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Costco Anywhere Visa Card Review | Nerd Wallet
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No issues and GREAT service

Love this card…my CC number was stolen and Citi made everything right almost instantaneously. Love Costco and love this card.

Collierville, TN



I went to costco after moving to utah went to get a membership and was told they only take visa. I dont run my bank cards because i get credit card fraud at least 3 times a year so i only use credit cards!! My main card i use is american express plattium. So i figured out i need to get there credit card. I applied in store was approved with a very nice limit. Now i have had this card for about 9 months. I love this card I’m am finding my self using citi more than american express. Great reward never had an issue with anything. I don’t like paying interest so i pay in full everyone month, but to say the rete is not to bad at 15%, for a credit card. I love american express but citi oped my eyes. All in all its a great card, i recamended this card to about 5 family members and they all say the same thing! Good job citi


Terrible customer service, horrible mobile app.

Customer service is terrible and the mobile app may be the worst of any credit card. 3% on gas is a decent value.


Worst card ever!

Excellent credit however since I make more than one payment a month (because of the low limit) they put a hold for 15 days now. Money was deducted out of my bank account 15 days ago and citi still doesn’t show that I have available balance. I have never had this occur with any other cc company. I agree with the other post- Poor choice Costco.


The worst card ever !

I set up autopay two times. Both were not working ! I called in the second time and confirmed okay before I went for vacation. I was surprised to find out when I came back that I was charged $89 interest fee and $27 late fee for anther late payment. This really pissed me off. I am going to send a complaint to Costco and cancel the card !!!


I Cut This Card Up

I enrolled in auto pay, and the first month The payment was off by a day, so I got an interest charge. Okay fine, then I got another interest charge and contacted them, they did nothing and you could tell Citi customers are not priority. They lost a customer over $10.


Worst bank I’ve ever used in my life.

Just the latest issue we’ve had is; I had to change my email address. Three months ago I contacted Citibank & gave them my new address for my paperless bills. Since then, I had to contact them no less than 3 additional times to give them the email address again. Yesterday (Father’s Day) I received a call that my account is delinquent. Of course I was upset to say the least. Long story short, the Citi Bank employee admitted that they DO show my new email address in their records, but their agent forgot to activate it. Now I have a late fee along with interest charges. I have a credit score of 834, and take something like this very seriously. The collection agent would not take the extra charges off my bill, so I had to spend over 30 minutes on the phone (AGAIN) with Citibank to remove those charges. I also asked that agent to email me a copy of the statement so I could get it paid. She informed me that she cannot do that, and I could go on line and get the info. So far I have been on the computer for an hour & 45 minutes, but can NOT find where I can get my statement. NO other bank is like this! This is NOT the only issue we’ve had and we’re sick and tired of it. As soon as I get a moment, I’m writing a letter to Costco and telling them about ALL our problems we had with this so called bank.


A Shame Costco Chose Citibank

Costco may have shot itself and its customers in the foot with this card. Amex was generous with the credit line and excellent with the customer service. In addition it was Amex or nothing at Costco, now any old Visa will do. This Citibank card is unreasonable and difficult to deal with. Asked for a credit increase with a near 800 score as i have some major purchases at Costco, don’t like to shop close to my credit limit and was denied because they gave me a small increase prior which I didn’t ask for. Tried to speak to a person, got the standard nope we can’t control that, see you again in 6 mos to a year. Had a ridiculous interest rate increase on my business card to 29% which they refuse to lower. Will make adjustments as really not worth the 2% and use another Visa card with benefits.


Holding payments up

Citi holds payments for weeks after the cash has left my bank. When I call, they first give me BS about my bank supposedly not having released the funds, then transfer me.

Then they call my bank to confirm the funds and my bank laughs at them (seriously, one time the bank representative DID laugh) and says “You’ve had the funds for days”.

Then they release the funds and give me a lecture about making multiple payments in one cycle.

I think Citi bit off more than they can chew to get this costco account. They don’t want us making a lot of purchases and running up cash back.

Costco needs a new partner. Citi is damaging Costco’s rep for customer service, and honestly there are times I’m putting off going to Costco because I can’t get funds onto my Costco Visa.


They do not send notices for payment due…

Then, they charge you interest.


