Credit Freeze that won't go away

Credit Freeze that won't go away
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I am wondering if you could offer some advice. In 2016 someone opened a Capital One credit card in my name. Thanks to Credit Karma emailing me that my score had dropped due to a hard inquiry, I was able to stop/cancel the card. I spoke to someone, at Capital One, I believe about how to keep this from happening again. He suggested the credit freeze. So I did that…paid my 10.00 per to all three credit reporting companies and got my pin, etc. Fast forward to 2018 and I wanted to use the one time pin to allow a lender to access my credit reports. Not only did it not work, the lender said it looked as if my assets had been seized. I called and spoke to all three and the only thing they could suggest was that I update my address via the US mail service. I did, with as much information as I could give, photo copy of my current ID, etc. Sent it certified mail with a letter explaining about the credit freeze problems I was having.
From Trans Union and Experian I got back credit reports. From Equifax I got a letter stating that I have no credit record at all. (I gotten one from them numerous times before the freeze)
I have, according to Credit Karma, excellent credit (high 700’s lately due to using credit card, was in the 805-811 range just months ago.). great to know and have, but cannot use it because I cannot get the freeze removed, or even get any information about it. I even registered a complaint with cf[b but again all I got in reply was my credit reports.
Have you ever heard of such a mess??? I had been applying for new jobs this past year and I am sure not being able to access my credit reports didn’t help me any. I ended up taking Social Security early…
I appreciate any advice you could give me as I am at my wits end and feel like I have tried everything I know how to fix this problem.


@kearleybe, welcome to NerdWallet. That sounds like a frustrating mess.

It might help to better understand your situation. When you say the lender thought it looked as if your assets had been seized, do you mean the lender thought your identity had been taken over?


No, not like my identity had been taken over, more like the government or someone had seized my assets.


Hi, @kearleybe. I sent you a message…if you can’t find it, just email me at lweston at nerdwallet dot com.

The asset seizure thing is really weird. The only type of asset seizures I can think of that would be reported to the bureaus would be a tax lien…and you would probably know if you had one. The lender was probably looking at a code of some kind, and maybe s/he misinterpreted it? Hard to know.