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Fine, not great

Citibank has adequately served my needs for the past years. I wish it had better interest rates and didn’t charge heavy fees for international usage, but as a simple everyday checking account, it serves its needs. I do have to maintain a balance in order to not be charged any fees (I think it’s $1000).


The worst bank their is for students

First opened a student account that was not suppose to charge fees. They did anyway, I complained and they said they cancelled all student accounts and have been charging me since.


10 year old interface

The interface is very old, looks like a high school project. Functionally ok, but a pain to use.


The worst bank ever! Your money is unsafe with this bank!

The worst bank ever! Your money is unsafe with this bank, when you will have hard time and ask this bank help you they will make your situation even harder, and they will try to cheat you if they could. So don’t have any deals with this bank even if it close to your house but if you already a customer leave this bank as soon as possible before you get hard time and this bank will take advantage on you! I had account in this bank more than a year and what I’ve experienced. Someone took about $300 from my account in Japan without my card, so don’t be impressed that this bank says that we have secure cards with cheap, the account security is so weak that hackers don’t need not you, not your card for grub money from your account in this bank. And security system so stupid that it can’t figure out that if I pay with this card a few hours before in Miami I can’t be already in Japan. And after I report about this fraud in this bank they said that they will investigate this problem and if all OK I’ll get refund within 10 business day! It sounds like this is my problem that Citibank gave my money someone in Japan! And I guess I’m lucky that they didn’t took all my money because it would be hard be without money within 10 business days! And they try to cheat you if they can! For example I pay nothing for use my debit card if I make at least one registered transaction, other way I have to pay $10. So I created an auto payment for my phone so I didn’t worry about this. But in several month I saw that I was charged $10 as monthly payment. I contacted bank throw chat but they said this is because your money was sent later so it wasn’t in my cycle period and refused refund me my money! Like this is my problem that this bank sent it later though money was available on my account and it was the auto payment, so bank sent it itself! And only after I called in bank they refund me money. And the worst thing from this bank is that if you have a problem get your money and ask Citibank to help you with this they will make you time harder. For example, I won some expensive lot and was a little short in money for pay for it but I thought, not a big problem tomorrow I will have a pay day and I have $300 available right now and $200 on next day as usual. I was need $400. So I asked bank on chat if they can give me $400 immediately after deposit my check, he said I have to ask it in bank. So next day I went to Citibank bank deposit my check and saw that now available immediately not $300 but only $100! When I asked what happened they said the bank changed its policy. I asked why? They said bank can do it when it wants and how it wants without any notification of clients. I asked help me because other way I will have to pay late fee if I will not pay now but they help me nothing. You may think it is happened sometimes. When I again had the same problem and asked bunk again help me cash my check faster they said it is federal law and they can cash my check up to 7 days! So they gave me nothing on next day and said I have to wait till Wednesday for completely cash my check, though I said I need pay my rent and I need this money as soon as possible! So my recommendation never have any deals with Citibank and if you already customer of Citibank leave it as soon as possible for you and your money safety!



This company is awful. They will do whatever they can to take advantage of you. DON’T EVER USE THEM!!! I just got charged a late fee after I had paid the postoffice $20 to overnight the payment. And then I was on the phone for 45 minutes with person after person.


Beware, No Bonuses Paid!

I met all criteria for bonus immediately, and CitiBank has been almost cartoonish in their consistent failures to credit the bonus.

Erroneous & false bank charges were posted to my account by Citi on two occasions, I believe, with the intent of keeping my account from being eligible for their bonus (as the stipulation states the account must maintain the consistent balance, by even temporarily debiting my account with their false charges - they upset the technical requirement for receiving the bonus).
Although I am clearly in the right (as has been admitted by Citi on record), over 4 months & a dozen calls/promises/claims later and NO BONUS RECEIVED!
This shows all signs of being a scam.


Doesn’t Keep Promises

Scammer charged my account 2 months ago. I would call into Citibank and they would take it off my bill and then put it back on in a little while. Did this many times. Bank would not help me and kept playing games with me. Wanted me pay for goods I did not order and did not receive. After 2 months I paid as I did not want this to affect my credit; however, I also cancelled my credit card and will never do business with them again.


This bank is unsafe

I opened an account to take advantage of the 300 dollar bonus offer, but am very sorry I ever did. I have had so many problems with this bank, that I do not even care about the 300 dollars any longer. I am just grateful to have the money I originally deposited. This bank is just awful. Their systems do not talk to each other. Their customer service is clueless.

