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Costco Anywhere Visa Card Review | Nerd Wallet
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30 minute wait time on hold for customer service

Costco please go back to Amex!


Dispute closed without investigation

I went on vacation with family to Cancun, Mexico in the last week of June 2016. I tried to use my Costco Citi Card to purchase a tour, but my card was declined. So, I paid for my tour by cash. To my surprise when I received my statement, my card was charged. I immediately disputed the transaction online. Nothing happened, so called Citi CS. After half an hour of waiting, got a chance to speak with CS rep. He told me that I should receive a letter in mail to which I should answer and based on the my reply Citi would conduct an investigation on the transaction. Promptly I replied with whatever info I had, and after a week, I received a message that the investigation is closed as there is no sufficient information. Citi sucks. Amex CS and dispute resolution was way better than Citi.


WORST Customer Service

Worst ever customer service. They keep the card on hold for no reason and had to wait 45 minutes to get a rep’s help who has no idea what’s again


Using this card overseas

In case you thing that the 3%-4% rebate on restaurants, gas and "travel related’ is attractive, think again !

Citi charger you 3% 'Foreign Transaction fees on all purchases which negated your rebate.

I own another Citi card (AA) and no fee there. Same with Amex - none !

I also had a bad exp with customer service (similar to other comments here) with very long HOLD times.


Worst Online payment

My July’s online auto-payment didn’t go thru because of their system, they sent me a notice 5 days later & charged $25 late fee. Called & got that $25 removed. CSR manually handled the online payment for July and confirmed everything is good. Here come the August payment. The online auto-payment didn’t go thru again, and they charged me $25 late fee again. Never had any issue to AMEX Costo, Capital One Visa or Chase Visa. Will NOT be using Citi Visa ever again.


Disputes are being managed in the worst manner with this costco citi visa card

I called and disputed a charge of $100. I didn’t authorize the charge. Nothing happened. I called again and spoke to a manager. She said she is giving temporary credit and that I would see in a day but that didn’t happen either. Now I see another charge for $100 from the same merchant. This is ridiculous. All other things are fine but $200 of unauthorized charges and the way they are handling it is making me hate it!!


Dispute Problem

They did not stand customer side.

Only listen merchant side.
AMEX is much much better…


Disputed charges were in favor of fraudulent company

We rented a car from a horrible rental car company. We showed up and were told we would have to wait over 2 hours to actually get the car we had paid to reserve. The problem was that we were on vacation and had other events that we had paid for and committed to. Rather than waiting for over 2 hours, we walked over to another car rental and drove out with a rental in less than 10 minutes. We called the first car rental who continuously hung up the phone on us. We finally called Costco Citi to dispute the charge on the credit card and they said they would investigate. A couple weeks later, we heard back from Citi saying they would not credit us back because the care rental company said we were a “no show”. Not worth the trouble of fighting their findings, but we will never use the new Costco card for any important purchases, or anywhere we need purchase/rental protection. I used my previous Costco Amex everywhere, and customer service and protection was always the reason. Now, I will not even use the new Costco Citi card at Costco and will use my other Visa cards for my purchases instead.


Many fraud attempts

Yes Citi caught them but in about sixty days I have had at least six attempts on my new Citi card(s) and had an attempt on my old Amex card a week after it was “dead”. In all the years I had am Amex Costco card, I never had the first fraud attempt. Was is the Citi card so vulnerable? Anyone else having this problem?


Citi Costco Card is the worst

I hate this card. It’s the worst card that I ever had. If you’re thinking about using this card watch the reward points because citi doesn’t know how to calculate the rewards points. Their customer service wasn’t helpful either. If you want to get rewards from Costco, apply for a Chase freedom card and they will give you 5% from Costco and it’s a significantly better card.


They Lost my 2 of 3 money orders

Thieves!! They lost 2 of my 3 money orders and asked me to show proof??? Luckily, I saved copies. When I sent in the copies, they claim to have not received it and said if my proof is not submitted within 30 days, they will not credit me my $1000. Horrible customer service. WOW!!!


Great for Gas and Groceries

The % back they give you is higher than anyone else. Worth it if you have a costco membership.


Customer service can’t help

I had costco American express for close to 20 years. I got costco city bank cads way ahead of the June 11 cut date, however, I did not activate them and kept using my AMEX. Afterwards, my beloved Amex stopped working.

I called city bank and activated my new card.
I tried to charge my new card, Denied.
Called customer service, they say they sent me welcome letter which was returned to them for wrong address.
Not to worry, we will send a new welcome letter( regular mail which will take 3 weeks)
NO One can expedite this process
Called a dozen of times, until today 9/9/2016
I miss American express, shame on costco for going this route


Great rewards

Haven’t had any problems yet!


But what you don’t know can kill you…

I just checked my 3 statements for rewards… OK- I realize that if you charge gas at a convenience store the listing might confuse them and rewards not awarded. But how does 99 restaurant not get a restaurant reward and Citgo gas not get gas rewards. I called them on it and "they will get back to me. But what if I hadn’t checked. How many other purchases would have been missed and how much money would I not get?

I miss American Express.


My card was swiped by somebody else for thousands dollars.

Should have cancelled this card at the very beginning. But it’s too hard to get to speak with their CSR.


Account opened without my approval

Citi did what Wells Fargo just got caught doing… opened an account for me without my approval!!! They mailed me a card, without me ever asking them to do so (I cancelled my Costco Amex without asking for the new Costco Visa). I ignored te card and then it just showed up on my credit report. They should be in jail!


Bad customer service

I did not really have a choice if I wanted a Costco credit card. I had to say I like the AmEx customer service much better.

To begin, I did not know some of the charges from the AmEx account got transferred to the citi account and the first statement never came. So I got hit with late fee and interest. though they later waived the late fee, but the interest stayed. Hold time for customer service was over 30 minutes when I try to call to setup anto pay. And they refused to do it, said I had to do it online. Now, everyday (4 days so far) I am getting this reminder phone call from a machine telling me that the AmEx auto pay does not automatically transfer over to citi


More Problems Than Any Other Card

I’ve had the worst experience with the Costco City VISA. Can you image getting charged for a returned check on autopay? After entering the routing and account number and it says okay–it didn’t work later because of a missing leading zero. Returned check fee $27! Now a debt validation notice–on a card with a $27,000 credit line and no balance. Personally, I would expect a phone call. Thank goodness Costco now allows the use of any VISA card–it won’t be the Costco one.


Customer Service really poor

My card number was stolen and I went through each charge with the Fraud department. They replaced the card, but did not remove the charges from my account. Oddly, the new card somehow got used for fraudulent charges. After calling many times over 2 months and being moved from department to department, finally they assured me that they didn’t know why it hadn’t happened yet, but they would begin the process of disputing these charges. !