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Un-helpfull in every way

At Citi everyone seams to be able to use my money except for myself.

  1. 8 frauds over 12 months, even without using the debt cards in question! Last time I got 7 charges over 30 min in a restaurant chain in another state and that looked normal to Citibank.
  2. My account is constantly blocked even when I try to so minor transactions, this doesn’t look normal to Citibank.
  3. Wires are a nightmare. Getting error trying to transfer from Citi to Citi and no one at Citi can help. They even suggested transferring to an account in another bank (!)


Citibank is dysfunctional

Citibank is dysfunctional. As a new resident in the country, they gave me hard time opening an account and when they did, they rejected my secure card application. My friends went with other banks and did have any of the issues I faced when dealing with citi. Their internet banking looks like something from the 90s.


Bad service

Can’t halp for transfer your money from same bank


Poor customer service on phone.

Representatives on phone are not able to answer general or specific questions. After giving all the information I’m asked & thinking transaction completed, receive letter stating not enough information a week later. Happened 3 times about different situations.


Shylocks believe it

Horrible service


Deceptive Practices

Citi bank, advertises this amazing deal for their Simplicity credit card but they leave out the part that you better have beyond excellent credit, make over 6 figures, and have no other credit cards. The guidelines,are ridiculous! I was told today that long gevity with their company (29 yrs for me), plays absolutely no consideration at all. After 29 years with them, excellent credit, excellent payment history, another credit card with their bank (Diamond Preferred) with an $18k limit and zero balance … their underwriter gave me $3K limit. What a joke. A month prior to this, Chase Visa offered me a $10K credit line & I have never done business with them before (I closed the account, because the simplicity sounded amazing). Citi makes you jump through hoops to get this card/deal. First you apply, what a nightmare. All foreign representatives. Communication was difficult. I finally gave up & applied on-line. Then you receive an email from them requesting additional info. Then you find out your approval/limit. They come in with a small amount, regardless of how good you look on paper (credit rating, excellent payment payment history with them, great job/salary) all means nothing to them. I was told I had too much credit. Seriously? Well, 18k credit line is on their diamond preferred card. I never asked for that high limit. It’s at a ZERO balance right now, along with my other credit cards, except one $5K. I was going to take advantage of the Simplicity deal and do a balance transfer. So, I asked for Citi to lower my credit on this card and allow me to have $3K more on the new simplicity card. I was told NO by the assistant of the President of Citibank.

The only way to get a credit increase is to give permission for Citi to do a 2nd “HARDPULL” credit report, which will hurt my credit score and stay on the record for a minimum of 2 years! Now why would a credit card company deliberately hurt someone’S credit? That’s 2 credit dings, in a 3 wk span. That is unacceptable. Had the underwriter did his job correctly the first time, there would be no need for all this. Well, no thank you. I like my good credit and will not allow Citibank to lower my score, especially with NO guarantees that they will increase it. I closed the account.
This lady/Asst. to the President, refused to have someone review the underwriters work to determine if a mistake was made and make all too clear in the way she spoke to me that i was not valued as a customer. Especially, a 29 year customer!! Then I realized that it’s a scam. They bring you in at a very lower credit line just to get you as a customer. They offer other “so called” benefits to this card but it seemed to me like it was just a way to solicit you for other offers.
Citibank deliberately misleads ppl without telling them that they better have beyond terrific credit & salary or forget a decent credit line. NOT WORTH THE HIT ON MY CREDIT AND I REGRET GIVING A COMPANY 29 YEARS OF MY BUSINESS, WITH NO LOYALTY IN RETURN! Spare yourself the dings on your credit and the aggervation of dealing with this company. Years ago they were exceptional with customer service. Those days are gone!!


Poor application process

I tried to open a checking account online because they have free ATM use in Mexico where I plan to spend the winter. I have excellent credit, $120,000 in liquid assets and a net worth of around 1 million Dollars. I got denied. I was told to find out why I would have to wait for the denial letter then get my credit report (which had nothing derogatory on it). When I called back I was told I had to get my ChexSystems report. It also had nothing derogatory so I called Citibank back again. I was this time told they couldn’t tell me why I was denied and that I should make a new application. The customer service reps were rude and not in the least helpful. I got a different answer each time I called. I finally got a Charles Swab checking account which was even better as it has worldwide free ATM use. So thank you Citibank for not wanting my business.


Horrible Customer Service and deceptive practices

I signed up for the Best Buy Credit card because I shop a lot there. Using it perfectly fine for over a year and all of a sudden was told they closed my account. I went to sign up again and was denied. Spoke to three departments and not one could give me a straight answer. The first lady I talked to kept saying she didn’t know anything at this point I got mad and said well what do you know. I actually considered opening a checking account with them but after some more research I decided against it. Just say no to Citibank


Outsourced firm

When your late on payments when there are no jobs during the recession- they did manage to hire people in India to yell daily and verbally Harass US citizens and continued to charge interest in you credit cards cause they knew they would profit in the long run. It’s 2017 and I’m still in debt with no life.


Worst service

Worst customer service. They need every information even when the person has been filling for lost n stolen.
Worst service in the delivery of the card. I literally got my lost n stolen card replacement after 20 days.
For these 20 days my checking online account was blocked. How am i supposed to transfer my money to any other account which i m accessible to.
Worst experience over all.
I am the current customer but want to get rid of it.


