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Citi Simplicity
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Happy with this card

I have been happy with this card. I have been able to get my monthly statements emailed to me instead of adding to the glot of paper we receive in the mail. It did not take long to receive the card once I applied for it and I was able to get one for my husband and I.
Recently, we received a notice that our balance limit has been increased. Overall, I am happy with this card that is just used for emergencies.


Citi Simplicity - Simple and Easy Terms

As far as credit cards go, it’s actually a decent card, in my experience. You will have a 0% interest rate for the first 18 months. After that your APR will vary depending on your credit, I believe it starts off at around 12.99% all the way up to 23%. Which is about the same as other credit cards. I don’t like the fact there is a balance transfer of 3%, I think there shouldn’t be a fee, but again, I think many other cards charge about the same. But, the biggest plus on the card is they don’t charge a late fee or a penalty fee if you are a little late. Unlike, many other cards that will charge a pretty high late fee, or raise your interest rate to an outrageous rate. Those are really some great benefits, because I can sometimes forget a day or two later past the due date. Also, there isn’t an annual fee, but there are many cards with that feature. All in all, I think it’s a very good credit card, as far as credit cards go.


Decent card - good first “real” card.

So far this card has been great.

Customer service with Citi has not been great and their website can be clunky, but I’m happy with the card. I have no interest for a year and a half, a not too terrible rate after that, and a high enough limit that the card is useful.


Convenience in a Card

It’s a great, uncomplicated card. You can earn rewards with this card. I have set up e-mail alerts for things of my choosing such as when my statement is ready. It’s very convenient. The card is accepted everywhere, or at least everywhere I have been.


Flexible, convenient, & no fees

I haven’t used this card much, except for a few larger emergency purchases, and I view it as my financial safety net. I’m not overly pleased with the variable APR, but the 18 month 0% allowed me time to pay off a good amount before the interest started accruing. I love that there’s no annual fee or late fees–it makes me feel much less stressed about this card. The flexibility of choosing my own payment due date is also great, as it lets me space out my bills in a way that’s convenient for me.


Good basic credit card.

I like my Citi Simplicity credit card. It has no annual fees and I got a low interest rate. I use it for shopping online and I like that fact that I am not responsible for unauthorized charges. I have had a couple of times with questionable charges, and they are quick to shut down the card and send me a new one. I actually get through quite fast with customer service and I can actually understand what they are saying.
I would recommend this card to anyone who just wants a good basic credit card.


Good for the average consumer

I like this credit card because it has little to no restrictions. There is virtually no APR for the first 18 months, when your account is first opened. After that there is a 12 percent to 22 percent APR, based on your credit rating. I like this card because there are no fees attached. No late fees or penalty fees. This is great because it, I should fall behind on a payment or just happen to make the payment a little late there are no penalties. It basically allows you to be a human being. In these difficult times it is good to know that this card allows you a little slack.


Best card for everybody

It offers the best advantages!It helps me keep track of my expenses.I can save my receipts and check them with the monthly statement.As I have online access to my account,I am notified of any unusual activities.Payment due date reminders reach me on time.It has a positive effect on my credit score.So I qualify for low interest mortgages. Thereby I can build a solid credit history.I am able to enjoy a variety of rewards like cashback on everyday purchases.


Excellent Customer Service.

I really like my credit card. It doesn’t have annual fee. I have an excellent Customer Services. And I can choose my payments.


This card had an average interest rate.

When I was approved for the card the balance was $5000 for my credit score. It was decent card. They waved the interest rate for a year. I received reward points when I made purchases.


It does what i need of it

It’s pretty good, but i don’t look for much than a line of credit for emergencies.


review of fees

Even though the advertisements say 0 fees and 0 apr on transfers and or purchases… if you use the checks they consider it a transfer fee and they charge you a 5.00 or 3% fee on transaction. This is false advertising at its best. We even called the company the day before we wrote the check to verify that using the check did not qualify as a transfer fee. And to ask specifically how we needed to purchase our A/C system to that it would not be charged any additional fees. The representative I spoke to at 2;32 pm Monday, May the 18th verified for us that using the checks would not constitute any additional fees. Which, by the way, is not specified on the papers you receive even in the fine print. So be aware. If you use a check to make a purchase you will be charged a fee. This card company is not up front about this. It is very ambiguous on the paperwork when you receive your cards, on the website, and even with the phone reps.


Citibank hotline and customer service do not even listen

My card, after having it for 2 weeks, got frozen. I’ve purchased 3 items via Amazon, went to a gas station the week after and they told me your card didn’t go thru. (balance at 10% of CL). I call the service number and the lady tells me, I would have to send a letter to them, otherwise they will not unblock my NEW CARD. I told them what can I give you over the phone (license number? Social? password?) nothing, this lady said, just send us a copy of your license and social via mail.

This is unbelievable and I refuse doing that. Do I have to go out there and send them a begging letter every time I purchase an item online just to get my card unblocked again?

Citibank, just as bad as all reviews online. I wouldn’t believe it first. Now I do!


I applied got denied

I have a great credit score, I have a car lease. However, they took in consideration my bankruptcy almost 6 years ago, and according to rep. There is nothing that can do bec the system denied it.


Reward point values are deciving and not worth it.

I tried to use my points for the items that qualify like food, entertainment and utility bills but they won’t apply because of a “Glitch in the system” according to a customer service representative… No way to use them on the website until after my qualifying purchases expire… If I want to use my points for my previous purchases I can ONLY do do through customer service (since they have no idea when the site will work again) at half of the value… My 54,000 points are only worth $270… Alternatively I can use them for airfare since Citi claims that is the most effective way to use them but I am restricted to having to purchase the tickets through their flight finder which spits out ticket options that average 50% more than what the tickets actually cost…


Bad Customer Service

I have a credit card rating of 830 plus.I always pay my cards in full each month. CITI website is full of inconsistencies with misleading statements. I applied for an autopay more than 2 weeks in advance to pay for a a bill that was due. The autopay ignored it thereby charging me a $40 interest on the due date. It again charged me an interest of $37 after the next billing cycle even when the autopay has kicked in and paid in full. The account manager said that it takes more than a month for the autopay to set in. Unsusual!!! Other credit card companies require a miimum of 2 weeks for the autopay to set in. THOU SHALL NOT USE THIS CARD.


Simply keep and use when you need it

No late fee! It’s the card you can be computable with.


No perk after balance transfer period is over

If you get it because of the balance transfer period - that’s great - but after you pay it off get another opportunity to transfer a balance to it (with the same deal) is not going to happen


Look elsewhere

Great card as long as you never have any disputes. Had a dispute and they kept closing it stating they never received my notification or details. I had faxes and emails which confirmed delivery and they still refused to intervene. After over six months, it was impossible to dispute this charge with the merchant.

Bottom line - there are other cards that will support you so go with them!