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Beware, “fourth night free” is a bait and switch

This is the WORST card. As someone else pointed out below the bait is a “fourth night free” at hotels but here’s the switch: you have to book the hotel through their concierge service, which NEVER ANSWERS THE PHONE, and even when you do get a hold of them (last time it took me 34 minutes), they just tell you that they have to check with their travel agent and they’ll get back to you. This makes the card completely useless for business travel.


Great card for those who vacation/travel

I have many travel cards, but few can provide the benefits to outweigh the hefty annual fee. I have to disagree with the 1 star review below. We have used the 4th night free several times with no hiccups. Works great and we still received hotel loyalty points. The $250 airline credit is great to use for plane tickets that we would have bought anyways. Not sure how this could be a lose situation, especially if you vacation once a year at a 300+ night hotel.


Amazing for Travel and Rewards

Thankyou points are awesome now, and the $250 airfare credit is a great benefit.


Best Rewards In Its Own Class

1.6c value per TYP is unbeatable. Best in class


Great value

I traded in the Amex platinum card for this primarily because I fly American much more frequently than Delta. With the $250 airline credit - money I’d spend anyway - this ends up costing $200 per year. With that you get free AA lounge access, and earn 3 points for all money spent on airfare and hotels, which can be multiplied a further 1.6x when redeemed for American Airlines airfare. How can you beat that. I’ve also used the 4th free night on several occasions which alone has been worth thousands of dollars.


Worst Customer Service… get AMEX Platinum Instead

I got a fraud alert on the card. I called the number given to me. and was put on hold for 20+ minutes twice without getting connected to a rep. In the meantime the card is suspended and can’t be used. I think for $450.00 fee this is very pathetic customer service. I have AMEX platinum and have never been on hold to talk to a rep. …if there is -1 rating …I would give that.


Who moved my cheese

I just got an email for my Prestige Card- as of 7/23/17, AA lounge access is gone and the 3 free rounds of golf are gone. Both big reasons I carry the card. I’ll likely move to another high benefit card.


Fasten your seat belts…

As of July 23, 2017, this card will plummet from 5 stars to 1…I’m just getting a head start. Access to the Admirals Lounges…Buhbye!! The 1.6% benefit on Thank you points for use on American Airlines…Buhbye!! The fourth night free will now be calculated based on the entire stay…

Did Citi really want to sabotage this card by going out of their way to lose customers?
Buhbye Citi, I’m going back to the Platinum Card…as of July 23, 2017.


Great Until Something Goes Wrong

We were traveling on our honeymoon (this was the lowest point of our trip by FAR) and we got scammed by a suit shop in Thailand called Vasana. We called to cancel the transaction the same day that the scam happened and followed all instructions that the Citi representatives gave us for how to proceed. We were advised not to pick up the suits at the airport (by the Citi rep) and completed the dispute with Citi while we were still on our honeymoon. Fast forward to today and we just paid $1000 for suits that we never got. I’d be SHOCKED if my husband doesn’t close his card. I’m still in awe that they sided with the vendor who has hundreds of reviews for scamming tourists. Unfortunately you don’t really know which companies have good customer service until you make a mistake or someone takes advantage of you.


It used to be a Great Card

I got the card as soon as it was launched. Unfortunately, Cit has continuously been taking value out of the card: First they got rid of Flight points, now they are getting rid of AA Lounges, reducing value of Thank you points (when redeeming for air travel) and the Concierge service provider is quite bad. It seems it may be time to switch back to Amex


Bad Card w/ Bad Service

100% with previous comments. They’re removing all of the benefits, 60% AA bonus, AA club, no golf, fourth night is not free - but an average. The warranty replacement is almost impossible to use, and the customer service does take a long time - you get a generic representative. They have no respect for the quality of individuals who one had this card. I’ll downgrade once annual fee is due.


Switched from Amex …Regret it

I travel frequently for leisure and wanted the fourth night free option. 1st-every hotel reservatons requires a phone call because there is no online reservations. 2nd-the primary card member has to make the reservation or you lose the fourth night free. And the primary card member needs to be on the trip.


Worst Card Ever!

It was good, but not anymore. How Citi thinks that they can devalue four of its benefits while keeping the annual fee the same and not adding any value is beyond me.

What do you get for $450? You get $250 for travel. You get 1.25% per dollar on everything except a few categories where you can get 2.50% or 3.75%. You get access to a bunch of second rate airport lounges, and you get a portion of your 4th night free (averaged, not including taxes, and resort fees).

Is this worth $200 a year (assuming you fly once a year)? That depends if you are able to use the free room more than twice a year. Also keep in mind that the “free night” is based off the hotel’s advertised prices, while you can usually get better deals using sites like Trivago.


Best card for travel

x3 on flights and hotels helps collect points quickly. Offers x2 on entertainment unlike any other card. Points are worth 1.25 each when booking for flight through Citi website. The $250 airline credit brings down annual fee to $200 (with Amex have to stick to with airline and can’t be used for cost of ticket). Get access to over 900 lounges and can bring in up to 2 guests for free. 4th night access is what makes this card outstanding, every 4th night at any hotel is free, which could save you thousands of dollars every year. Great customer service so far, had them reimburse me $500 in expenses for each person I was traveling with when our flight was cancelled due to a snow storm.


Worst Travel Card Ever!

Customer service TERRIBLE or CLOSED if you can reach them when traveling with your “travel” card. 24/7 availability is load of B.S.! Could not resolve a fraud alert notification even though Citibank was notified in advance of the amounts and vendor’s name. Apparently this particular fraud alert was relegated to the Line Management Department in Sioux Falls SD which was unreachable outside of regular business hours. So if an an overseas charge is flagged which seems to happen more frequently than not while traveling you’re f’d! The fraud alert was promised to be removed by one rep, but it became obviously clear that it was not, then it was too late to contact customer service - office closed! So I was essentially locked out from using my “PRESTIGE” travel card while traveling. I was unable to make essential bookings for airfare, which went up by a third - costing me more than the fee for the card itself. I also missed a payment deadline for a trip which would have brought me up to the points required for a business class ticket worth about $5000 USD. Thanks Citibank for the privilege of paying an outrageous annual fee for nothing! The poorest customer service I've experienced for any card ever! Even the "free" cards offer better customer service than Citi Prestige MC. I am canceling my card and switching to Chase which has better reviews as a travel card with benefits for someone who travels outside of the US and outside of normal business hours. DONT BOTHER WITH THIS TERRIBLE CARD! It may ultimately cost you more than it's worth.


Just try to use rewards travel

Spent 20 minutes on the phone with them to learn that “there’s a glitch in the system” that’s preventing me from getting to my Thank You points. But they’d be happy to book my rewards travel over the phone.

4 transfers, a bunch of hold time, and 40 minutes later, I still have nothing booked.

This plus the nerfing of the rewards means that this card is getting scrapped at renewal time.