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I never had to call Citibank this many times ever, then I had to this week! There was an unauthorized transaction on my card, I immediately call Customer Service and explained the situation. I was told on that specific day by a rep. and a supervisor that my new debit card would be expedited and I would receive a email about my claim. Come to find out by calling again, because I was told I should get it no later than this Wednesday, that my card wouldn’t be here for another week. I called yet again, and asked to speak with another supervisor and was told she would expedite for tomorrow. I was given a temporary card this past monday, and the original call was to just simply check on the status of my card! In the mist of making a transaction my card was blocked without any heads up, or acknowledgment. I called yet again, and of course I get another Rep. who just says scripted words, and stated that you cannot use a temporary card, while waiting for another card! How? What else would I use to make transactions? And, why would it be blocked just because I checked on the status of my debit card. Honestly, over it and disappointed.



I called to block my husband’s card since I lost it… Funny how you can block people’s cards without their consent. I notify my husband what was going on so then he called the bank to replace the card! Well we literally talked to five different reps and no one knew what was going on. Now my husband cant get ahold of his account.
My question is why do yall let people block other people’s cards without consent? Why dont yall notify the owner of the cardholder and account when doing so? VERY POOR SERVICE!


Horrible banking

I opened an account online and they sent me a message after the account was open and I received my debit card and checks that they need me to fax in my driver’s license being that I don’t have one I asked what I should they I would have to go down to the branch to complete my account opening
When I went down to the branch they told they cannot complete an online account in the bank all they could do is close it and open a new after explaining to the bank manager I did not want to open a new one because then I would not apply for the new account bonus she said an account specialist can fax in my driver’s permit which will work contrary to what the online representative said
So that’s what I did
And two days later Citibank closed my account and when I called them asking them why they said I did not supply valid ID
The miscommunication and lack of consern for the clients time creates what I call horrible banking


Citibank sucks!

I just hung up for the 4th time with them after receiving yet ANOTHER past due notice. Note I’m on auto pay. See ya, get it together. I’m closing my account after this last payment clears. Enough is enough! I don’t have any issues with ANY of my other accounts, all on autopay.


worst bank

Only bank i have an issue with for some reason although i maintain my balance some how i still get over drafts on my account its like they take your money because they feel like it it does NOT matter how respondsible you are with your account they will ALWAYS over draft you for some unknown reason worst bank ive had thus far. trusted bank? You thought it was i would not recommend


Bad service quality, worst call centre

bad service quality, extremely confusing call centre, it looks like the call center is there to stop customers from talking to the bank rather than helping customers. Even though the bank still charges monthly service fee, no improvements to the service. In addition, Marketing ppl keep abuse customers via phone with all the promotion programs. Terrible.


Love Citibank

Citibank’s cash back card is significantly better than Chase. While Chase has a 1.5% cash back, Citibank is at 2%. Citibank also has much better customer service. We had a horrible experience with an unprofessional Chase bank manager in Vernon Hills, Il. You will be happier and better off using Citibank.



charged me $110 to rollover a retirement account of $1067!!! only disclosed a $75 transfer fee not the $35 fee. poor service ridiculous fees, took 5 months for the request to happen and then they even screwed that up and sent the money to the wrong place!!!


Worst bank ever.

Citibank has been absolutely horrible to deal with. They insisted that I changed my address (which I didn’t) and then couldn’t verify my identity. They told me five different ways to verify my identity, then I was told by another manager that it wasn’t a valid method. Every person I talked to told me something different, they don’t have a uniform protocol or message. I had to call them 9 times; after every time my card got denied and then multiple more times to try and “verify my identity.” Customer service was horrible, managers were rude and unhelpful, and I got the run around everytime I called. I can’t believe they’re still in business. I got a card through Costco and every Costco rep was extremely helpful and polite. Huge contrast to the horrible treatment I got from Citi. Frankly I’m surprised Costco would be affiliated with such a horribly run company. I finally had to fax my social security card, license, and a utility bill, where I included a cover letter asking them to call me to confirm the closure of my account. They didn’t call and after three days I called to check on the status-they told me they couldn’t read the account number on my utility bill but they couldn’t call to tell me that because my identity wasn’t confirmed. So they had no intention of letting me know that I needed to send the documents again. It was the most ludicrous run around and that was every single conversation I had with them. 9 calls and a whole lot of confusion later I finally have my account closed. I will never open an account w Citi again. You shouldn’t either.


Worst Bank Ever

Every representatives gave me a different answer and then the manager was giving me attitude. I would never recommend them to anyone.


Terrible Customer Service

Citi Customer Service is TERRIBLE! I was a customer from 1999 to 2017. 18 YEARS. I received a late fee when my online banking service transposed a number. I called customer service, explained the situation, and asked for the late fee to be removed. I offered to send documentation from my bank but they were not interested. I was put on hold numerous times while they “reviewed the account.” After 45 minutes on the phone, I spoke to a supervisor. They refused to remove the late fee because it was allegedly my bank’s fault not theirs. Obviously, they did not want further business from me. I hope the $25 late fee was worth losing an 18 YEAR customer.


Bad customer experience with wire transaction

I had the worst customer experience with a wire at Citi branch. The teller did not understand their own wiring instructions or form. I basically had to do the wire myself. On top of it, she was arrogant!


