Citi Double Cash

Citi Double Cash
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We’ll see

I’ve been an Amex Blue Cash user for 7 years haven’t been too impressed with the cashback, so I’m going to give this a shot. To be fair, I’m in NYC, I don’t buy gas, and also I’m skeptical how they determine what are ‘groceries.’ The limit I was approved for IS 10% of what I have with Amex.


5 phones calls and no card

I tried to apply to transfer from Citi Prestige card. Can't transfer account but just apply, so I did... two weeks later no response, then a letter saying they want additional information, which I faxed to them, and called 24, 48, and 72 hours later... they lost my confidential information that I faxed directly to them and they have NO provision for secure upload. Citi is becoming sketchy and weird, I'm taking my business elsewhere. Score of 830 with 30k spend on my existing Citi card apparently meant nothing to them... what is there target audience here?!?



You can’t see the transactions vs payments.

I just found it in error and no info can be given to me.
A chat session with agent made matters worse as no
information was given just vague terms about how the program works.
If you choose credit applied to your account your in for a weeks wait.
It doesn’t run very smooth.


Card Needs Better Reviews

I will admit. I love my QuickSilver, and my Wells Fargo Cash Wise, the Freedom is dated. This card absolutely maximizes what you can get on an everyday purchase. 2% it’s not 1%. If you pay the card off two days after charging it it’s 2% on the next statement it does not matter when you pay the card off like some claim. For those of you who like to run it up and then zero it out. Your definitely making the most out of it with the Citi Double Cash. In the beginning I hated Citi. They held my payment for almost two weeks before they raised my limit back up. I called your first payment with a bank will be under review to make sure it’s you. The next time I paid it, the limit went back up instantly as soon as I pressed the button. Faster than the rest of my cards. Love that. That’s a missed benefit.



My credit score is 772. I have an open Citi card I’ve never missed a payment on. It is reward-less and it’s the one I opened about a decade ago to begin building a good credit score. I’ve paid in full and never missed a payment for those last 10 or so years. Applied online for Citi Double: instantly denied. Called, they say I wasn’t actually denied. Then they process and tell me I am indeed denied and they’ll mail me the reason why. The reason must be because they think I will continue to use their reward-less card. Not the case. While I’ll leave it open, I have no reason to ever charge anything on it again.


Just get it!

If you’re thinking about it, then just get it. I contimplated whether to get it or not for weeks while reading reviews. It’s so worth it. It’s like getting a mini second job because you’re still getting back some money when you use it and pay it off.


Very Important!!!

Its a very good card. I was making large transactions every month and paying it off every billing cycle until they closed my account without any explanation. I recommend everyone to redeem your cash back every month. Once they close your account you will loose all the cash back your earned. Take advantage of it and make sure you pay it off every month because the interest rate are Very high!!!


terrible experience

I was staying at a hotel in Las Vegas and when I got home, I found that I was charged $224 for extra cleaning fee. I called the hotel and they said my service dog created extra work for cleaning. I immediately asked for evidence (photos and etc.) and they refused to provide. Then they asked me to contact Citi bank for disputes. After Citi reviewed the case, they said I was resposible for this ridiculous charge without letting me know or showing me their evidence (I didn’t find out until I logged in my online banking). Now I have closed all my Citi accounts and also asked my friends and family to reconsider Citi.


Why only 3 stars here?

I love this card. I use it for everything outside the 5% category of Dicover and Freedom.


Price rewind is a nightmare

One of the main reasons I got this card was for the price rewind benefit. This appeared to be a huge benefit during black Friday season. According to the rules outlined in the paperwork you could purchase an item and if it goes on sale in the next 30 days, you would get the difference in price refunded to your card. Well, I assumed they would hold their word on the benefits and I purchased a lot of items at the regular price knowing they would go on sale for BF. However, and unfortunately, getting the “benefit” has been a complete nightmare. I have spent over 20 hours submitting and resubmitting the same documentation over and over to the benefits department. They will never contact you to let you know your docs are not being accepted; you will need to psychically know and call them yourself…over…and over…and over… Oh, and if you ask to speak to a supervisor apparently there are not any. Don’t waste your time.


Watch out for fine prints.

The cards is good, but if you don’t pay your balance in full, you lose your grace period on new purchases for two months.

For example, if your balance in Nov. is $250 and you pay $249. And in December you make $1,000 of new purchases and you pay your full balance in Dec. (meaning you pay$1,001). And in Jan. you make $500 in new purchases pay it in full. Your interest for December is calcluated on $1001 and January is Calculated on $500. Meaning you lose your grace period for new purchases until February.

