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Citi Expedia+ Voyager Card Review | Nerd Wallet
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My points never transferred to my Expedia Acct

One of the most frustrating customer service groups ever. Expedia’s customer service might as well not exist because they are of no help, whatsoever.

Upon set up of my card, Citi has pre-assigned me a Member ID for Expedia. This was a fault bc I already had an Expedia acct and member ID. None of the points earned, gold status, benefits etc were transferred to my Expedia account. It’s been almost 7 months that I’ve called monthly to both Citi and Expedia about this issue.

Today I called to cancel the Expedia card but requested they find a way to compensate me what I calculated to be nearly $400 in redeemed points coupons. Expedia explained to me that after taking two hours to calculate $80 worth in coupons based on my itineraries for the past year, that dining and entertainment did not count as I DID NOT BOOK IT THROUGH EXPEDIA.COM. I asked this idiot how does he expect me to book my Applebee’s bill through Expedia, he said there are ways.

I could not be bothered dealing with such ridiculous customer service especially when the fine print of the credit card says that Citi is the party that deems the category/point value of each charge and then relays the final accumulated point amount to Expedia. I cannot believe I had them for 7 months, think of all the cash back bonuses I would have received if I spent that $10K with someone else!


8 Hours on the phone over 1 month- no points

I have spent 8 hours on the phone over the past month- being sent back and forth to and Citibank. Spoke with 3 different supervisors, all assuring me that they put in the request. Never got my points… Went o Amazon and booked my travel through them for hundreds of dollars cheaper!! DO NOT GET ONE!!!


Transfer balance- Don;t even try it!!

I thought I would give them another chance!! No GO!! Transferred a credit card balance form another credit card… 10 business days later, nothing. I called and , of course, they said the other credit card did not cash the check they sent… SENT a CHECK… Why happened to electronic check? They offered to put a stop payment and reissue a check… NOT… I WILL NEVER USE THIS CARD AGAIN!!


Rent a car benefits

I went to Mexico and tried to pick up a rental car. No company will accept the card’s insurance. Card benefits stated rental car insurance was covered anywhere in the world. Ended up having to pay it out of pocket and when I tried to get it refunded from the card, they said they couldn’t give me any refund. So you pay $99 yearly for no benefits.