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Costco Anywhere Visa Card Review | Nerd Wallet
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Exceeded Expectations

Thumbs way up to Citi and Costco for an awesome feature of the card that I didn’t even know it had. I had to cancel a family trip purchased with the card due to a medical emergency. I was able to use the Trip Cancellation Insurance provided free from the card, and received full reimbursement for the trip with minimal hassle. This is a fantastic benefit. Download and read the benefits brochure to be aware of this, and all the other less-publicized card features.


Husband passed away–no cash back

My husband passed away. When I notified Citi they immediately closed the account and told me the cash back was forfeited since the account was closed before the checks were sent out. Also locked out of online and would not even send a statement.


great rewards

If you get gas at Costco, and eat out a bunch-this is a good rewards card. I only buy gas at Costco and this was only a 1% reward category from other cards since Costco is considered a warehouse and not gas station per se. After 8 months- received my $450 redemption cert in the mail which I will exchange for cash next time I’m at Costco. I use Amex preferred for groceries (6% cash back rewards) and citi double cash for everything else (2% cash back rewards). No swapping from month to month-at the end of a year-I’ve received $1,800 cash back total.


Love it!

The card got mailed to some random address we never gave them and then they were slow to help. After threatening to cancel they overnight-ed us our cards and we’ve been fine ever since.
I’ve had to dispute charges with them and it is the EASIEST dispute I’ve had to do. For 6 months of charges totaling around $9000 my cash back reward is going to be $140. We use this card for everything and pay it in full each month. They gave us a good sized balance and I really appreciate the English speaking customer service. I have no complaints!


Website disaster

The card is great unless you ever want to go to the website to do something simple like check your bill. Then it’s a disaster. Unable to log on most of the time so it must be broken frequently. A Google search for a log in points you to unhelpful locations in the website. CostCo really made a bad mistake when they swapped this card for Amex. Very customer unfriendly if you need to get on line with them.


DON’T Depend on this card Internationally!

We chose this card because it had no foreign transaction fee for Costco purchases internationally. We just moved to Japan for 18 months and knew that there was a Costco nearby. When we went to the Costco in Tamiya Japan, we were told that they did not take Visa, Only American Express! With a 3% foreign transaction fee! the Costco “Nowhere” card is useless! American Express does not charge me a foreign transaction fee. I should have never left home without it!


Deceptive…beware the asterisk!

I have been using this cardas a test since it was first introduced. My plan, to see if the cash backwas anywhere near what was promised or if it was deceptive by way of "fineprint". For the past year plus, we have used this card exclusivelyfor all of our gas, restaurant and Costco purchases. Gas is supposed tobe 4%, restaurants 3% and Coscto 2%. I am just getting my cash backreward, it is nowhere near 2% of my total purchase amount. Consideringthe majority of my purchases were for restaurants and gas, this wasdisappointing. I called Costco, who noted my concern and reached out toCiti. The Citi representative said there was no way to really tell whichof my transactions earned a specific % in cash back. She is able to lookone by one and determined that Sam's Club gas station only gave me 1% cashback. She explained that Costco does not give the higher percentages tobusinesses that are competitors. She also mentioned that the terms of myaccount specify only participating retailers. Fine, I guess, but pleasethen is there a list of participating retailers? NOPE, no such listexists. Then I thought about competitors. Isn't any gas station acompetitor to Costco gas stations? Mind you, the closest Costco gasstation to me is 123.92 miles away and to be a competitor it seems you wouldhave to actually be selling a competing product. Really, any retailerwould be a competitor under the loose definition and example. At the endof the day this is what I found out about this card. You will get 2% cashback from Costco. You have no way of knowing if you will get 3% fromrestaurants if going to a restaurant, nor 4% from gas stations when purchasinggas. The Citi representative did try to tell me that these rebates werebased on the merchant codes. So, with that in mind I did some researchand found out that the merchant code for Sams's Club gas stations is 5542 forall of my transactions. Per the merchant category code description, 5542is for "Automated Fuel Dispensers." Somehow, this does not qualifyfor the 4% cash back for gasoline purchases. Really it seems that the 4%cash back should be marketed honestly like this: 4% cash back on some gaspurchases. At participating gas stations only, and no a list is notavailable. Not valid at gas stations Costco determines to be acompetitor, regardless of a merchant code specifically identifying your gasolinepurchase. Costco defines a competitoras a business selling something, so at Costco’s sole discretion, and in analternative factual reality, you may not earn extra cash back on anything. Up next: Costco changes the definition for “purchases”to exclude any items or services for which there is a monetary exchange.


Great Card for Rewards

I use this card for Costco purchases and for gas only, and so far, I get great rewards and cash back. I use this mostly at non-Costco gas stations and still get that 4% cash back, which is awesome. I may actually trade in my Sapphire Preferred card since dining out on this card gets better cash back than Chase’s card that I have to pay a fee for. This might become my go-to card for practically everything.


purchases with this card unprotected

i made a purchase with a company this so called company sell something without original bag, I wanted to return the product the company reject and say they wanted the original plastic bag, I ask to speak with the manager and they refuse to be considerate with me as a costumer so I opened a inquiry about and Costco visa just close my inquiry because the company proved the charge was valid . so I call more than 40 min in the phone with a costumer representative explaining my situation they ending they just warranty nobody made a purchase without your consent but they can do nothing also I told them I feel unprotected as a customer and my future purchases in my opinion Amex warranty everything that visa don't. I hate this card . I feel disappointed as a costumer about their secured purchase protection.


Works for me

Foreign trans fee a non issue. I have that covered. Only able to redeem at Costco? Since it’s closer than my bank AND they will give you long green is a good thing.


