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These guys are fraud!

They took my money. Whenever I try to contact them, I get a new story. These guys are fraud.


Don’t protect customers from fraud

My card was stole and account cleared. I called customer services and the lady hung up on me. Now this happen while visiting out of town… Citi bank tells me to wait 10 days to get stolen money back. N I gotta check out hotel with no money to get another room or back home. I guess I’ll have to be homeless outta town in hopes they catch who stole my money…Citi bank customer services is very rude show no capassion. And customer services rep Sarah hung up on me… I wonder how citi bank employees would fell if they woke up outta town and the whole bank account was taken left with $13. And I can’t even spend. I’m closing this account immediately.


Incompetent business

I had several products with this bank that started with Citi Double Cash and then added a checking account. First of all if you have multiple products with them, you cannot have them all under one user name for online access, you have to keep creating new user IDs and passwords. Their website is riddled with bugs and not a good UI at all. I have the app on my mobile but boy that thing does not work properly, it is a complete nightmare! Just read reviews in the app store. I’m thinking about closing my credit card with them cause it is really not worth the hassle. I have to call customer service all of the time with log in issues, card access issues and they don’t know what they are talking about at all. Just clueless and blame everything on that is just the type of system we have. Well, get a new system, cause this one is obviously broken!


It is the bank where you have to wait for more than 15 days to open your salary account. They will not tell any mistake while you are filling your application form and after that they will come up with the problem that there is problem in your sign.

It is the bank where you have to wait for more than 15 days to open your salary account. They will not tell any mistake while you are filling your application form and after that they will come up with the problem that there is problem in your signature and all and they will reject your application so that you have visit again to bank in heavy traffic. Please think before you open your account in citi bank


Avoid Citi Bank

Taking out MY OWN money, they made me feel like a criminal. Gave me a hard time every time (except for the Pico branch).


Very un caring.

After the aftermath of hurricane irma i was left with damagd to my home. I called them and they ran my credit and said sorry we can’t help you. Very uncaring. Been with this card for several years and never a late payment. A little more epathy goes a long way.



An extremely arrogant bank that does not care for its customers and cannot provide solutions. I have been trying to make an international transfer from abroad for over 1 month now, first Citibank blocked my account, requiring me to provide details of all my assets and income, when I cleared this hurdle they still do not release the money because there are issues with their call back system to verify the transfer. A month on they can give me no solution, when I call, the only response is “these are our procedures”. My advice is DONT EVER BANK WITH CITIBANK. They don’t understand that they are only a service provider holding clients money, they have practically stolen my money and won’t give me access.



I am extremely disappointed in Citibank. Earlier this week (more than three days ago), I poured my heart out to Citibank about my situation (my parents lost their homes, my island was devastated and between myself and my fiancé we have spent thousands to aid them. I asked if they can defer my due date to give me time to recover . They said they will defer payments until December and they are more than happy to assist. Not only was i shocked, i was so happy and felt supported. Today (9/22/17) i went to use my card and it declined. Surprised that my card declined (because i have a reasonable limit) i called Citibank. I spoke to a customer representative and they explained to me that my card was locked because i didn’t make a payment. I explained my situation once more and they said, they can’t help me until i make a payment. Eventually they said they will transfer me to billing. Currently I’m sick in urgent care waiting to see medical attention and needed to use the card ($50). These past few days were hell…no sleep, tired, stressed because i couldn’t get in contact with my family after the storm and yesterday i went to a shelter to assist some of the patients that were evacuated from the Virgin Islands prior to hurricane maria to see what i can do to help them and also to deliver word to their families that they are safe.

As I stand here in Urgent care i waited for the billing specialist. Once they answered they assured me that are sorry for my lost and i will be able to utilize my card. I felt some sense of hope. I handed my card again to the cashier and i was declined once more. I called Citibank back. I spoke to another customer service representative. This time i spoke to someone who could’ve cared less about what I’ve been through. Then i explained to him that billing told me i could use my card. He then explained to me that i needed 24-48 hours for the information on my card to be updated before i can use it. Then turned around and said, or you can make a payment now and it will allow you to use it. He even told me he can use the information on file from one of my accounts to make a payment so i can use my card. Not one ounce of sympathy. I kept calm and asked to speak to a manager. The manager was on the line and he explained the same thing to me (i need 24-48 hours for the file to update). I told him," i originally put in this request days ago (more than 3 days) and I had to do it again today. I am in desperate need of medical attention and you are saying there is nothing you can do to help me? " His response was ,“no it’s systematic and there is nothing he can do.” Not one bit of mercy or compassion. I told him thank you and hung up. I stood in urgent care devastated . I scrambled through my purse to look for any means on how to pay my bill. Not only am i hurt but i am extremely unhappy how i was treated. There was miscommunication on my account from my request i put in days ago and today i was unable to get help. How could you make that error and still turn me away? Let me tell you my life summary: within two weeks my hometown was stuck with 2 category 5 hurricanes . My entire family and friends lives there struggling with barely any water, food or resources. I am their resources at this point and now I can’t do anything for them or anyone at this point. I am the one struggling to provide for them and you took that away from me.

Citibank Customer



Terrible customer service with arrogant and rude workers. They are unwilling to help long-time customers that are going through a rough patch, but on their Facebook they are advertising funds for schooling in 3rd world countries. How about helping your current clients first??? I am shocked and appalled at how I was treated earlier and do not recommend ANYONE bank with this company EVER! You will get scammed and end up spending years of your life paying off debt to this joke of a company that is unwilling to help you in the least bit.


Bad experience

Ridiculous customer service, when I asked questions , staffs said don’t them call again. Very rude , worst bank I ever met. Highly not recommended.


