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good service.

This bank knows how to do business, so unlike Synchrony


Costumer service is so bad

This bank is the most dishonest.


Dante’s Inferno

I have been getting the runaround since Dec regarding one of my Citibank credit card accounts. I made an in-store payment on my card and basically they can’t tell me what they did with 1356.00 of my money (which has cleared the bank) but which they did not apply to my account. I have been in weekly communication with them and get told something different on each call. In the meantime I get their robocalls telling me I am late on my payment and they are attempting to collect a payment. The 1356.00 paid off my account in full. The individuals I’ve spoken to have been polite but the Citibank process - or lack thereof - has been a nightmare. I feel like I’m walking through every level of Dante’s Inferno - where I should not even be - with no end in sight.



I think it’s total bs that if your card is stolen or lost you have no access to you online banking. This makes no sense! whats the point of online banking then? I have to friggin call every time I need to check something on my account and the wait time lately has been over 30 minutes. I lost my card once before and I could still access my account but now things have change up. seriously considering changing banks.



I love the service that I receive when I go into specific branches but hate going into most. They are nice when you call in but the way citi bank is run is less then desired.
I did a bill pay and didn’t deposit that check right away and so they took the liberty of cancelling my check without any notification. So when I deposited it into my other bank, it bounced and I got a fee. Now when I try to resolve it they can not do anything even though they were the ones who did the stop payment within the same month that I had the check sent.
I am planning on switching banks and will never refer anyone else to them since they have no actual respect for their customers who keep them in business.


Very poor

Very poor customer service payed $30 for my card to be overnighted but then they tell me this will take up to 7 days before they send if they overnight but could send it out tomorrow through regular mail that sounds like a complete scam to me


The worst bank to hire for your banking service. The bank is only good till account opening and after that you experience inefficiencies from all of their departments. Look elsewhere if you are looking for good service. This one is a bad choice.

I applied for a credit card and after a long wait and unnecessary processing got a response that my card is denied. I contacted the branch and informed it is not. I m approved. I received it in the mail. Called on helpline to get it activated after one hour on hold. Started using the card and paid before time as it is my first time using a credit card. I used the same routing no and bank account I initially got my account opened with. Went back to citi branch at Roosevelt avenue 80th street jackson height and the staff misguided me to try making a payment through the phone. After several visits to citi bank and no resolution I went to chase to resolve mystery of return cheques and they guided me to setup auto debt with citi bank credit card. I checked it on citi mobile app that now the outstanding is clear before due date. After a week I tried using the card but got declined. After calling clueless customer service I got hold of their expert who told me they canceled it. I went back to the branch and a banker told me now your credit score 'll be down open a checking and fix deposit with us to borrow loan and build up credit score.


Worst customer service…

I called Citibank customer service to inform that my card is not working, they asked for my name, last 4 digit of my ssn and phone number to leave a code, I gave my number and they asked for another number, I said I am near the atm alone , I don’t have another number , so they I can’t help you without another number. I continuesly called 5 times, all said the same. Finally I had to beg another person’s phone to get help from Citibank, then I called back to Citibank and she asked the same questions then I gave 2 phone numbers, then she said sorry I need a landline number which is registered under my name.
Finally I was not helped. I have money in my account but I was not able to take it.
Does Citibank want us to beg from others for hand phones and landlines.

Still am no been helped


Citi bank are Theives

I deposited $150.00 into my citi Checking account that was opened 12/13/18 per citi banking app on 1/24 via Zelle at the same time a payment of $35 was suppose to go to Discover but it never got there. I called Citi Bank on Sunday 1/28 inquiring on what happened to my money once I saw a NSF fee of $34.00 hit my account spoke with two different reps when the first one couldn’t understand what I was talking about and adsured me there is no missing money I requested a supervisior who informed me that money was infact missing and Citi bank was not paying Discover. I was told on 1/28 by a manager that the missing money would be refunded to me on Monday morning which is a lie for when the money did not hit my account on Monday 1/29 morning I called back to Citi Bank who advisded me that the money maybe returned sometime on Monday 1/29 but it may also go away since Discover tried again for pull the funds on 1/26 and since the $35 was still missing it too is begining sent back to discover for NSF. Even though manager from 1/28 call said I would not get another NSF charge. Now I’m fighting citi bank over $35 they already shorted my account an additional $1 they are theives and should not be trusted. Bottom line of the date and time of this submission I have yet to receive my missing money.


A horrible institution

Inept, is their byword. If one is scammed to avert responsibility they claim they will open an investigation then they say they are not responsible No investigation is undertaken. I feel bad for Costco who aligned themselves with this bunch of amateurs.