Awful. didn’t allow me to pay

Used at gas station. thought it would be activated, it didn’t. tried activating online, didn’t activate even though it said it did. didn’t connect to my other Citibank account so i couldn’t pay off. then by the time i got someone on the phone they turned a $35 gas charge into $240 charge b/c of late fee. Love the store but this is the worst card I’ve ever had. …oh, and it still hasn’t worked for me at Costco. Not good.


Excellent cashback

Nice rewards program.


Citi has proved to have the absolute worst customer service!!!

I have had this credit card for 4months. The rewards aren’t bad, but when you take into account the poor customer service Citi backs there card with, I’d say it’s not on par with anything from AMEX.
My card was compromised in December and my card was shut down because of fraudulent transactions I noticed while reviewing my online account. My new card was issued and everything seemed to be normal. Two months went by and I noticed a new $500.00 authorization to a gas station which I thought was very suspicious both because of the amount and the fact I don’t even visit the area it was posted from. When I called to report the transaction as fraud and close the account yet again, I was told that the charge was actually a mistake and was from the old card that was shut down and the charge would be removed as it was made on the old credit card that was closed.
Fast forward; we’re now in the end of March, almost 2 months of arguing with customer service and I still have the same $500.00 charge pending on my account. I verbally called in 3 times and each time I’m told it was a mistake and will be removed that it was an IT problem and the transaction should have never been authorized as the card was closed, yet they can’t seem to fix their mistake. I’ve also tried emailing their customer service—NOW THIS IS A REAL JOKE!!! They must have the most incompetent people on the planet. They tell me things like I should call the vendor (for which they will give me no number) and that the charge will automatically fall off after 30days. Basic math would show them we’re pushing 45 days already, but don’t confuse them with logic, because then they come up with some other lame response that makes my head hurt. Bottom line, if you never have an issue and collect the rewards, the card is OK. If you ever have any issues, you will be dealing with idiots on the other end. Makes me really appreciate the quality service I have with my other credit cards! I will be cancelling this card as Citi has proved incompetent!!!


If you shop a lot at Costco, it’s great

What are 3 things I do a lot? I shop at Costco, I buy gas for the car (again at Costco), I eat out at restaurants a few times a month and I travel around the U.S. a few times a year. This card covers me on all bases. I get 2% cash back on Costco purchases (plus another 2% for having an Executive membership,) 4% back on gas and 3% back on restaurant & travel expenses. My cash back reward this year was fantastic. Of course you have to redeem it at Costco, but that’s not a big deal, I’m there weekly anyway. Pay for your purchase and you get the balance of the reward back in good old US greenbacks. Plus I think you can just cash the check right at the customer service counter if you want , no purchase needed. I see some people here complaining about Citi customer service, but I have had not had to contact them (by phone, that is.) I had one rather large dispute with a merchant and was able to handle it all on Citi’s web site. They looked into and approved the dispute within a few weeks and my card was credited. So for me, this card works and it works well!


They don’t report the business card to the 3 bureau’s

So 16 years of credit vanished when Costco took over my amex account. Because its a “Business” account its not reported monthly to the 3 bureau’s. My rating plunged because I don’t show any active credit. If I want to convert to a non-business I was told I’d have to apply and then it would only be reported from when I opened the new account.



Use caution with this card. Paid my entire balance and they put the amount in “holding.” Therefore it reflected on my balance, but NOT on my available credit. If you are new to this card watch for this, as you may think you have available funds since your balance was paid. What a surprise if you charge something over your available limit as you know you just paid off your card!!! A great way for the bank to make money in fees. I have never had this occur with any company. They admitted that they should warn customers, but they do not!! So paid in full on the 3rd of month. Amount shows as posted, but it is not reflected in my available balance. Beware. A very underhanded manipulation.


great unbeatable perks TERRIBLE WEB INTERFACE!!!

Cannot have personal and business accounts linked ( i.e. single log-in).

Also ridiculously short like ( two weeks) "running balances so you have to look at multiple statements , do a lot of math need to consider the past purchase and credits “pending at time” of statement date etc !!! YUCK !!! AMEX and nearly all banks run running balances . going back as long as you want! Thus you can see previous months balances at any given moment in time along side your debits, credits, along with running balances for quick visual check of account.



Been a Costco member for years and years. Excellent credit. didn’t want a credit card but was convinced at the counter and with currently building a house, thought it would be good to get some rewards. The credit limit is the lowest of any card I have ever had, they freeze payments if paying from more than one source, and they freeze payments if you pay too often, and they won’t increase the credit limit - all of this because its a new account. Accounts are new for 6 months. On multiple occasions we have missed out on rewards due to payments being frozen. So this is how Citi bank rewards don’t work, by limiting the reward availability. Waste of time. Poor choice Costco.


Ok card

I like using the card for Gas and sometimes groceries but the most annoying part about this card is if you want to make a large payment say over $300 at one time they don’t release the funds for at least two weeks even after it has cleared your bank. They need to do something about that because that is very inconvient as a card user.


gas rewards are great but otherwise just okay

I’ll start by admitting that I might be a member of the small group for whom the Costco/AmEx relationship was Manna from Heaven, as I love AmEx rewards + have a SPG and Delta AmEx cards.

That said, the very first thing you’ll notice is the huge step down in customer service from American Express. While Citibank might actually be one of the better MC/Visa issuers with cust. service (Chase is terrible & BofA might be the worst ever) this is a huge, huge step down. It’s like going from the attention to detail of the the Four Seasons to a Marriott Courtyard. There are still levels down you can go but its just okay.

As for the rewards, the extra 2% off Costco (if you are already an executive member) is pretty good and the gas rewards are outstanding. The 3% off on restaurants is pretty good is you don’t already have another card that gives similar rewards. But its 100% useless for overseas travel considering the number of cards that don’t charge transaction fees. For me, this is a good but not great card.