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Don’t do it, really, just don’t

This is by far the worst experience I’ve ever had with a credit car/bank. I called their support center to see about reducing my APR. They asked me for my “secret word” which must be something new because I’ve never used a “secret” word for this account. They then asked for my cell phone number which I provided and was recorded in my profile online. I was then told that the number wasn’t “valid”, even though I use this cell phone number in all of my other accounts without issue. They then asked me for account information from another bank I use, which I of course refused since they have no right to know any account information for bank accounts outside Citi Bank. Up until this point I was logging into my account online without issue. Apparently these are the ONLY options they will use to allow you to regain access to your account. After this conversation, their fraud department decided to lock out my account so that I didn’t even have access online to pay my bill. A week later I called again hoping to get someone intelligent on the phone, immediately asked for a manager, and was given the same run-around. Having no other options, I gave them my bank account information for the other bank. I am now in the process of trying to cancel my Citi account which has not been any better. I have now been hung up on 3 times without being able to get confirmation that the account has been closed. I have also filed a fraud report with my other bank in order to have that account number changed. This whole experience has been nothing but awful and I will never again use a Citi product.


Terrible system

I don’t have an account with Citi but have a number of credit cards, which I manage using the website. The website is poorly structured. I registered a number of times for their automatic payments of the credit card bills but, time and again, the confirmed registrations did not go through and I was charged late fees.
Yesterday, I got a targeted invitation to open a bank account at a branch, pay some bills and then qualify for 30,000 AA miles. They had an invitation code that I had to use either on a website ( or by calling a number. I went online, a form opened up. I filled it and entered the invitation code. I had to read the “Terms and Conditions” section and checkmark a box “I Understand…”. Problem was that the box was grayed out. I tried several times but the problem recurs. I then call the number. The rep. did not know anything about this promotion. He searched for 10 minutes but did not find my eligibility. He suggested I go to a branch to find out. I threw the invitation in the trash can.
Terrible system throughout. Stay away from Citi unless you don’t mind spending hours on the phone correcting their defective system.


The worst customer service I ever had, they transferred me 7- 8 times, I had feeling that they joking with me, very sad

customer service agents are not knowledgeable they just transfer you to someone else so today they transferred me for 15 minutes and on the end I came again on start, very very bad service


Might as well close down

I opened an account online but went to a branch to deposit my checks (wanted a quicker way to deposit) You have to wait 5 business days for (pretty much a week) checks to clear for new accounts. Unless its less then $100 usd. Customer service told me the branch manager can override but they no longer have the ability to do so.

The Citibank app is very out of date and you would not be able to see your account number through the app nor the website.

CITIBANK please update your website and policies, You guys are soo behind. I will be closing my acc asap.


worst bank there is

this bank should not be in business. the lack of employee knowledge/customer service is just mind blowing. customer service by phone can’t solve ANY issue. what they do is send you to a branch which is clueless and have no idea how to help either. you feel like a ping pong ball not a customer. it is just unbelievable. If I go on with details of what i went through with this bank i will write a book. Just horrible!



I just recently opened up a Checking Account with Citi. I have two credit cards with them so I finally opted for a checking account. I opened up the account online, in early June and finally this week, the end of June I received my ATM card. I was expecting a DEBIT CARD! I called in, and they told me since my account is new, I will have to wait 4 months “trial period” to see if I qualify for a debit card, WTF! Mind you, I already have my direct deposit coming in so why exactly do I need to be on this “trial period” THEY HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AT THAT, I called, was placed on hold several times. I am going to open up another account with another bank ASAP! On top of that it took FOREVER for me to receive my card, I could NOT see my balance online, basically you have to receive you card before doing ANYTHING. I had no idea was was being paid, my current balance for the WHOLE MONTH OF JUNE! RIDICULOUS!



After I have successfully opened a checking, savings, and a CC thru Citibank. The workers at Citibank Fullerton CA grew some really big noses. They even threatened a Vet because I would not tell them my personal experiences. None of which had to do with business. They were probing questions that were personal. I am a war vet. What the actual is going on in their minds. NOTE this was AFTER they had all my information that they needed to open the respective bank accounts. I have used this bank as sparingly as possible and will be closing soon. Never to return or suggest business again.


Scam advertising Bank

citi Bank advertised for Bonus checking after 60 days customers will receive their bonus. I have opened a Bonus checking in March, still have not got my bonus. I have been calling the bank I hear is wait another month. Citi bank scam their customers. Do not believe or trust this bank at all. I will report this to BB to protect other customers.


Could not access money when needed it

Stuck in the Nevada desert with no internet on my phone, Citibank decided to fraud alert deny my debit card at the gas station. Outsourced customer service said I needed to verify with internet or phone. My google voice number was considered a landline to them and I had no internet. When I got internet the mobile verification had issues. I changed my main number to a mobile number and it was too recently changed then for verification. I slept in my car until Monday where customer service in the U.S. had solutions and I got verified right away. The outsourced help tossed me around and once even said I was verified and two wait 2 hours.