Here is the quote from their statments: "

How to Avoid Paying Interest on Purchases. Your due date is at least 23 daysafter the close of each billing period. We will not charge you any interest onpurchases if you pay your New Balance by the due date each month. This iscalled a grace period on purchases. If you do not pay the New Balance in full bythe due date, you will not get a grace period on purchases until you pay theNew Balance in full for two billing periods in a row. "


Best Card I Have Ever Had!

This is a great great card, decent credit limits, 2% cash back on EVERYTHING with no quarterly limit amounts. Most rewards cards only offer the % back up to $1500 or so in purchases per quarter which isn’t much if you’re using the card for everything. Best Card Ever!



I have a credit score of 825, I make six figures and I have credit cards with credit lines in 20-30K range. After applying online, website replied it could not approve. I called 3 times over next ten days, after which they advised they would expedite. A week later I got a letter advising application was incomplete (it wasn’t) and when I called with reference #, agent could not figure out what the problem was and wanted me to read the letter to her so she could figure it out. Unbelievable incompetence throughout entire process. Eventually I just gave up. Look at the comments on the Citibank Facebook portal… Endless stories of same types of trouble.


Easy Online Application Process

Easy online application process. Quick approval. Good approval odds from NerdWallet with a 755 NW Vantage Score. Citi provided me with the Experian score of 770 that was used in their decision. I believe it is the Fico Bankscore 8 model used as it provided the scoring range of 250-900. Just a guess can't confirm. I received a initial credit limit of $5,800. More than adequate for me. The application process made it clear that the initial credit limit is based on a formula that includes income and current debt. Only rating application process and credit limit as I have not yet used the card.


Cash back quickly

Cash back adds up quickly. I’ve had this card for 2 years and I just received my first cash back for check for $500. I use it for everything, with one exception. I also have the Chase and discover 5% rotating categories cards. You just have to remember to use them at the right times. (I’ve received more cash back from the Citi card @ 2% than the other 2 combined getting 5% over these 2 years). 2 negatives about this card. 1. I tried to buy my father a cell phone for Christmas 2015. They swiped it several times and no go. I had to use my Discover card. When I got in the car, my phone rang. It was Citi asking about the purchase. If I had waited and explained it to them, it would have gone thru. I ask how to prevent this is the future, they said call ahead. This Christmas 2016 I called ahead for a large purchase and it was a major hassle to explain my future purchase (took over 30 minutes), but it worked without issue at the point of sale. 2. The numbers are printed on the card are not raised like others and over time they rub off. This is needed for online orders and sometimes the stores want to read the numbers (also, without the raised numbers you can’t use the carbon paper card imprint thingy). I just wish I had this card when my job had me traveling 120% of the time for Hotels and rental cars. All those years, and no cash back :(. I had one other negative, however, I can’t remember it at this time.


Great card, great security!

I love the reward size and simplicity of the 2% cash back. This makes Citi Double Cash the number one card in my wallet. The other day I had my wallet stolen and had to cancel all my credit cards. Of all the cards, Citi Double Cash had by far the best service. They expedited the delivery of my card so I was back on my feet very quickly. Hopefully you don’t end up in this situation but if you do, know that Citi Double Cash has your back!


Best card out there.

We typically spend approximately $15k-$20k per month on our card for various things. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Was using Citi’s AADvantage executive world platinum, which had a decent rewards program, but this takes the cake. Received close to $6k cash back last year alone. Very accommodating with a limit of $75k, so never have to worry about coming anywhere close. I would highly recommend this card to everyone.


Customer Service in India asked for landline phone number

I had to verify my account information and the CS person was going to text me a code and could not use my mobile number (too expensive to text a code to a mobile phone?) - then requested a landline phone number. I closed the account immediately.


Figured out how they avoid paying 2%

They don’t accept payments :slight_smile: It took 3 tries to get a bank payment to go through, yes even verifying the number over the phone and now that they have it they won’t credit it to my account for 2 weeks. I paid the balance in full but because of the 2 week hold they are denying all charges, including automatic payments. So now I need to transfer all my auto payments to a different card, do you think I’ll switch them back?



I really enjoy this card. I put everything through it now and I used to be a cash only guy. :wink: – The card is easy to use, no annual fee, no category or cap limits. Only thing I dont like is I cant use it at Cosco, because it is a Mastercard, which isnt accepted. Using my rewards cash has been easy. I can get it as a check, put it in an account, or pay off the card whenever I want. Highly recommended.