  1. The initial funding never went through until I called a week later and was then told there was an issue with the account that would take 1-2 days to resolve.
  2. I had uninitiated transfers for over $10,000 from my linked checking account into this account, causing me to think there was an identity theft issue.
  3. I logged into my Citi account this morning and my checking account was gone - balance, transfer history, account number all just gone… only my credit card showed in my account dashboard.
  4. I called customer service and was told that my account was closed by the new accounts department and there was a check in the mail for me with the amount that was in my account. I will be grateful when I finally get that money back into my original account.

This bank has serious operational and customer service issues. I cannot recommend this bank to anyone.


Extremely disappointed in CITIBANK

I want to share my experience with Citi Commerce Solutions and their credit cards offered to those who request for one. I applied for a HD store credit card back in June and the Citibank offered me a credit card limit of 6k. After a half a year they actually do a soft request on your credit report to check if their back is covered and if the customer has the same risk ‘0’ as it was when they accepted the application. On January 6 they did that to me and based on my “to that date” credit report they decided to lower my limit to 1k from 6k. “That’s the bank right!”. So I reacted by calling their customer service asking them why they did that?! Also I asked the agent to check if she can increase the limit back to 3k (at least) without pulling my credit report (common sense was to use whatever they’ve had from January 6) but I was wrong. Those employees are trained to act as robots (or as the “system” told them to act) and not use their brain, the agent pulled my credit report without my permission. I escalated the case to the ‘‘Office of the President’’ which sounds big but they can do very little. I’ve got a letter from them stating that after the investigation they’ve run their records indicate that I gave my permission to their agent to pull my credit report and there is no way I can hear/read/smell those evidence. So their “understand/apologies” and all those magic words is the best they can do. If I don’t have any other questions/issues he, “The Office of the President agent”, will have to terminate the discussion because I can guess there is a time frame they can spend on each problematic customer.”They appreciate the opportunity to address my concerns" which doesn’t mean it will be solved. Extremely disappointed in Citibank in particular and banks in general.


Customer Service

I currently have had issues with my citibank debit card. By currently I mean the past 3 weeks. I frequently receive direct deposits into my account but recently they have failed to be deposited. The website says one amount but the ATMs and banks say another. Sometimes it takes 10 days to show up at the ATM while always displaying the Correct amount of funds deposited. Sometimes it take a week and sometimes 20-30 minutes. I have had to call 3 times to temporarily resolve the issue. Citi Bank managers don’t even know what to do but will not let me file a complaint with the IT department.


Citibank stole $2,500

On December 25 I made a payment to my credit card for $9,200 at an atm machine in Coral Gables, FL. The machine reported an error and credited me for $12,000! Then two weeks later it reversed $5,700 of that so I am now short $2,500. I called the number on the back of my card 11 times for lengthy calls, mostly to India, spoke to a manager at the branch who said they are not responsible because it is a drive-through not a branch atm, but nobody will investigate or fix the problem! At one point I was “refunded” $2,800 but then this was taken out of my card! All someone has to do is check the atm and see that it has $2,500 extra cash but the call center managers they can’t check an atm and the branch says it isn’t their atm!!! I have been a client for 27 years and am being robbed $2,500 by Citibank!


the worst bank in Florida

this is the worst bank, customer service its unacceptable making lots of mistake
took 10 days to clear a check from US, playng with our money, them two weeks after block my ATM because they found strange a candy transaction without telling me or send me email
theis is not respect for the customer, they simply don’t care


Only if you want a headache!