The worst bank ever

No one would like to help you and when I changed my phone number, they insisted to verify me by sending text message to my old number which is not valid any more. Worst bank ever ever ever ever. Never work with them


Took my money for over 1 month

I ordered the card. They balance transferred the wrong amount. Attempted to charge me 0.3% interest on that amount 2x what requested . Wiped out my credit limit. I paid the amount and had cancelled my other credit card not prepared for the b.s. I was in for with them. I had to call Bank of America and have them transfer the over paid amount to Wells Fargo and them have Wells Fargo pay them. It doesn’t stop there. Over 6 of 40 minute hold converstaions with citi and each time re explaining the problem and each call ending it would be addressed. I was also told if I have I have a problem their customer service, thet won’t call me I have to call them. Same problem weeks later!!! The weekend I needed the card it didn’t work. I was guaranteed by citibank it would work by Friday with verifying funds. Guess what!!! It didn’t work, what. They lied to me again They, Citi still had my money and my card didn’t work on my birthday weekend. They admitted to wrong doing and credited me $100. Although another week I still don’t have money. I have spent another 45 minutes on another phone call and this representative told me tonight on the phone with citi that they will call me. Total run around, over 8h of my time invested, and my card still doesnt work with them weeks later. Oh yeah, good luck with the app. They entered my birthday wrong. A different birthday than my application so call to find they data entries wrong a different lengthy phone call. DON’T USE THEM JUST BECAUSE OF A GOOD INTEREST RATE!!! Total nightmare and complete dishonesty. Ps I still don’t have funds. They still have my money. Not one attempt to make this right. No one has called me in 4 weeks of dealing with this. Told they don’t call customers multiple times and now tonight told they do. Which is it citi bank? Now that you are 2 grand richer for a month and I am flat broke?


Poor Customer service

Nobody knows what’s going on when you call in, and I’m always getting the runaround. Not to mention they don’t care if people fraud you out of money.


Won’t stop mailings

For the last 10 weeks or so, I get about one solicitation per week from Citibank, wanting me to sign up for a credit card.
Every week, for about the last 6 weeks, I have returned their form with a note to stop their mailings. It feels to me like harassment.


What the fluff

I can’t believe so many people have had a bad experience with CITI. When I started my first job at 16 I joined my parents bank which was bank of America. It was all good until I graduated and they wanted to charge me 8 bucks a month just to hold an account until I can prove I was a continuing student… Mind you, it was a 3 month processing time even though I had the physical paperwork to show I was admitted into college. after a few questionable overdraft fees my brother recommended wells Fargo. They have so many fees to keep an account open, every time I called they explained they “just” added a new policy and wish they could do more. Then after, I went to banco popular and had no complaints until they were bought off by Banc of California. Only complaint for them is there was only about a dozen atms in all of LA county. Life happened and I moved to central California and was told Banc of California is only available in south California. I had to choose new bank. THIS IS WHERE CITI COMES IN. Seriously no complaints. I’ve had my card stolen and charged over 100, next day called had it cleared they credited my account until everything was finalized never felt the hurt of theft or bad customers service. I loose my card often and twice its arrived at 3 days; not the 10 business day usual. Every time I go into a branch its never more than a 10 min wait and everyone has a smile. Its literally scary how dependable this bank has been to me and I hope I don’t jinx myself with his review but if your thinking of a bank CONSIDER CITI


Fraudulent IMO

I signed up for a checking acct in early
January 2017 thru Nerdwallet which advertised a $200 bonus if $15,000 was kept in the account for 90 days with no other requirements except to avoid a monthly fee, at least $10,000 balance required. Today, I checked and no $200 after 129 days. When I called to find out why, I was asked for my promotion code which I no longer have. I was told that to get the $200 I had to make an automatic deposit within 45 days of opening the acct. WRONG! I am closing the account. Be careful and do your banking elsewhere.


Avoid, avoid, avoid

This is a follow-up to a review I posted 5 days ago. Since I wanted to close my cheking account, I chose the quicker method of writing a check and depositing it in my regular bank (rather than wait one to two weeks if I did it over the phone). Two days after depositing the check, I called Citi and was told I had a zero balance. I then talked to a representative and told her I wanted to close the account as my check had cleared and my balance was $0. She did whatever was necessary and said the account was closed. I asked for a confirmation number and she said that Citi didn’t have confirmation numbers. So, then, I transferred the balance in my regular checking account into a different institution’s savings account. Four days later, I get an email notice from my regular bank that Citi had returned my check and I was, therefore, overdrawn by thousands of dollars. I called Citi and ranted and demanded that the amount of the check that I wrote be re-deposited that very day plus I be reimbursed for any overdraft fees. I had to speak to a supervisor, in a different time zone from the representative I first talked to, and she said it would be 24 to 48 hours before that could be done. She told me that since it was a new account (4 months old with no withdrawals?) that it was flagged when I withdrew the entire balance. What? If that money is not in my regular bank account tomorrow, I will be reporting Citi to whatever state and federal agencies have jurisdiction. Citi has used my money for over 4 months and I got a headache, lost time and 43 cents in return. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT BANKING HERE!!!


No Forgiveness Time

Fees out the yin yang and zero Forgiveness. If something comes through your account and it goes negative (even as a pending transaction) you will get hit with a $34 fee. Even if you get a deposit in five minutes later. I constantly monitor my accounts and mistakes happen. My other bank, Chase, allows until the end of the day to get money in. AND, they are EXCELLENT at fee reversals. I’ve only had one in the past year and they reversed it. Moral of the story, if your human, don’t bank here. They are money driven not customer service driven.