Credit score dip

Credit score dip
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I don’t get it. Work so hard just to get it up and it goes up 1 stupid point. And I call it a stupid point because today it dropped 28 points. Just.Like.That. I’m so sick of this point system that determines my life and what I can and can’t do. Why work so hard for this?!


Ah yeah, I totally sympathize @meganbasmajian!

Sometimes it does feel totally random. And yet we’re all stuck working within this system if we want access to better rates on loans, credit cards and so on. Credit scores even can be used to determine utility deposits and to make rental decisions.

However, once you have insight into which factors really matter and which ones matter less, it gets a bit easier to manage. Here are some stories that might help:

What Factors Affect Your Credit Score?

How to Rebuild Credit: 6 Strategies

Why Did My Score Drop?

What recent actions have you taken to try to move your score up? If you want to respond with some info on what you’ve been doing, that might help narrow down where the problem is.

Hang in there!