Citi Simplicity

Citi Simplicity
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Exactly what I needed.

I needed a card with no interest for 18 months. I didn’t care about rewards. Perfect.


Good Card for balance transfers

trans-718/exp-716/fico-700 -Got approved for $6400 .For the people on here who don’t understand credit cards don’t leave worthless posts! Card has 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases for 18 months and you have 4 months to make a balance transfer! Not 4 months to pay it off like ch110109 posted on here! Only con no rewards. But who needs rewards when you use it for balance transfers to save money on interest?


late fee charges

I was charged a late fee with my simplicity card, no no late fees ever that I have been hearing about is not true. They tell you when you call of course this is the best card ever and no late fees ever. They waived fees for me in the past and no longer will. They said I have an old simplicity card and my card does not have the no late fees ever attached to it like the new accounts. Even after being told this by many service reps that no late fee ever. So you learn the hard way sometime-it is in the fine print even if what you have been told verbally is off. They call it a “glitch” …


Great Transfer

my Credit was mid/late 700S (approx 768)- got approved for 10K. Pay off my CC with this. I will probably close it once i’m done since there are new rewards for using as a regular Credit card