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Costco Anywhere Visa Card Review | Nerd Wallet
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Totally agree with all the negative reviews!

I canceled my Citi because of the same reasons everyone has mentioned. Gotta love the way the 5-star review that’s titled “Be advised that most of if not all these reviews are probably fake” is the actual FAKE review lol


Extremely Low Credit Limit Given

I have a credit limit of 800, have always paid my credit cards on time and paid the full amount. The average age of my credit history is 6 years, 3 months. My credit card utilization rate is usually 3% or less. I have no debt. Currently, rent and have my car paid off. Citi decided to give me a credit limit of $1,200. I complained that there must have been a mistake, that limit was way too low. They said there is nothing we can do and we cannot tell you why that credit limit was assessed. I said I expect that type of limit for someone with a low credit score or tons of debt. Extremely frustrating. It is a shame that Costco and Citi have lost out on a great customer. Costco made a big mistake going with Citi.


Citibank is a Total Sham

Received my card in April after 2 months of telling them I had not received my card in the mail. I had to call 4 times and eventually talk to a supervisor to get my card.
I received my first statement and there was a charge for $55 for my membership renewal that I told them originally that I did not want charged to the card. They hit me with a late fee so I owed $81. I asked them to wave the late fee because they charged without me knowing. They would not so I closed the account. I now went to pay the $81 and it has inflated to $191! I never willingly charged a single thing to this card and now I owe them $191? They will not do anything to correct this.
I will never have an account with Citibank again. I will tell everyone I know not to get a card with these crooks and am awaiting a call back from Costco corporate to complain. I can go to other stores like Smart ad Final and not have to worry about being charged a fee I didn’t know about and being charged insane late fees even when I never used the card.
I also have had non-stop phone calls from them that are very harassing.
I feel as if they took total advantage of me and are a corrupt bank.



Horrible customer service. They are arrogant and hostile. Not worth the 20-30 bucks you may get in rewards each year.


Weird Policy

I received my card and paid my balance in full after a month of transactions. The money was debited from my bank account but Citibank kept it on hold for 10 days. I called Customer service and they put me on a conference call with Bank of America to confirm the money was ‘Real’ money debited from my account. The whole process took more than 30 minutes on the phone. Apparently, they do this for all new customers for the first few payments. This is insane and the most weird policy I had ever witnessed. We need to get Costco to start accepting Mastercard/ AMEX again else Citibank is going to annoy the hell out of plenty of customers ! Weirdos !


Waiting for the other shoe to drop

I don’t why, but since Costco switched from Amex, I have continued to receive my zero interest, but pay an annual membership fee of $95, this has made this my go to card, on track to receive close to $700 cash back at the end of year. Draw back, they dont like to raise credit limit.


Unethical- A Scam

When Costco switched from Amex to Citibank I got a statement with a late fee and a service charge. It took over 2 hour to get this squared away.
Last week I went to use the card at Costco and it was rejected. I called Citi and they told me I had an outstanding balance of $37.42

After looking into it further I owed over $300.00. Most of it fees and interest. I just called to cancel this account.
I found out it had been cancelled because there had been no activity in 100 days.
Good riddance.



It is what it is

This is the first CC I actually received, even got a 5k limit with it, which surprised me. Mainly use it to maintain a credit history until I apply for another. Have had no issues with customer service or any sort of shenanigans, I like the card. It probably isn’t the best, or most beneficial if you like rewards programs, but if you frequent Costco it is a boon.


Contact Costco to change from Citi Visa to a good CC company

I encourage anyone who dislikes Citi Visa as much as I do to contact Costco and let them know. Citi couldn’t get our balance changeover from American Express right for over 3 months in the beginning, their website is not user-friendly in the least and I’m a computer tech, and now because their IT department must be inept, they have decided to make their statement PDFs secure. Now it’s impossible to mark up the PDF downloaded to my computer to compare to the actual receipts to make sure I’m not getting overcharged or there are extra charges. And, yes, I contacted Citi Visa, and not just the first level but asked for a supervisor. That’s the way it’s going to be, they told me, but you can print it out. What? In this day and age! NO other credit card company has locked their PDFs that we use because their IT department knows what they’re doing. I even went as far as filling out a Comment Card at Costco to let them know how frustrating and inept this is of Citi Visa. I suggest anyone else as frustrated do the same.


