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Costco Anywhere Visa Card Review | Nerd Wallet
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Issue since April 2016

Citi is not owning up to their mistakes when the whole Amex to Citi transition happened. I have had to call them over 8 times and the same issue that is now nearly a year old. And every time I want to actually talk to someone from their investigation department I simply get a letter in the mail on their final decisions!!! I am absolutely furious with Citi–especially since this is my first Citi account with them as well. I WILL NEVER WORK WITH THEM AFTER THIS!!! They are pretty much telling me to bite the bullet on $480!!!

The ONLY benefit is the better rewards with Costco. That’s it!! But if you feel crappy customer service and randomly having to pay an extra $500 is worth the extra Costco rewards then go ahead, sign your life away.


awesome cust service

we had a dispute that we weren’t sure if we did that charge and wanted confirmation on it. they just took care of it and remove the charge. Another time I wanted to chat with someone to ask my apr and Nicholas (our agent) was super fast and helpful. Cant complaint, good so far


Great until it wasn’t

This card was great until it wasn’t. I called in to get it added to my Apple Pay and then it started declining randomly AND Apple Pay didn’t work with it. I called Customer Service to figure out what was going on after I got a $70 parking ticket because the card was stored in my PayByPhone app and declined without notifying me. I waited so many, many minutes on hold while I was shuttled from one customer service team to another. Then I had to spend a half hour with a fraud specialist because they flagged my card for fraud because THEY didn’t set up my Apple Pay correctly. The customer service agent was unsympathetic and kept telling me why my card was having problems in their system, as though that was going to solve anything. The explanation he gave me was that I wasn’t being notified because the phone number on my account was a home number and they can’t text me notifications to a home phone. What? I kept reminding him that 1) the fact that my cell phone number wasn’t listed correctly was THEIR fault and 2) why didn’t anyone call or email me that there was a fraud alert on my card? So then he said that the other reason the card was giving me issues was because the Apple Pay set up was incomplete. I told him that was a problem on their side. The agent that set up the Apple Pay told me it was all set to go and I was NEVER alerted to a problem with it. I also got letters in the mail confirming that it was ready to use. He kept repeating himself that Apple Pay didn’t go through and that’s why there was a fraud alert on my card, as though that was something I had control over. He put me on hold 3 times for several minutes and then said I could submit a complaint to the claims department. After sitting on hold for another several minutes I hung up. I’m closing this account. Good luck if you have one or decide to get one. Don’t depend on any kind of alerts, communications, or service.


So far so good

And I actually have had a good experience with the customer service. I think they were just initially swamped after the transition from the old card.


Bad customer service …Amex was far better

no alerts active so got my payment delayed one day and was charged 44 dollars and customer care is telling they are legally right…why to use such bad cards…I will prefer to use other visa card…Amex was the best


Very good card

It’s basic. Nice that it gives 2% at Costco - that was a surprise when they offered it. Good rate for restaurants too. Gas could be better - I get 5% from PenFed for gas.


Worst Credit card/bank ever

if I could give them minus starts I would, I got my card a couple of weeks after applying for it, unfortunately the card was blocked right away by trying to add it to my Samsung pay app, you know things that you would expect to be a everyday thing on the 21st century, anyway after 6 or 7 calls with customer service they cant even cancel the card unless I provide information like my NSS over mail, I wish I could go back in time and save myself from this, so let this be a warning for anyone reading, if you are looking for a headache and a useless credit card get this one


very bad customer service, very long hold for simple stuff

they need to reach to a supervisor to change bill due date and the hold for a supervisor is very very very very very long, terrible customer service, as a citigold client, I’m very very very disappointed at citibank for offering such terrible service to one of their credit card


Citi Card experience

Worst experience with this Citi Bank after nearly 10 years dealing with Costco, this bank makes my billing experience so miserable makes me to stay away from going back to Costco. shame!



Good card. But I ask for a replacement card. It took about 2 months to have the card on my hands, so can they send a card without verifying your actual mailing address. I called several times they just say your car is on the way. So very disappoint with this customer service. Worst bank ever I use it in my like


closed account

Citi issued us a business card after Amex split, after requesting a change of business name they closed our account, when I called to ask why they closed the account they said it was customer request, I simply requested a change of business name. so they transferred me to open a new account, which I received a letter that it’s been approved but never received cards, after one month I called to inquire to which they said I’ve never applied. customer service is at it’s lowest with citi, I have excellent credit and do not wish to put up with this poor customer service


First time calling Customer Service… Very disappointing…

I have had nothing but problems trying to login with this card. I call them for service and apparently I called the wrong number initially. Another 20 minutes on the phone and I was finally in the right place, but guess what!? Apparently Saturday Nights are for “Weekly Refreshes” that take HOURS not just one or two but upwards of 6 or more… They said they would be happy to assist me at a later time. They told me I would simply need to continue calling back until the problem was fixed. YIPEEE!


The rewards are good. Customer service is terrible

I think the only thing going for this card are the rewards. If you don’t have a credit card with better rewards then this one should save you a lot of money.

But do not expect customer service to be good at all. I call to ask a question and they are very rude. I just expect them to answer the question to their best of their ability without a mean tone or without yelling. Also, it’s annoying when you’re trying to solve an issue and suddenly they start to advertise the benefits of the card. Please don’t tell me the benefits if I never asked. Besides, if I have this card already it means I’m aware of the benefits.

Once I get a better card this one will remain unused. But for now, I just hope I don’t have to call customer service again.


The Penalty of Making a Late Payment

Costco can afford to offer you a generous cash back, when their Citi Visa card can stab you with exorbitant Late Fees + Interest (25%) Charges, when you err and make a Late Payment.


Costco Citi Card

The rewards may be good but the customer service and website are terrible! Citi refuses to help with account errors and pushes the user back to the vendor even when the error is the fault of Citi. We have had to deal with Citi customer service more times in the short time since Costco switched to them then we ever had to in the years that American Express had the card. Transaction reversals are repeatedly left on the account even though the vendor has posted them immediately with Citi saying it’s the vendor’s fault or that they will disappear in 30 days. Their customer service gives conflicting explanations for this, sometimes saying that if it doesn’t disappear then the charge will go through and sometimes saying that the charge will not.


Cash back and great extended warranty protection

The card has already paid for itself with the cash back. I have not used the extended warranty on this card per se, but my dealings with a Cit Amex (same extended warranty policy) was really great. My wife’s Fitbit charge failed and they do not offer a repair service. The only option was to buy it again and Citi completely covered it after I documented everything. About 20 minutes work to pay for a $120+ item.


Great card with great customer service

The rewards are great. When I pay for my cruises and airlines and get 3%, that is great. So I have to wait until February. Big deal. The website for the card made a mistake when I changed the payment account and they offered to pay all fees and gave a $25 discount for my troubles.


great rewards, even better customer service

was able to get a hold of citi easily when fraudulent transactions appeared on my account, the rep was beyond nice and resolved my issues almost instantly. reward structure is great, and who doesnt love shopping at costco to redeem your massive check ;D


Citi card customer support & Website - Not Competitive

Citi card customer support and Website account management is not competitive with other major cards.


I want my AmEx back

My card gets randomly flagged for fraud a few times a month. It’s me making the purchases. They are small dollar (less than $100) and there’s nothing special about them that should make them seem suspicious.

Also, Citi is refusing to put my name on the card. I go by my middle name. Have for 46 years. Yet they put my first name on the card. AmEx has always let me use my middle name. Very frustrated and really wish I had my AmEx back.