Citi Double Cash

Citi Double Cash
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Got approved for $700 cl w poor odds

Received pre approval offer, but had just also got a few new credit cards and inquiries too so my scores had dropped maybe 20-40 pts. I read a review here of someone that sounded just like my situation but got approved anyway. I applied online, and I didn’t get instant approval, but I called after a number was posted for me to get immediate decision even though my application was just being reviewed. The person on phone after was so helpful and pulled strings to approve me anyway. Thanks to my LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS!!! I hope to get approved next year for Citi Simplicity too, after I do my very best job with my Citi Double Cash credit card (and also work to get my score way up higher than it is.) Not even certain what score they pulled. Just applied 3 days ago.


Best card if you pay your balance

As long as you pay your balance, this is the best card you can get, period. It’s a full 2% cash back, unlimited, on any and all purchases!


Amazing card!!!

The thing i like the best about this card, and hopefully never changes, is i can set up a payment and instantly enjoy the added money. For instance my limit is 2000 and my balance is 1500 i make an online paymet of 500 i instantly have 1000 to use. Every other card i ever had i had to at least wait 2 days or more for the payment to clear. The money isnt even deducted or showing on my bank account until 2 days later when the payment goes through its great. Its the same reason i love my bank i can depost a check via atm or picture and it will instantly deposit it in my account regardless of the fact they dont actually instantly get the money. One more perk to this great company.


God awful customer service

I enjoyed this card until I had to cancel my existing one and request a new card due to my wallet being stolen. Little did I know that this would open Pandora’s box of sub-par service. In lieu of issuing me a replacement card (as my other credit providers did), Citi closed my account. They did not communicate any of this to me- I only found out because I called them 2 weeks later to ask if my new card was in transit. The only way for me to re-open my account was to accept an additional hard inquiry on my credit report.

Since that time, I have had countless additional problems with customer service. I was promised an expedited handling of my case that never materialized, I was told that I would receive letters explaining the situation and never did, my cashback bonus for all of the payments I made in the month of August magically disappeared…to top it all off, the customer service representative on Citi’s secure messaging system even got my name wrong on our 11th message to each other. If you value a company which cares about you as a customer, then skip this card and keep looking.


My Favorite Card!

The trick to maximizing the card benefits is to make your payment ONE DAY BEFORE ITS DUE, and you will get the 2% immediately rather than waiting a month for the payment 1%. I was looking for a great cash card with no annual fee. The few times I have called Customer Service, they were very polite and efficient. My only complaint would be that their ticket and concert promotions are geared to the New York area and I live in the Midwest.


Hidden Perk!

Great having 2% back monthly, but the hidden perk is citi price rewind. Automatic search engine finds lower prices online for purchases you register, and issue a check or credit for the difference. Great if you are not able to purchase for less due to drive distance or need something now and cant wait for online. Great for seasonal purchaees that will go clearence in 60 days or less! Think christmas…


Good Points, but bad customer service

The fraud alert system on this credit card is broken, it gets too many false positives, and zero actual fraud. After so many pointless calls and frozen charges, abandoning card. There’s only so many times you can yell at the service rep from the offshore call center who couldn’t care less.

Did accumulate cash quick with card, but the price you have to pay in inconvenience for their broken fraud detection system made it not worth it. If you shop online a lot, this may not be the card for you.



I got a offer which said that i am prequalified but when i submitted my application their system reject it…dont reapond to their offer till u make sure that u will be approved…or a new inquiry will be added to ur report.


The only card you need in your wallet

Simply wow! I can’t believe I spent five years using just my debit card - I was missing out on free money. I typically spend around $4,000 a month and pay the full bill on the 1st. After doing research on nerwallet and receiving a recommendation from a friend, the citi double cash back card was a clear winner. I couldn’t be happier! No confusion with revolving rewards, just use the card for every possible transaction and redeem your unlimited cash rewards via check. If you plan on carrying a balance over a month then then this is not the card for you, but if you pay your bill completely each month, there is simply no card better! Highly recommend!!


3% foreign transaction fee a NO GO!

Not a good card for foreign travelers.


Its good to have a 2% cash back card

I have this credit card for a while now and even it won’t give you any good bonus sign in or intro APR except for balance transfers its good you can get 2% cash back when you pay the monthly bill the only withdraw its that if you use the cash back to credit your account it you can’t get the 2 % you only get 1% but i guess it is what it is



I’ve read quite alot of reviews about this card and decided to apply for it. I was approved in less than a minute but its the credit limit that has me scratching my head… Only $3,400? I have an Excellent credit rating and my other 3 credit cards ranges from $7k to $15k. This is why I decided to give it a 4 star rating. Anyway, looking forward to using this card for all my utility and mortgage payments! 2% Cash back?! WHOOOO!


Not A Mathematically 2% Rewards

If you spend $5000.00 every 6 months you will earn 1% on spending which is $50.00 and when you pay all the $5000.00 you’ll earn another $50.00 however the little trick is that you don’t need to pay all $5000.00 since you will redeem your $100.00 as credit toward your statement and you only need pay $4900.00 for the $5000.00 spending so you’ll earn 2% cash back for $4900.00 of the $5000.00 spending. it is mathematically 1.95% cash back. … Just to be exact guys/LOL



I signed up for the card, knowing I was going to get 0%APR for 18 mos. After I got my first statement I realized I was charged interest. When I called they told me that I was on a standard interest rate. They wouldn’t do anything for me. This is ridiculous.


Not so sure about this card…

Have no idea why my Discover Card gives me an $8500 limit which I’ve been using and paying each month for Cash Back which they pay out not matter how small or large…I allow it to accrue…and this card started me with just $500…Good grief, I have to keep making payments on it to keep credit available, not to mention that the site hasn’t been user friendly and I’ve had to make two phone payments so far. Customer service assured me the problem would be fixed by the time I tried to make my next payment…we’ll see. I wish Discover would offer this…they’d continue to get all my business


awful application process

don’t know if it’s because I did it on a Sunday night… No one but foreigner representatives answered my call and I had to repeat myself 2-3 times, at one time 5 times (!!), plus spelling out every single word during the process. Took over 40 minutes to complete the application over phone because their online application does not work. So painful I wonder if I made a mistake tonight… can’t say I’m looking forward to use this card now. Fingers crossed that this card is as good as it appears…well, we’ll see…


Beware of the Interest Charge policy

This card good as long as you pay your entire balance. If you miss one month then you will be charged interest on the balance the following two months plus the month you did not paid the full amount. Even if you starting paying the full amount the following months. This their policy so be very careful. If you are not paying the full amount one month make sure to not charge any new amount on the card for 90 days else they will make their 2% cash back from you very quickly


Great Cash Back Reward

You get 1% on purchases and then another 1% on the balance that you pay off so if you pay off your statement balance each month, you earn 2% cash back. I love this card


Worst card ever!!

I fee this is the worst card ever. Looking at the reviews I have applied for this card with an excellent credit score but the card was rejected. They didn’t even give a proper reason when asked for the rejection. A big Noooo…0 star


It’s not truly 2% until you paid off

Learned the hard way. Remember to redeem it as direct deposit to your account instead of statement credit. You won’t get that 1% cash back of the amount by using statement credit.