Stay Away… Citi worst company ever!

I have another credit card with Citi where they charged me interest for over 6 months before I caught it. It was supposed to be a 0% for 18 months on purchases and balances. When I found this out I ask for a refund of the interest charges but they refused. They said they had me in the balance transfer 0% program and I must have selected the wrong type. This is a bait and switch. Oh and by the way, I didn’t transfer any balances to the card hence thinking I had 0% on purchases. Citi did this to other folks as well. To make matters worse, I paid off the card in full and then decided to cancel since I will no longer do business with them. So now they have refused to give me the awards they owe me. Once I receive my rewards from Costco I will be cancelling this card as well. I am done with Citi and surprised Costco chose such a shady company to do business with. I will use my other Visa from here on out.


Love Costco - hate Citi

I love Costco, but I have to say the CITI is horrible. My first encounter with the app was good, payment made. Then I made two back to back payments and the payments were taken out of my account and returned with a $27 charge per account. It seems that the account number had one digit too many. I hadn’t changed it, and you can’t edit it in the app. I had to delete and start over.
Then I paid off the account to zero balance. Money was taken out of my account. But available funds take 7-14 days to clear. So they are making massive float on the account. Most reputable firms you can make a payment and have it credited in a day or two, max… Costco! Please rescue your customers.


No Issues here

I did not have the Amex so I can’t compare but I personally have had no issues with Citi or their app. I feel like the rewards are very good and I’m not sure what card I would use other than this one. My Alaska Visa used to be my go-to for all purchases but it’s become this card.


Avoid at all costs

If you don’t pay the full amount in time, they will charge interest for the next two months even though you’ve paid the full amount and interest, this is unbelievable that Costco would agree to such conditions. Ultimately whatever rewards you think u will get will be paid for your interest. In addition let’s say you spent 500 a month and paid 490, because you didn’t pay the full amount they will charge you interest on the full amount. Not interest on the amount you haven’t paid. The customer service is totally useless. We canceled the card right away. This maybe a good thing so I will spend less at Costco.


Excellent cash rewards card! I love Costco!

This is the best rewards card! Now it has no Foreign transaction fees! I love it and I got 800.00 cash back for using it. I replaced using my debit card and it reall works for me because cash rewards on travel and resturant visits, Plus I am shop alot with Costco in warehouses and online. It is a good card. Located in the top position in my wallet!


Great card with great benefits and protection

The benefits of this card keep getting better. The Cash back, Citi price rewind, purchase protection and now no foreign transactions fees.


Excessive Fraud Alerts

I have had the Costco credit card when it was Amex. Never had an issue, loved the card. They did shut down an actual fraud alert or two. Citibank has blocked real charges that I have made on my card ten times in four months. Charges both online and in person which are declined. Then I get the text to reply if the charge is real or not. If it is real, put the charge back through, it will be approved now. By the time you see the fraud alert, you already switched cards and were embarrassed in person, or worse you have to find the telephone number for the company that you tried to buy from online and call them to get them to reprocess the card. Total pain in the rear. I will move on to any rewards card. My Chase card always works as the back up, back up no more. Costco has no place to complain about the service of their credit card either. Call customer service and they apologize, but that doesn’t get the message to management. I just stopped using the card


Customer Service Incompetent

Card and benefits are great, but the minute you need to call in for any issue, game over. Complete waste of time.


No issues

I’ve had the card for over a year now. I wish I could use rewards elsewhere like other cards, but I just use mine for groceries, appliances, etc. I see a lot of negative reviews on here dinging the card for interest on un-paid balances. I haven’t not paid the balance before, so can’t comment on that. Website is smooth for payments. Good alerts of upcoming due dates and payment received notices.



I cannot agree more on the previous comment about EXCESSIVE FRAUD ALERT. Card gets declined 4 times in a row. Call them in advance to inform about a large purchase, still gets declined. No one above the supervisor to talk to when you call customer service. No email address or phone number to contact any higher up in the company. I can write an essay about how worst the customer care is. If i could give negative stars, i’d give them. Please save your time and avoid this card.