took multiple phone calls and several days. I was told that a replacement card was being sent overnight, only to find out several days later that it had been sent regular mail and was going to take 6 days to arrive – by which time my son would no longer be at that destination.


Worst Customer Service Ever

Had this card for about 6 months. It was issued with a low credit limit ($6000) when I have an Amex card with a $38000 credit line. Called customer service. Seems its the Philippines. Unable to understand the rep, wouldn’t cooperate. I asked for someone who spoke better English, asked for a supervisor and they hung up on me. I think there are better options than this card.


Fraud dept needs staff

I ordered something online and wanted to add to the order so I cancelled hoping to just add. Well it cancelled the order then I had to wait for confirmation so I ordered my second item separately then when the cancel finally confirmed I re-ordered my item. Well the duplicate authorization (for a whole $37) locked my card. I did NOT receive an email, a call, a text, NOTHING. I ended up calling and long, LONG story short I sat on hold for 20 minutes before finally getting someone on the line who then had to transfer me to a senior advisor. After 5 more minutes on hold, I hung up. I don’t mind fraud security but if you are going to turn off someone’s card then you need to staff your fraud department properly. Being on hold for 25 minutes without anyone to assist is unacceptable. Bye bye Citi Dbl Cash card. I have other cards with proper fraud service staff.


Worst customer service EVER

Got approved June 30. Still haven’t received the card as of July 20. I did receive a text message telling me to enter my last digits of my card to activate it. Lol. Kinda hard to do that. So I called today the number the text message provided, waited 40 minutes to talk to someone in India only to get transferred. Waited another 25 minutes to speak to someone in Florida only to get transferred again. Another 30 minutes later I’m explaining to the guy how long I’ve been on hold and he hangs up on me. I called back now and still waiting. 15 minutes on hold and counting. Decided to write this post while on hold. All above is a true, accurate story. I don’t think this horrible customer service is worth the extra 1%. I decided to read reviews online about Citi before writing this post and now I’m really worried about unauthorized charges and website going down not allowing you to make payments. This experience has been a total nightmare. Still on hold. 18 minutes now. One thing is for sure is that I’ll never be using another citi product again. I would cancel the card but it’ll just hurt my credit score. Now I’m stuck. If you’re reading this, trust me that it’s not worth the headache. Total nightmare. Can’t believe they actually hung up on me. Still in shock. 20 mins and count on call 2. Don’t apply. Not worth it.


customer service is horrible

I have placed over 14 calls in an attempt to resolve a disputed charge on my Citi credit card. And this was the worst customer service experience , I have ever had. Customer service is out-sourced to India. None of the customer service agents speak english. I am extremely dissapointed with the customer service or lack of it. I will not be using my Citi credit card. I will tell everyone of my experience with Citi credit card customer service and that customer service is out sourced to India


Great card to have!

I have been a Citi card holder for a few months now. I love the 1% on spending and the 1% pay. I have one MINOR problem, I don’t know what I want to do with the cash-back I had earned!



Horrible customer service & app

The cash back is great but they accidentally shut off my card for fraud. There was no fraud on my card. I couldn’t get anyone on the phone for days because their system kept saying “We are experiencing high call volumes. Try again later” and then would hang up on me. They wouldn’t respond to my email to them. I’ve given up on getting a new card. Also, the app was down a lot.



Just an FYI on this one. You need to have purchased a laptop to be able to redeem points. Their mobile site does not support point redemption and does not allow users to access the desktop version from mobile OR redeem points from the app so you NEED to own a laptop to be able to redeem points.

Customer service acknowledged that this is the case and advised me to call in every month to redeem them over the phone (wait time has been 35 minutes each time I call in.)

Great points, terrible software. I will keep this one dormant for now and switch back to my 1.5% cash back until they get their mobile act together.


Only Wish I’d Paid More Attention and Found this Card Sooner

When your income is high it’s easy to ignore the little things (like credit card benefits). I should have paid more attention. I don’t want rotating “best” since I don’t have the time keep track and to jump on the next best thing that other cards offer. Simple 2% cash back works for me BIG time. My credit limit on this card is about half what I have on some other cards, but I don’t care. It hasn’t happened yet, but if I near my limit I can just send them a check early and take the limit out of the equation. Meanwhile I use this card for everything I can.


They will hound you

I have nearly perfect credit. This card was 3 days late and they sent it to a system where the agents were repeatidly calling, acting like i was a dead beat. Very bad experience.


The WORST Customer Service!!!

Yes this Citicard has the best rewards with the 1% on purchases and 1% on payment but the customer service is terrible. I have had to call multiple times and have been given misinformation by the different representatives. Yes I know customer service is difficult to judge and the works in the different locations are trying the best they can but when it is continuous poor service I can not overlook this error. I would go with the Capital One Quicksilver card - its 1.5% on all purchases, a Visa card (so you can use at Costco) and they have impeccable and friendly customer service!


Worst Bank

I have used many credit cards from long time and this Citi Double Cash Card is the worst among all those cards. They will say you all the benifits but they will not add all the benifits they mentioned before. If you ask about this, they will simply say that you are not eligible. If you are not eligible they should not approve you the card but they will approve you the card and allow you to use it and keep on sucking you money by adding Standard Purchase charges on every transaction you made.
This is a long and big waste bank fooling custumers to suck their money, I am one of those better do not apply this card, if you already applied better leave it a side without using it. That is the only best way without effecting your credit score.


Great for Paying Bills

I use this card to pay for most of my bills (utility, cell phone, internet, etc.). Receiving 2% back in addition to saving a stamp leads me to actually looking forward to paying bills.


terrible customer service!

Application took over a month to process and getting someone on the phone for assistance has been impossible! Going with a different card!


Love this Card

I use my card for ALL of my purchases (with the exception of car payment and student loans) and pay off the balance each month. The rewards are phenomenal, easy to calculate, and easy to withdraw. Because of on-time payments and excellent credit, Citi has almost doubled my limit in the two years I’ve been using the card. Perfect for me!!