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Good Customer Service

I was suppose to receive a new card and 2 weeks after I requested one, it still never showed up. When I contacted Citibank, I learned that it had never been mailed out and I was in urgent need of it. Sorry I’m a stupid college student that doesn’t make a lot and is still learning to keep up with bills. Either way, it sucked and was a fault on their end. She passed me on to a gentleman who verified that it hadn’t been mailed and apologized. He offered to expedite the new mailed card as overnight delivery which was a relief to hear. Thanks again! Keep up the good business ethic.


Citibank review

This is a very nice business. They are very helpful when I’ve had questions in the past. Definitely would recommend


Terrible Customer Service

Citibank stopped doing business in my state a few years back. I had credit cards and a checking account with them. You cannot get a human on the phone when you call them, when you do, they transfer you or cannot help you. I will never back with them again.



Citibank have the absolute worst customer service and when it comes to solving and resolving a solution that was their fault. The managers that manage the specific departments are just as worst. I can’t wait to finish off my payments so I never have to deal with them again.



This bank has terribly inconvenient hours, awful customer service, terrible website and app, and terrible business practices. If you bank at Citibank and need any kind of service whatsoever, you can expect to jump through hoops and waste at least half a day trying to resolve your issue. That being said, I’ve had great service from inside the branches in most locations. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to visit the branch for every mundane issue. If you’re like me and prefer to deal with things on the go, Citibank is not going to work out for you.


Terrible service

The online platform is appalling. Customer service is weak and their general attitude towards their customers is apathetic.

I was a custom for 2 years and have now decided to go to a competitor.


Poor online technology

Frustration beyond measure with online access.


Not happy with citibank, can’t make cash payments at citibank branch.Will be doing business at another bank…

I’m not to happy with citibank,can’t make cash payments at citibank branch.Will be doing business at bank of America.


Slow to register online account

While you can open an account online and they will take your funds immediately, they won’t let you access your account online until they send you a physical debit card, which took over a week. Infuriating. Don’t use if you care about reliable and quick access to your new account or funds, better banking options elsewhere.


Worst online banking and customer service

They do not take responsibility for any issues and do not want to spend any time to resolve it. Simply the worst on line banking and customer support. Have waited over 30 min every time on the phone. Will plan to change banks shortly. It is unfortunate as Citibank was my bank for a while.


Protect Yourself, Stay Away

I have never experience this level of negligence from a banking institution in all my years of business and private banking. Citibank allowed clear fraud to my account. Placed holds without reason, notification, or desire to resolve. Do yourself a favor and find another bank to partner with. Even a mattress would be a better place to put your money. At least the mattress won’t take six weeks to open a new account after their error forced you to close your first one! Marking current customer, but in 24 hours I will be a past customer


Terrible web site

I am a CPA and use many different bank web sites. I never have a problem with other bank’s web sites. However, for years, I have never been able to use the Citibank site without delays or a need to change my password to gain access to the online banking. I usually get locked out without any logical reason. There is no question that the Citibank website is poorly programmed. When I am finally able to sign into my accounts, I often get refused access to features because of supposed “maintenance” when I click on a routine link.

I highly recommend that the programmers of Citibank’s web site consult with programmers of other bank websites for guidance. The Citibank inefficient web site is why I do not recommend my clients to use Citibank or why I only use it for small transactions and for a credit card. Even paying the credit card balance is a major waste of time due to having to attempt to sign in only to be told I used the wrong password, when I did not.


Been Great

Had money taken from my account from an ATM transaction They investigated and it was replaced immediatly Always good service in my branch in Bethesda MD I live in Mexico for several months and they own Banemex which is a plus The website is great and the electronic checking has made my life easier


Rip off

Banked there for 7 years then start getting billed $12 a month out of nowhere. They say my balance was less than average $1500 for the month. I told them this is almost always the case. They said I agreed to this when I started the account. I said no I didn’t They said well its on your account summary each month. Oh well thanks I guess I’ll take my business elsewhere.


Worst Support

Worst service and Worst Support…Poor account security, competitive exchange rates.


Customer service is NONEXISTANT!

Good luck even trying to get them to answer the phone.


Go Away

Worst customer service support.
No answers whatsoever.
Closed my perfectly-managed accounts with NO single reason?
Just say that the account manager is located in INDIA? and they blindly follow his automatic order of account closure without any review or feedback.
I opened an account with them against the advice of many of my family members and close friends (NOT to deal with Citi).
Strongly NOT recommended bank to have a relationship with.


Customer service from Philippines

Rep spoke very good English as did her supervisor and even I could understand them both. But they didn’t understand the concepts of what I was asking for…neither one of them. 50 minutes for what should have been a 10 minute conversation.


Exactly all the banks are cheating that why customers screwing them . They are group of thieves. They need to change the name to “Shiti bank !


May god will make them bankrupt soon
They already closed few branches in Europe and now here soon they will disappear!