That and branches all closing, wiring turned out to be “wait for a call back and if you miss that call we will cancel the wire”.

This is the bank that could get hacked by just changing the userid in the url a few years ago. What was I thinking.


Crappy Bank

Breaches in Security happen every now and then. Customer Care is pretty stubborn. Think they are best but actually are worst


Run away - getting $500 bonus they have pullled $$$ in "fees"

This is for the last bonus they offered. $50,000 checking $400 bonus. Interest was abysmal 0.01% but the bonus was worth it. I sat in the branch for 2.5 hours because they couldn’t do basic paperwork, then the branch closed immediately, leaving me 25-50 miles away. Never got any checks, finally got bonus. Then they started withdrawing a monthly fee of $30 on the $50k balance, while paying 0.01% interest. And there was to be NO fee unless you had a low balance. Talking to customer service on the phone is useless. I should have known to avoid them after the Costco Amex move to Citi Visa, but I’m basically paying them to use my money for free. I noticed in my old records that when safeway bank closed, they moved the balance to Citi and that was not done without errors either. Three strikes -


This bank should be audited for the way they try and get customers to open bad credit cards etc

Every time during the past 3 years if I had any issues they stonewall you and kick the can down then road the executive respone team should be held accountable they are a wast of time Citibank is bad from top to np bottom they do not care about your feedback or you as a customer


AA free luggage is a SCAM!

I opened this card.
I was suppose to get free luggage fee with this card.
I have 50$ worth of luggage fees because the company was unable to merge old frequent flying number with new number given with card. Then was told to wait 30 days in mail to receive notification of merge. Now have 25$ late fee and 5$ interest fee from waiting. 80$ of fees I had to pay because after being on the phone for 2hrs and being disconnected twice, never receiving a call back from the agents I am stuck paying these fees because they weren’t able to do anything. Worst customer service I have ever experienced They DO NOT stand behind their advertisements. You have to call AA for this and CITI for that. Don’t waste your pocket or time like I did.


2 Days Past Due Fees

After years of paying off my full credit card balance every month with Citibank, I was 2 days late ONE TIME (family emergency), they charged me late fees and accrued interest charges.

Even though it wasn’t much, I called to ask to have these fees removed as a one time courtesy Since I just had a death in the family. They said they will not remove the fees or the late charge even after I spoke with a supervisor.

This is very disrespectful to a customer who’s been making 100% of the payments for years. One time courtesy waive for being late is OK. Citibank will not lose millions of dollars to satisfy their customers. Bad call Citibank.


Bank loose my checks for over $5.6

Bank loose my checks for over $5.6 (have no clue where they are).
Bank share transactions informations with person who has no access to the account






This is the worst credit company ever.

They will give credit cards and when you are way up in points they will cancel your cards for no reason and will keep all your points, that’s very low because the points you earned they should be yours to keep, i would discourage any body who is thinking about CITI BANK.



As a new customer, every time I’ve had the disgrace to call them they have treated me like a joke. They say smart and sarcastic remarks, cut you off, and rush you off the line. They do not care about your questions or concerns, and they are really not afraid to show it. I asked to speak with a manager after I received poor customer service once again and Jeff came on the line. I’ve been recovering from a major surgery so I was just a few hours late on my payment and was asking for a one-time courtesy to have my fee waived. He basically told me there is nothing he would do for me because he only had a few days left on the job and I will not be hearing from him again! YES! this is exactly what he told me. He was very sarcastic and rude the entire time. When I asked for the corporate mailing address or phone number he gave me the wrong address on purpose, he repeated it 3 times and the 3 times he gave it to me wrong, he did not even want to spell it. I called back and asked another agent and she gave me the correct one. I have worked in customer service for over 10 years and I would never treat my customers like this, at no point I was rude to anyone. I’m very polite and educated and I do not get my point across by being rude, so I know it’s not me being difficult.

PLEASE! if you are thinking on opening an account or credit card with this bank, DON’T DO IT. You will not be happy with the way they treat you and if you ever need anything, they will NOT want to help you and treat you poorly.


Bad service

Terrible. Get something else. They won’t give you accurate info on fees to post next day and then you overdrawn again because of the fees, even on $1 charge.



I just got off the phone with customer service because I’ve been making deposits from work and they haven’t cleared. I need to pay a bill ASAP and so I called to get them cleared and these women that sounded like they’re located in the Philippines kept saying no and I should look to other options outside my own account to pay my bills. WTF!!! They were so rude too, I told them I really need my money today and the “supervisor” straight up said I should find a quick job to get quick money to pay my bills. Haha bullshit company and as soon as my checks clear, I’m out!