Collection amount not correct

Collection amount not correct
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I had a bank send a past due bills to a collection company about one year ago. There was a payment to the bank of $100.00 (sent from my driving with Uber to the old account ) by accident to my old account the bank sent to collections. Since I have the account in collections the balance is now different because of the $100.00 payment the bank will not refund to me. Can I dispute the balance on my credit report because the outstanding balance is not correct and I have proof the bank received the payment?


Welcome to the community, @rcbrellc. It’s unfortunate, but even small collections can cause your credit scores to tank, depending on what version of the scoring formula is being used. We tell people not to let disputes go to collections if they can possibly avoid it – it’s often better (if more hassle) to pay under protest and then file a small claims court case. It doesn’t sound like you got much if any notice this was happening, though.

Collectors will add fees and interest to the face value of any debt they buy (for which they typically pay pennies on the dollar, by the way). You can try disputing it to see if the collector simply won’t bother to respond, in which case it will be removed. If that doesn’t work, you could try offering to settle the debt in exchange for having it removed (technically, the collector stops reporting it). This pay-for-delete approach doesn’t work that often, but it’s worth a shot.