Citi Double Cash

Citi Double Cash
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Secret to 1% payment Cash Back

Keyword, "Purchase Tracker". In plain English, you have to wait for statement to close so Citi updates your Purchase Tracker, which determines the amount eligible for 1% cash back on payment. If you're the type who pays off your purchases as soon as you make them, you won't earn the 1% from payment. That is the catch to watch for. I've included an example of 1st month's Purchase Tracker so you can see the exact wording from Citi. Also, to redeem the cash back to a non-Citi checking/savings account, that account must have previously made 2 payments to Citi credit cards. Of course, you have the option to have Citi cut you a check instead, but there's a longer wait time.

Purchase Tracker:
1. Total Payment Made $0.00

This is the total payment we received from you; it is also shown on your statement.

2. Purchase Tracker $500.00

The Purchase Tracker keeps track of the total dollar amount of your purchases less any eligible payments that you make. Balance transfers, cash advances, fees and interest are not included in the Purchase Tracker because they are not considered purchases. When you make a payment, the Purchase Tracker is reduced by that amount until it reaches $0.

3. Eligible Payment $0.00

Your payment is eligible up to the amount in your Purchase Tracker as long as you pay at least your minimum due amount. If your payment is less than or equal to the amount in your Purchase Tracker, you earn cash back on your total payment. If your payment is greater than the amount in your Purchase Tracker, you will earn cash back only on the amount up to how much is in the Purchase Tracker. The rest of your payment will not earn cash back.

4. Cash Back Earned on the Eligible Payment: $0.00

You earn 1% cash back on your eligible payment. This amount is 1% of your Eligible Payment in Step 3.

5. Ending Purchase Tracker: $500.00

The Ending Purchase Tracker is equal to the Purchase Tracker amount in Step 2 minus your Eligible Payment amount in Step 3.
Please view the FAQs for more information.

So if I make $200 purchase after the the current statement and I decide to pay the entire balance in full before the next statement ($700), only $500 that is currently "due" is eligible for 1% cash back. I hope this helps people understand how to earn the 2nd 1% on this card.


Terrible customer service

I never got my card after waiting a month. I called and waited another 2 weeks and still no card. They made me call 5 different numbers before I could cancel my account


Didn’t get 18 months interest free

Didn’t even make it 6 months before I got charged interest. I recently paid it down all the way and apparently you can still pay interest on $0. I’ve called and got told it would get taken care of, but I’m still getting charged interest even when there is no interest to be charged


Customer Service Awful

So I made an honest mistake and mixed up when my balance transfer expired and was charged interest. Upon realizing this, I paid off my balance and asked Citi if they would reimburse my interest charge. Capital One (GM Card) and Navy Federal have in the past refunded my interest charges when I accidently missed a payment or scheduled the wrong date. They said there was nothing they could do. After being on hold and floating around to three different people, I was able to close the account. Never using Citi products again.


How do you beat 2%$

I put every expense I have on this card and pay one bill a month. The rewards are amazing. IMO, all of the high % category cards are misleading. This is the card for cash, period.


Hard Track Rewards

Rewards are credited at the end of your statement and not after transactions are posted. I have received my statement and do not know when I will get the other 1%. Sparks Business 2% rewards are posted as soon as the transactions go from pending to post. Claiming cash back reward to credit account is the same day service. For causal users who do not keep track of their rewards this is a great card because of the two percent cash back. But for myself as someone who rely on the rewards as a business credit then not so much because of the hard to keep track lagging reward system. Two stars for the 2% rewards, otherwise I would not get this card again.



I signed up for and was approved by this card. I promptly put 8 grand on it and went on vacation. I come back and they are charging interest and say there is no record of a promotion! I have spoken to customer service and they say there is nothing that can be done. I have now paid $225 in interest for no reason. I don’t have balances on any other card for a reason. Now I will have to pay at least 3% to transfer this balance! This is unbelievable and I will dispute these charges and make complaints with the CPA and the BBB. There seems to be no recourse. Be very leery of this credit card!!


What a joke.

I applied online and was asked to call a toll free number. When I did, they verified my info. and then told me the application was declined. I have a 750 credit score, income of several hundred thousand per year, and no debt beyond my mortgage payment of $2k a month. I have other cards with $40k limits and no balance. I had a similar experience years ago with Capital One. Now Citibank can join them on my blacklist.


Don’t Believe The Fake Good Reviews

Their credit limits are terrible compared to other cards that are similar. Management of this bank is extremely irresponsible. I had a manager in the customer service department hang up on me when I asked for their name after being extremely rude. It was the worst experience I have EVER had with any credit card. Chase Freedom is by far the best card I have. Capital One Quicksilver is also good. Was given great credit lines with both of these.