Citi may end up forfeit all your cashback!

Citi is horrible! I just received a letter yesterday from Office of the President, stating my credit card account was closed “we frequently review cardmember accounts- a recent review shows that shows that we’ve previously had to close one of more Citi account in your name”. All my $330 cash reward will be forfeited! I had Costco executive membership under American Express for 5 years, never had such problem.
I have always pay my balance on time. Really can’t think why they want to close my account! I lost my costco credit card recently, had to call customer service to replace it. After I received the new card and activated it, I found that they didn’t replace old card with the new one. Instead, both of them are appeared in my citi online account. They never fixed the problem since then. But now they are closing both.
It’s no doubt a horrible and terrible mistake that Costco made to choose Citi as partnership.
I may stop renewing my costco membership next year due to this bad experience.


Citi credit card and customer service sucks!

I have been with costco more than 10 year and had nothing but happiness and satisfaction until they switch the american express to Citi VISA credit card.
Their system has so kuch trouble . I have to call them everytime to pay by phone as online payment has some issues where they cant process my payment.
They first were charging me 2 times for returned check bezause they couldnt process online payment and after talking to manager and checking with bank they waived it without any appologies!!!
I was not able to use my credit card for a month because it take them many many days to release authorization!
Another issue!!! So I ordered some stuff from Costco online and they chaeged me two times . After I called they were pmtrying to pass me to costco instead of Citi! I had to make a conference call to solve their problem!

For payments they get your money from your bank but not post it to your account. I again had to call and do a conference call and prove them that they had taken out my money 2 weeks before.

Still after all these problems and wasting more than 10 hours whithin past 2 weeks I still cant use my credit card!!

It is funny, I had paid even more money and my balance is minus but still shows zero credit.
The worse decision on costco to switch to CIti credit card.


Horrible Customer service

The card benefits are good; however, dealing with Citibank customer service is awful. Employees are poorly trained and do not know any policies. Cardholders have to jump through hoops just to get information. If you ever stay at a hotel, do not expend your money back on your card for over 30 days because Citibank customer service will refuse to help you. Do not apply and get this card. It is not worth the hassle with the customer service.


international fee

They have 3% international transaction fee, which for me cost more than $ 50. be aware


Be advised that most of if not all these reviews are probably fake

Had zero problems with my citi card since the switch last summer. The dozen or more friends I’ve queried prefer it and have also had zero issues.
The one time there was a minor issue it was resolved instantly by the helpful service rep. If I had to guess most complaints are either fake or rooted in people who have bad credit or don’t pay on time. People complain more than they laud a service so there’s that as well. In the end I greatly prefer service and convenience under Citi than the often not accepted Amex. Rewards are also better and easier to redeem (they can access them at the store if you forget or lose your check).


Great cash back and no problems.

Not sure what issues other people have had with this card, but for me it’s been pretty great. Last year I got a $300 rebate, and this year I am on my way to getting close to $500. Customer service was very responsive as well when it came to fraudulent activity. Probably the best care I own.


Poor customer service

Citibank’ customer service is a voicemail hell web bot that is almost impossible to navigate. It took me an hour and four calls to get to a human being – and she barely spoke English. I was charged a hefty service charge for a bill I never received and had to change my billing to paper only. This is one of the big banks that helped cause the financial crisis in 2008 and got bailed out.


They side with the Merchants

I used this card to move. The moving company broke mirrors, damaged multiple pieces of furniture. Even though I sent in receipts for mirror repair and pictures of the gouged table and falling apart furniture, Citi told me to claim the damages with my insurance company. Will never use this card again.


Customer Service Hard to Access

I was not able to see my statement online. I called the customer service number online and was then told it was a non-working number. I contacted Chat which took several minutes to get me the Customer Service number. I called, had to jump through all the prompts and finally talked to a person. Paying bills and getting through to Citi is a hassle, and we don’t even use the card that much. Bad experience. I’m thinking of cancelling the card. AND THIS IS NOT A FAKE REVIEW. IT’S REAL, AND I’M REAL!!


Currency Conversion Fee

I love the Costco Card, however every time i travel overseas i leave the card home. 3% is a major ripoff as Visa charges less than 1/10th of a percent for currency conversion, Citibank takes the additional 2.9% for doing nothing.