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Worst Support

Worst service and Worst Support…Poor account security, competitive exchange rates.


Customer service is NONEXISTANT!

Good luck even trying to get them to answer the phone.


Go Away

Worst customer service support.
No answers whatsoever.
Closed my perfectly-managed accounts with NO single reason?
Just say that the account manager is located in INDIA? and they blindly follow his automatic order of account closure without any review or feedback.
I opened an account with them against the advice of many of my family members and close friends (NOT to deal with Citi).
Strongly NOT recommended bank to have a relationship with.


Customer service from Philippines

Rep spoke very good English as did her supervisor and even I could understand them both. But they didn’t understand the concepts of what I was asking for…neither one of them. 50 minutes for what should have been a 10 minute conversation.


Exactly all the banks are cheating that why customers screwing them . They are group of thieves. They need to change the name to “Shiti bank !


May god will make them bankrupt soon
They already closed few branches in Europe and now here soon they will disappear!