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not what I expected

I got Business Costco CITI, and today I just discovered, that it does not support Apple Pay, and does not provide me with instant purchase notification like AmEx did. It’ll be better to just go with City Double Cash Card and Apple Pay!


Apple Pay yes, customer service no.

I just set up my Costco Citi card for Apple Pay—not a problem, though you have to call them to verify the account. It worked after 2 tries when a robo-voice verified me. My issue is that every time I call I’ve either been told to call back later or I’m on hold for so long I usually give up. In fact, I’m on hold as I type this and have been for over 42 mins. I’m calling about an additional card I requested that never showed up. This is the first credit card that I’ve had such terrible customer service experiences, and that’s really saying something!


Citi customer service was pretty darn good.

I got my Costco Citi Visa card and had destroyed my old Costco AMEX card after paying off the total balance. When I registered my Citi car online it showed new charges and I had not even used it and my AMEX was destroyed… After some research the Citi associate found that the charge was a rental car company that DID NOT confirm I was using a DIFFERENT card for the rental! NOT CITI’s fault at all. Also I just got off the phone with a CITI rep that was especially helpful finding some information on terms that is not currently available on the CITI website. Good basic customer service.


Weeks & Still

Been over 2 weeks and still NO replacement card. The wife got hers but mine was not there. They told me that they would have to get me a new one and send it overnight. Call this weekend about it and said that it was on it’s way 7-10 days from sat. umm not sure it this is going to work out. Been lied to 3 different times we will see.


Worst customer service ever

I tried to figure out why American express statement went into citi bank account - Since I did not receive american express statement at all. Late fee charged. It took me 15 mins to get somebody to answer the phone. I tried to get it clarified but the person hang up the phone with no reason. I called again, and waited for 25 mins …no answer yet. With such bad customer service, I am not surprised that Citibank goes such bad in business in these years.


Card promised 3 times

I have excellent credit but have 2 addresses. Naturally, Citi sent the cards to the wrong one, and couldn’t be forwarded. I called and gave them the correct address. Citi said they would send another. I called again after 2 weeks and again they promised delivery. This time my wife received hers but I only received a welcoming letter–no card. When my wife went to activate her card on line, it kept saying information was wrong or missing.

I called again and asked for a supervisor this time. She said the card was not deliverable so the account was closed. Now I have to start all over again and open a new account.

Each phone call is 15 to 30 min on hold plus going through the whole thing again. What a nightmare! I certainly expected much better from Costco.



I could not get through to a live operator at citi.I called at least a dozen times and over 5 hours of my time just waiting and sitting on the phone with no one ever picking up.I gave up.I was calling for a new credit card ,because the card they sent me I cant use at costco,because they didn’t put my correct member number on there.If your card is lost or stolen or you want to dispute a charge or report an authorized charge on your card,good luck calling them.You might end up luck me when you end up calling .They will ask you to put your credit card number and id info thought the automated system and then no one will answer the phone.




My balance was transferred from my AMEX card to CITI/VISA garbage system. I did the online card registration, went to pay for the mere balance of $60, then at the setup the payment I got this message
"You are unable to complete this task for this card. Please call the number on the back of your card for assistance." I want to make a payment, and go back to my crazily busy life, and being on the phone on hold for almost ONE HOUR while I decide to write this review.
They have a bunch of employee that when you're able to understand their accent they don't know what to do transferring your call to multiple departments.
I have business to run, and don't have time for this kind of stupidity...Calling COSTCO TO PAY THE REMAING BALANCE AND CANCEL THIS CREDIT JOKE CARD.


Pitiful customer service - Venting, so beware!

Like several other reviewers, I’ve had nothing but trouble in contacting a Citi representative. After receiving my Citi Costco card, I logged in to activate the card. I immediately received a message:

We’ve Detected Suspicious Activity

We apologize for any inconvenience, but to protect your account, further charges may be limited until you have contacted our Customer Service Department at 1-855-378-6467 (TTY: 1-866-210-0617).

Fine, I thought. I just received and activated the card. How much suspicious activity could have occurred? So I called the number, and waited, and waited, and waited. Unlike other reviewers who ultimately reached a live person, my hold was abruptly cut off five (5) consecutive times after being on hold anywhere from 36 to 52 minutes.

I’ve had an American Express card for more than 18 years. Thank god it was not a Costco AMEX. I figured I was on hold with Citi Costco for more time in one day than I’ve been on hold cumulatively with AMEX over 18 years. I only got the Citi Costco Visa so I can continue to shop at Costco.

Utterly disappointing. This is the one of the rare times Costco has truly let me down. I realize it’s not entirely Costco’s fault. Still love Costco. Learning to hate Citi. As yet, this issue is still unresolved. Will update (if possible) later.



Have tried calling numerous times only to be on hold for hours. What type of service is being offered here??? COSTCO would never team up with such an organization.


Happy so far

Just got both mine and wife’s card in the mail. It took 2 weeks.
Went to Costco, got gas, no problems. Linked my Costco Visa to my other Citi CC and no problems there either.