Just charged interest for the 0% transfer

Had an interesting (not really) conversation with Citi tonight where they explained an interest charge as valid because I did not pay off the 0% BT interest charge by the end of the month it was billed. Never heard of this from Citi and I’m trying to vet it, but be careful. Looks like the 0% BT is just a BT, with no promotional APR. Otherwise, like the 2% back. Not as friendly as Capital One or Chase on redeeming, but still good.


Very bad customer service

Frustrating, time wasting to speak with a customer service.

Very stupid fraud detection system: too sensitive, even though I was calling a fraud department agent and he assured me everything should be fine, the system declined me again and again. CITI also got a lot of customer service agents half of them either don’t care that much about customer or they care but they don’t know the simplest things they need to know. I lost several hours of my time and more than 100 bucks just because 2 representatives who were supposed to be helpful, didn’t do their job correctly. The day after, I tried to get some support from customer service about my recent frustrating and money-losing experience and the result wasn’t anything but wasting 3 more hours. One of the representatives told offered me to get a refund through rewind program. She explicitly and clearly told me to find a flight with lower price and after wasting 30 minutes, it turned out that flights are not included in the rewind program. She was an employee of CITI at the interface of CITI with customers and she didn’t know flights are not included in rewind program. I have been with CITI for 3 years and I used 3 different credit cards from them, but I’m so frustrated that I’m going to pay off my cards in a week and close my accounts ASAP.


Never received the card. Horrible customer service

I was approved on Feb 21. On March 9 I received sms asking to activate my card within 72 hours, the text instructed me to reply “HELP” if I can’t activate my card, so I replied “HELP,” nothing happened. I called them on March 13 and was put on hold, they couldn’t identify the problem and I was transferred several times. None of the representatives couldn’t explain the purpose of the text message or where my card is. I had to close my account before activating it. It was weird and negative experience.


Love this card

This is by far the best credit card ever!! Receive 1% to spend and additional 1% to make payments. This is a great strategy to pay bill on time and keep credit in great standards. Love love love it!!


Arcane policies -> credit card purgatory

Beware of bad customer service.

2% cashback on everything sounds great, got a new job and moved to a new town, will be spending on a lot of different things. Applied for Citi, approved, received my card but could not activate because they had an outdated phone number. No other way to verify - I asked if I could just walk into a bank location with my ID and they said no. What!? Now I’m stuck in an awkward purgatory. I can’t activate my account, I can’t cancel my account (because I’m not verified), its been two weeks since my first call and despite a promised escalation no solution has been presented. I’m sure once I get past this step life will be great, but this first encounter makes me concerned about future interactions with customer service.


Bait and switch

At the beginning of the year, I saw an ad for this card promoting 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for 18 months. I followed this ad and was approved. Now in April I have found out that I was not given the introductory offer and am being charged at 22% interest on purchases. What a scam.


Great card with only one drawback for me

The idea behind this card is great - 2% cash back on all purchases! I’d love to use this card for everything, but, despite my excellent credit rating, they only gave me a credit limit of $4,600. I called and tried to get it increased, but they wouldn’t do it. Hopefully, when they see I pay off my bill in full every month, they’ll agree to increase my limit. In the meantime, I spend on this one up to its limit, then switch to another card. (I should mention that I have several cards, all with a limit of at least $10,000.)


Difficult Credit Card Company

I have had the Citi Double Cash credit card for 2 years. I have an excellent credit rating. I shop the same stores frequently. I will shop the same store in different locations on the same day. When this happens, they DECLINE my purchase over and over. Despite the fact that my history shows I shop the same stores eg. Macy’s at different locations on the same day they continue to decline my credit card. When this happens I have to call them and go through a long drawn out process of proving I am the card holder. After the 30 minute process I can then make my purchase. Every time this happens I am told they have changed the Fraud sensitivity and it will not happen going forward. It happens over and over. The only reason I keep the card is for the rewards - THE REWARDS COME AT A MAJOR COST!!! HATE CITI


Very bad

Very problem on time we pay but we miss 70 dollars to pay statement balance

They charge interest very bad


The %1 cash back on payment is a lie

They don’t tell you that in order to receive cash back on payment, you have to follow a very complex formula. It does not work for me because I want to pay as much as I want and I can pay not as much as they dictate to be eligible for the last 1 percent. I don’t recommend this card for a higher cash back.


In a market with emerging options, skip the terrible customer service

Insanely awful phone based customer service. And then no branch locations in the city of Seattle? What? Make no mistake, you’re paying for the 2% cashback with the lack of customer service if anything goes wrong. Bank of America’s Travel Rewards that operates at 1.5% for all categories is a much more sound compromise: lose 0.5% but have customer support during unforeseen events? Absolutely worth it. Considering all of the other competitors on the market with better business practices, avoid Citi.