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Connexus Credit Union
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I have had a checking and savings account with Connexus for over 4 years and to this day the only thing they do is take. The bank opens checking and savings accounts for customers around the country using online services. However, when it comes to providing loans, credit,credit cards,mortgage, they absolutely will NOT give anyone who is not a LOCAL Wisconsin customer a drop of financing or support. I have had a 100% perfect rating and account with them the whole 4 years and to this day the only thing they give is attitude. I have high credit lines with 2 Banks and Discover, yet still this bank does nothing for me. I put in wire deposits EVERY DAY and when I realized an important payment was accidentally processed and would overwrite my account by a small amount, I was told we will NEVER cover you, because you don’t have a regular job. No, I just own a business, and deposit more money than a regular job. I would say it is all due to unprofessional jealous women, but the crux of the complete lack of business cooperation and ethics is this : Connexus has a polar opposite ratio of receiving and lending compared to the rest of the country. They will be happy to take in your money to LOAN ONLY TO THEIR LOCAL FAMILIES. You will NEVER do anything but be the backing for the loans to the preferred customers in their Wisconsin town. Their lending ratio is one of the LOWEST in the nation. Meaning…they refuse to lend. It simply appears that due to the handful of mutli million dollar loans that have been given out to certain local families with everyone out of states money, that they devised an amazing gimmick of a bank. To use the rest of the country and even some of their locals to finance & be the backing to ensure wealth to a handful of their founding family members. I am leaving this bank after almost 5 years. Users.


Why bother being used to finance their local customers

This bank advertises for nationwide online customers, but will treat you like garbage if you are not a local customer. The only purpose they USE customers from around the country is to use them to finance their local lending. They are 100 useless. Any other bank is better,


Really great checking and cd rates!

They have the highest rates for checking account and share certificates of deposit in the country. They also have a fantastic app with tons of features, and customer service has always been great.



Everything seems to be going good.


Excellent Credit Union!!!

I don’t live near a branch but they make it sooo easy to become a member, and now my checking account earns me the highest returns in the country.
Their phone app has tons of great features and is always coming out with new updates. I especially enjoy their Person to Person payment feature inside the App which makes it super quick and easy to send money to anyone using just their phone # or email. I use it all the time and it always comes in handy, plus it keeps a record of who I’m paying.
I also like the fact that I can always call in and get a real human on the phone. They are always nice and polite and help me out with what ever I need.
I would recommend Connexus Credit Union to anyone, regardless of where you live.


RUN!! Do Business Elsewhere

Do not do business with Connexus.
Connexus messed up processing loan and messed up the social security number. Overcharged on interest and Connexus will not provide an answer.
Do NOT do business here.


TERRIBLE!! Do not do business with!

Will not respond to inquiries on statement errors. Will not adjust overcharged interest. Cannot explain legally why the additional charges.
Apparently ALL Connexus customers were double charged on interest during the hurricane because there wasn’t any Connexus staff to process payments.


They Straight To your Face

This company along with aqua finance is the two most fraudulent companies that I have ever dealt with. We were on hard times. Which is totall our fault. Over Christmas they lied and lied thier asses off to get us to scrap up the money and promised they would put a lien on our house which they had already done. But they kept living about every thing even the supervisors for thier customer service people. They are crooks and have no compassion and are completely incompetent about giving information which is due to you about your acccount. Stay away. Run!!!



After 6+ years as a loyal customer, I was APPAULED by the way I was treated by customer service. I was told they would not even be willing to research an ERROR THEY MADE to my account because it was older than 90 days. I was then told if I wanted them to look into it further, I would incur a RESEARCH FEE. This bank is a joke. They lured me into this checking account with an interest rate that has steadily dropped over the past few years. The terms for ATM fee reimbursement are complex and designed to screw you over when you come up short at the end of the month. EXTREMELY LIMITED NO-FEE ATMS AND BRANCHES. The online banking system is pathetic, constant updates and down time, all for a product that is inferior to other leading banks. I could not be more dissapointed with the way this bank has treated me. I will be moving to a bank that ACTS WITH INTEGRITY.


Poor service

Many hoops to jump through before you can get any help with questions.


Treated like a number!

I had a long relationship with a local CU that i was very happy with! Connexus performed a hostile takkeover by buying up the majority shares of my local CU! I was forced into Connexus because I had an existing loan. Today marks the day i finally paid off my loan and can dump this horrible CU! Poor customer service…and treated like a number. They screw up transactions and then tell you they can’t fix it and that I have to resubmit transactions! Stay Away!