I signed up for a promotional offer in August 2016 with Citibank Checking. I had to deposit $15000 and keep it there for 3 mos and they would credit me $400. The process was ridiculously in depth, requiring faxes and several verifications of identity (understandable). However, having to refax secure information and having to make phone calls because the website isn’t working properly is NOT understandable for an institution as large as Citibank! I stuck it out, created the new account and patiently waited for my credit.
Come early January, there is NO credit to my account. So, I called and was informed that the bank never put in the promotional code when I registered via telephone. They gave me a case number and said it would only take a few business days to be resolved. So, I call 2 weeks later as there’s still no credit to my account. They then told me I’d be “misinformed” and it really will take 30-90 days for the credit, but they’d do me a favor and expedite the case. Two weeks later I received a letter stating: while I do qualify for the promotional offer, my account is not W-9 certified. I then pull out the W-9 Certification fax I sent on 8/15/16 and call them yet again! They apologize for not having it on file and request that I snail mail it to them with tracking. So I do so, coming out of pocket a few dollars to pay for tracking with priority mail. I then call again to report the tracking number and, within a couple days, verified that they’d received it. I speak to a supervisor who directs me to open a new “dispute case” and assures me I’ll finally receive my $400 credit within 2 weeks (for processing, of course).
Fast forward another 3 weeks – NO CREDIT! I call yet again and immediately ask to speak with a supervisor. The lady I speak with, whom I can barely understand because of her thick accent, gives me yet again another case number and tells me I’ll receive my credit by next week. I tell her I need to speak with her supervisor. She claims this is not possible, but she can have her supervisor call me back.
I am getting married next month and need to use my money! I’m very tempted to just close the account without the credit. Rest assured, I will NEVER bank with Citibank again!!


Unbelievably bad customer service

Signed up for account October 2016. It is now March 2017 and I still do not have access to account. I received checks, but did not receive ATM card. Turns out that IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO CREATE ONLINE ACCOUNT without that ATM card! It is also practically impossible to get through the phone tree without the ATM PIN (which I do not have, of course). I have received no statements because the default setting is apparently “paperless” and the only way to request a paper statement is - you guessed it - from the online account I cannot access. (Is that even legal?) The phone support people cannot help create online accounts or authorize paper statements. My only option is to request a “replacement” ATM card and use that to create the required online account. Every other aspect of account creation was disturbingly unprofessional. Although I was instantly approved for this account online, I finally received a snail mail “approval” letter SIX WEEKS LATER. However, my account number was not included in this pointless letter, so I still couldn’t access the account in any way. It took 3 weeks to successfully make my initial deposit because Citi couldn’t seem to manage the “trial deposit” method of verifying the bank account I was transferring funds from. This account has made me so anxious that all I want to do right now is get access to it and then cancel it. I have had reasonably good experiences with Citi credit cards but will never ever ever attempt to use their banking products again. I signed up because of a $400 bonus offer, but it has been more than 4 months now and no sign of the bonus. I no longer expect to get the bonus and just want out.



I’ve been with the financial institution for almost 9 yrs, had family members sign up for it too. Someone made a fraudulent charge using my debit card number for services in a foreign country ( I have no relationship to). Their fraud policy says, that because the card was in my possession, they will not give me an immediate credit, but rather hold the funds pending the merchant taking it. Then if the merchant takes it, they will give me the credit then. Or if the merchant doesn’t take it, they’ll give it back to me. Problem, if I live in the US, have not traveled outside, why would they(Citibank) need to hold those funds (even though it’s clear that the charge was not me)? This is a disadvantage to their loyal consumers. I feel as if they do not believe that I didn’t teleport from the US to Germany during my sleep and made the charge. Days later and the charge is still on my account, an investigation has not even begun, and I am out of that money, until they’re good and ready. By the way, I’m aware that their all American business has a call center in a foreign country, at least two of the three persons whom I conversed with today were not from the US.


So poor service

Ridiculous… I am not able to receive my salary as they’re holding it on deposit. It’s been one week already. They keep promising to sort it out but still no result. Totally frustrating, have never experienced this kind of things with other banks.


Horrible Customer Service

We have a credit card through them. We needed the account number in order to close on our house (JUST our account number) and they couldn’t give it to us over the phone, even when we had identification. They made us wait to get a new card for the number, which delayed our closing by over a week and, in turn, affected how much money for repairs we were able to get from the seller.

If it’s OUR account, give us the account information. Thanks.


Worst Credit Card ever…

Basically the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I had a legitimate dispute (a restaurant ran my card twice, very clearly their mistake) and they refueled to assist. Wrote a letter letting me know if I don’t like the resolution to cancel the card. Done and done. American Express appreciates my 100k a year business very much.


Worst banking experience I ever had

I have no words to describe how disappointed I am with Citibank. I spoke to 4 representatives which made me feel like I was in the twilight zone. If you have a special circumstance, you will go in circles because the credit card phone reps don’t know what to deal with anything that doesn’t fit their script. During the last call I had with them, they took my number in case we were disconnected. I waited on hold for 38 minutes for them to figure out what to do only to get disconnected and NO ONE called me me back. Four phone calls-ZERO progress. Utterly ridiculous. I am taking my business elsewhere. They don’t deserve my hard earned money.