Horrible customer service

Finally received the cards. Tried to activate Apple Pay and am on my 9th phone call - about 3 hours on hold. They keep sending me emails “why haven’t you activated Apple Pay”. Why …duh. Answer the phone!


Beware if you travel or just shop!

My experience with this card has been awful and my husband just had the same thing happen to him. I activated my card and finally decided to use it. I made four purchases within a 60 mile radius and on the fifth purchase, my card was declined. Beware if you shop at Target or Walmart because if you do and you spend over $200, they most likely will flag it as a fraud charge and decline your purchase. The sad thing is, I get it. But send me a text immediately like AMEX does so that I can take care of it promptly and go on about my business. My husband travels and made sure to explain to the customer service agent that he may be overseas one week and somewhere other than home domestically the next week. CS representative told him that he would have to call Citi and let them know where he was going to be on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, my husband’s job doesn’t work like that. So my husband went to use his card during a trip, and it was declined both times. Fraud prevention at work again. Great, but again, no immediate text or email from Citi Fraud Prevention (as was relayed to us by their CS department when I had my issue). So here we are, 20 minutes on hold, with no answers and a credit card that is useless because it is now locked until we speak to a live person.


Just called customer service for damage protection

The stuff I damaged is less than $15 and they want pics and proof of damage! AMEX never did that for such a small amount. Disappointed at Costco for subjecting their customers to less service (certainly, it looks better than Amex on paper but in reality, it is not!)



tl;dr - Frustratingly long CS wait time, fraud detection after first use, Apply pay doesn't work, CS rep has no idea what's going on and the account was closed without informing us.

Wife and I signed up for this card as a new account (not transferred from AMEX) and received our cards in the mail in less than 2 weeks. So far so good and then things just starting going wrong...

1) My wife was not able to her card to Apple Pay even though it worked for my card. The CS rep simply told her that the account phone number didn't match and couldn't authorize her and offered no solution. She's the primary account holder too.
2) Received a letter in the mail indicating suspicious activity after using the card online for the first time. They couldn't text or call us? We called in (super long wait) and the fraud department rep couldn't see anything wrong. But we we log in online, we get a message about suspicious transaction.
3) Card was declined at the costco gas station near our home. Customer Service hotline was impossible to reach.
4) Finally reached CS the next day and the person simply told me that our account is closed and they will PROBABLY need to reach out to us via phone or mail. Basically it was like "Yeah sorry your card doesn't work right now and we don't know what's going on. Mmm K? Now if you'll excuse me, I've got many other customer calls to take right now"

I just don't get it... I have their other card, Citi Double Cash and had none of these problems. Get your s**t together Citi!


Still NO Card After Almost Two Months And Counting

Approved in early June, received a letter in late June stating i should’ve already received my card (and I haven’t yet), called July 15 to ask for whereabouts of card and was told it should come in 5-10 business days. After 5-10 business days, still no card and I called again. This time, on July 25, was told they will expedite and I should receive by July 29. July 29 came and went, nothing again. Called on August 1, was again told I will have it by August 4. Today is August 3 and I called to confirm if indeed the card is on its way…wait for it…once again, was told the card has not been sent. Been a Citi customer for over 20 years and I am outraged! I GIVE UP :frowning:


Wow…so bad

I dont do reviews…I have to…worst ever customer service by citi/visa…attitude… they do have, and because they sent back my payment and I was trying to fix it so it doesn happen again…I didnt know citi is this bad!!!


Misleading title – NOT "Anywhere!"

Contrary to the "Costco Anywhere Visa..." name, this card is NOT good just anywhere. In fact, it's not even good at Costco stores in Canada and I suspect in other countries as well. Costco in Canada went with a Mastercard agreement, and they don't accept the Costco Visa cards, and vice versa. The AMEX card was good in that respect - we used ours in Canada, the UK, and Australia as well as in the US, no problem. Now Costco stores in other countries don't even accept their company's credit cards! BS!!! COSTCO, GET THIS FIXED! We also had a problem when our AMEX account was transferred to Citi. Our first Citi bill was for charges to our AMEX card but neither AMEX nor Citi could give us an itemized list of the charges. The records at AMEX just vanished, and Citi didn't provide them on request.


gave it a chance, but transition was terrible

Wasn’t too crazy about having yet another card transform from something else into a Visa card. But I had been a Costco Amex holder for over a decade and decided to give it a shot. Received the new cards, no problem. Vaguely recalled Citi letter saying something to the effect of – if you have auto pay, that will continue, so don’t worry about it; transition to new card will be seamless. THEN when I got the very first bill, it contained late charges and interest, even though HOW could it be late when I had never gotten a bill from them before? They were willing to reverse the charges, but it was a hassle I wasn’t anticipating. Plus, when I asked about the annual fee (not the Costco membership fee), he told me it was $65/year. I see on this site that it is supposedly a no-fee card, so I don’t understand why they told me otherwise. I decided to cancel when they told me there was a fee. Guess they didn’t want my business, after all.