Will celebrate when six of us tear up their cards



I just deeply regret opening an account with CitiBank. What the hell was I thinking ? All that I wanted was peace of mind and instead i got this huge headache upon my head . They took 3 days to clear a check that I deposited , detail ; check was from Citibank, finally when the check was clear , here I am shopping and all the suddenly my card stopped working . I called the bank , at 8 pm and they said there’s a hold in my account , and I have to wait 48 hours to be cleared . Really . After waiting several minutes on hold to speak to supervisor or manager , he said that I still can go on a branch and get some cash but not untill tomorrow .
God , I just wanted to have peace o mind , but instead I’m m loosing my sleep with this bank .



Worst customer experience I have ever experienced. Every single time I try to call them, it takes at least 20 minutes to even get a hold of someone. The system they have for calling is absolutely ridiculous. I have never seen anything so stupid in my entire life. Citibank, if you are reading this I want you to know that I utterly hate you and I truly didn’t know that bank could be so horribly stupid. You really need to change your system because you truly suck.


Such a disgusting Bank I have ever used .I will not recommend any one to open account with citi bank … So poor customer service, waiting time more then half an hour to get someone .

Customer Service so poor. Citi bank should invest more money to get customer satisfaction. Citi bank should train their customer service associate so that they can meet customer inquiries …


Never get an account

This is the worst bank i have ever delt with!!! Someone hacked my account months ago and they decided to close my account with my payroll check in it and said they were mailing a check with the remainder amount in my account. I still have not recieved my money!!! Everytime i call they have the same excuse the check got returned back to them. Then they said they were sending it ups expedited and i would get it in 2 to 3 days and still never recieved it or a tracking number. I am in the process of filing a lawsuit please please dont use this bank!!!



If you want inconvenient service, getting your account blocked for trying to complete a transaction you have done every single month for the past year, and not being able to get a hold of anyone competent to resolve your issue, then this bank is for you!
Seriously though, cannot wait to go to the bank tomorrow and close my account.


bad baking experience

I opened an account one month ago and then tried to route money into this account but to no avail. I called at least 5 times and every time the information is different. At one time, a representative helped me to get the money in and told me that it would be done in 48 hours but nothing happened after 6 days. The next time I called, another representative told me that they could not do that over the phone and nothing she could do to help. It is very frustrated in talking to these representative, it seems like that they don’t even know their own policy. Do not waste your time for this bank.


Zero response

Citibank’s was the poorest bank I ever use did you believe that they blocked my account for only updates information and they didn’t backed to me they took this stupid action after more then 6 years form me used the same account and I called them several times although I was a gold member
My recommendation for everyone never thing to open account with this bank and I have all documents to prove


Zero stars

The worst customer service ever and analysts team work they lost a lot of customers zero recommend to anyone


Bunch of thieves and liars

This is the the third time this week I have a negative balance.Citibank postponed my payment on my phone bill,twice that they had to follow up with me in order for me to find out the payment bounced,and when it did the money was not sent back to my account.And the people in their call center had the audacity to act like I didn’t manage my funds properly! I will be terminating my relationship with them they are not making my life any easier.


citibank worst bank ever

I saw $300 promotion offer, anyway I was looking for an account, I applied online. After entering all data they said they need some documents from me. The online letter is very confusing with so many grammatical mistakes.
Before I sent a letter they sent me a letter with account number and said its open. I thought I don’t need to send any document they didn’t mention anything in the mail regarding pending docs.
Then after 5-7 days they sent another email letter saying account is “pending to open”. I called them they said account is already open but they will not send atm before I send those docs.
I sent all the docs and then, I had to follow up for next step. They finally sent atm and asking me to go online, I went there and its asking PIN. There is nothing written in the ATM letter about PIN. Again I called them up and they said PIN comes separately. oh really!!! you could mention all this in the letter. it is so much that every step I have to call them.
Finally PIN came and I activated card and then try to register online. Then it says its not matching information almost 10 try and called them they said ATM wasn’t activated which I did on phone and confirmed activation on phone.
It finally went to next step it shows if I want to use existing user name of my costco citi credit card, I took the option and not takig it, I called them and she said I have to create new credential it cannot be mapped with that user name… really you only give option and then explain. I was tired with citi bank by now. They do expriment on us. for each and every step you have to call them. no clear instruction for anything. they don’t seem to be professionals.
I requested to close this account, I don’t want to work with this bank. who knows I have to call them for every deposit and withdrawl :wink: