Credit bureaus used by credit card issuers

Credit bureaus used by credit card issuers
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A data base is needed that lists which credit bureaus are used by the different credit card issuers. One could then review their credit report and FICO score prior to requesting a credit line with a specific bank. There would be no waisted hard pulls on ones credit report and therefore no FICO score decreases in vain.


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This is an interesting idea and I’m sure a lot of people wish this existed. It’s so frustrating to believe you have a healthy credit score, then have your application denied - and your score dinged as a result of the hard inquiry - because the issuer was referencing a score from a different bureau.

While your credit score should typically be pretty similar across the credit bureaus, there can sometimes be significant variations as a result of differences in their algorithms and from credit issuers not necessarily reporting to all three bureaus.

I unfortunately haven’t heard of any such thing yet (and don’t imagine either bureaus or lenders are especially incentivized to create one) but if you ever come across such a database, I hope you’ll share it with us!