Inefficient and misleading Customer Service Representatives

When I got this offer from Citi bank, I had an access account with Citi Bank. I called and got it verified that I qualify for this offer. I made all the deposits, verified once again that I fulfilled all the criteria to get the $300 bonus.
I waited for 3 months like they told. When I didn’t get the bonus, I was told to wait for few days. Nothing happened. When I called again, I was told that I didn’t qualify for this offer because I already had an access account! That’s exactly the question I had asked all those customer service representatives multiple times, and I was told I still qualify. I pursued my complaint for weeks and they continued with their newly found ‘not qualified’ statement.
Bottom line - They lied to me to get my funds idle for months and made me waste my time on so many calls and emails. I got nothing from this bank and I closed my account.


Citibank Rides your Money Like A Horse

I am extremely disappointed with Citibank. They control your money to the point that they don’t allow you to use it when you need it. You deposit a check and they ride on your funds like a horse for many days and guess what you have no access to it. I do not recommend Citibank.



I got this card because they gave me a deal. I agreed to get my statements on line and I have only had the card for a few months and just started using it. then I get an email this month saying I was late on a payment I called and told them I did not get a statement last month would they take a late fee off and they told me no even if this ways the only time it was late. Bad business. This is the only credit card I know them would not refund on the first time. Well I told them to shove it where the sun don’t shine and I won’t use it any more. Hope they enjoy their 25.00 because they won’t get any more of my money.


SUCKS, choose another card!!!

been on hold for 13:26 minutes and still on hold. Paid off my account completely on 11-20-17. Now I’m getting a statement for 4.95 and have no idea why, cant get a human on the phone to find out. Sure glad I cut my card up. Too many other choices nowdays with at least a little customer service. Guess they don’t check this site our reviews are not good at all


Lack efficiency

Citibank as far as am concerned is the worst place to bank. Poor customer service, high interest rates, and the literary mess up with your bank statement to cause you insufficient fund that will lead to unnecessary overdraft fees. My experienced with citibank is a horrible one. My advice to anyone that will take me serious, dont bank with citibank. Look for other better banks. Citibank, is not the bank. Am going right to the bank to close my accounts and my children custodian accounts. Am going to stick with MCU. CITIBANK SUCKS!!! ITS real.


Still waiting for bonus

Opened an account with the idea that I would receive a bonus after having the account open for 3 months. I didn’t receive the bonus. I contacted CIT to ask about the bonus. I was told that they had 45 days after the 3 month period to credit the account. I still haven’t seen the bonus it has now been 35 days. In 45 days I will be transferring my funds to Ally or Purepoint. I have had very positive experiences with both of these banks. Purepoint is at 1.4% on their savings and Ally is now offering a no penalty cd at 1.75%





What the???

-applied for credit card
-before even recieving the card or activating it was contact by their fraud department about unusal activity???
-went to install their app to activate the card but had to give them permission to MAKE AND MANAGE phone calls on my phone??? (That didn’t happen…)
-called to activate the card only to be told my primary number for over 20 years didn’t work in their text system, either did my work number, both of which was on the application and I was calling from my primary phone.
-Asked for my bank of record and last 4 of a account only to find out that they wouldn’t participate in their verification process…No surprise there…

They’re security is so tight that new customers can’t get their accounts activated…I give up and will find someone who wants my business…


Excellent costumer service

If for any reason you have a major change in your life that is out of your control and you can not longer pay Not even the minimum amount even if you really want too with all your heart and soul. DON’T EVER EXPECT FOR CITI BANK TO SETTLE YOUR ACCOUNT FOR ANY AMOUNT !!! AND if for some reason they agree to settle they still expect you to make a Big payment plan which you can’t afford. So it will leave you still in the same situation specially if you were not the primary earner of the family.

CITI BANK WILL MAKE THIS ACCOUNT TO GO INTO DEFAULT AND SELL IT TO THEIR THIRD PARTY AGENCY WHO IS CALLED "COVENTRY(nasty collection agency) who will buy your balance for pennies) and they will turn around and harrase you asking for the total balance that you own to CITI doesn’t matter if its 5.00 or 1000’s of Dollars . And if for some reason your life goes sour and you can’t make enough money to pay . This nasty agency will then will put a Law Suite Against you and rather make you Die .

I was a costumer for almost 30 years with Excelllent credit and CITI always sent me letter how they apreciated me being a costumer. I would charge my account for 1000’s of dollars and sometimes i will charge 60k on my account and PAID IT OFF ON TIME !!! Never late !!! and if i did was over looked accidently but always paid it off , many, many, times.

So CITI bank is a BS creditor who doesn’t even care about their costumers regardless of how excellent borrower you are.

Go and apply with Chase & Discover card. Even thought people might think is not a good company . Well let me tell you my personal experience. When my life turned around unexpectedly and out of my control this two companies they settled of what I could afford to pay them and i was able to rebuild my credit.


Designed for Bankers

Citibank has eliminated any form of email support, instead, live chat is the flavor of the moment. And waiting is the aftertaste. Citi has all of the bells and whistles you could want, and you’ll pay for them too. As an international customer, Citi gouges you to wire transfer money, literally for hundreds of dollars more than other banks. This, plus their pathetically low interest rates, ever disappearing customer service, etc., makes Citi a bad choice. The only place they are good is in their international presence, but again, their prices gouge for the privilege of using their bank.