No Longer A Good Bank

Weve been long time customers(20yrs+) & they continue to go downhill.Use to have email, lots of nearby locations & nice staff.Knew my hubby, almost like a good friend.When ae have to make. cash dep, its like 40mins away.What a pain!Their text banking-like getting balances is a JOKE,never current.Whats the point if its wrong?Other banks are up to date within 24hrs.They should be able to this day & age.Their fees are high,have 2 do direct dep AND a bill payment to get 0 fees.Use to be cheap or free.I want to change but its such a pain.Meanwhile I just complain lol Emailing to cust service was a nice feature & used it often but no more.Calling is to an 800 number not a direct bank.I have overdraft but they now charge 10bucks to transfer $. Really? Use to be automatic.Dont bank with them.


Poor customer service

Not happy at all with the customer service. We are planning to close the account.


Citibank won’t resolve fraud

Beware if you have an Amex card (from Citibank) and any fraud occurs. This issue has been going on since April and it’s now October. Someone charged several things on our card. Citibank did not catch it for a long time, so the charges accumulated. We also had fraudulent charges on a Visa which they caught and resolved after the second fraudulent charge. Unlike Visa, American Express did not catch the charges until several were made. When they finally caught it, they called and asked us to indicate which charges were fraudulent, in writing, which we did. Still, no resolution for months, even after numerous phone calls to customer service. In the meantime, they have charged us late fees on items we did not charge on the card and have reported us to the credit bureaus. All this after we were assured on the phone that they would not do so and would remove the charges. We are now giving up and will pay for items we never charged just to get out of this situation. We will be canceling this account immediately. I will never do ANY business with Amex or Citibank (the card issuer) again!


No regards for a long time Citibank customer

I have been banking with Citibank for about a couple of decades now. Recently, I had to relocate to a different state, and when I sold my house (now I know I made a mistake), I deposited all my proceeds into my Citibank account. However, when I had to wire my fund to an escrow account to close on my new house, I could not send out more than $50K a day - to avoid doing so, I would have to go to a branch office, which is 10 hrs away from my new location. So, I ended up having to wire multiple times paying well over $100 for wire fees. Before I made my first wire, I called the customer service, and an agent told me to contact customer service to see if I would get that wire fee waived. However, when I called in (after all wire transfers were completed), the customer agent was very rude telling me that they are valid charges (like I didn’t know) and wouldn’t even review the case. If the customer agent was nice (and at least try to help me out with the fees) then I probably wouldn’t have mind too much, but the customer service agent just didn’t care - very nice way to treat a Citibank’s long time customer (NOT). With that kind of service, I just don’t see any advantage to banking with Citibank. Even a small local banks have most of the services I need, but much nicer. At least, Wells Fargo or Bank of America has lots of branch offices.

I’ll be cancelling all my accounts, including credit cards, with Citibank.


they send me a letter to ask

I have a checking account at Citibank. I applied for a credit card (secured) . They send me a letter asking a bank statement as a proof of address… from citibank itself.


Long time customer with worst Experience!

I’ve been a customer with citibank for quite a time. When I had an issue with microsoft for charges that were being made for an xbox live account that was no longer in use, i contacted them. This has been going on for several years. So as i contacted my bank as well (citibank) they told me to make a dispute. All I wanted was for the charges to stop, no reimbursement. They kept telling me that my dispute was still under investigation. Then they told me that microsoft wasn’t allowing me to cancel any payments being made. When i spoke to microsoft, i was told that my banking account was removed from any linked microsoft account. So it hit me that a fraud had to be taking place. Not only that, citibank left my account in overdraft and told me to pay back the money.When speaking with customer service, I asked them why would they reimburse me if my account was still under investigation? They told me it was their fault and i needed to pay the money back which i was unaware of. When i asked to speak to a supervisor for the fourth time, they told me there were absolutely nothing that they can do and was very rude to me. I am leaving them and taking my services else where. customers should not be treated as such.


Very unsatisfactied

The worst bank to borrow from! They don’t even give you the time of day! They make it sound easy and then you get denied!


Horrible customer service

I applied and was approved to this card through American Airlines. I was able to book my flight with a temporary number that they provide you after you get approved at that point I was actually surprised, however after I received my on the mail I attempt it to use it at a gas station as AA offer 2x miles for those type of transactions my card got declined!!! After logging into my online account, I had a message stating that the card was flagged for fraud, seriously fraud at the first transaction!!!, I went ahead and called Fraud Department and their only way that they can verify my identity is if I give them my personal bank account number or debit card number!!! That is ridiculous I have many banks and I have never had to give other bank account to verify my identity. Matter fact one of my other cc got flagged this morning and I was able to get verify with a text and some personal info questions, long history short my card has been locked since a week ago now and I keep waiting for a “letter” that could take up to 10 days to arrive. I assume that this will be like that forever so as soon as I get the card unlocked I will be paying the flight balance and closing the account.


Beware of scam artist.

Citi is the worst. I was offered a settlement to which I paid. 2 months later they are telling me that I am behind on payments and I owe them more money. When I tried calling customer service they direct me to the recovery office. If I wanted to talk to recovery that is who I would have called. Not to mention you never speak with an office that is in America but an office across the world. They refused to tell me anything about my account and told me to fax in a dispute letter. How am I going to write a dispute letter if I don’t even know whats going on with my account. After finally getting a hold of someone in America a couple of days later they report to the credit bureau that I was charged off with bad debt. I want to know how when I wasn’t even able to speak to anyone about my account and 2 months ago I was settled. All they want is more money and I wish I would have never gone with Citi. If you value your money and credit score please stay away at all cost.


Worst customer service ever!!

Horrible branch locations and customer service is the worst. I don’t recommend this bank to anyone