Credit Score Discrepancy With Nerdwallet

Credit Score Discrepancy With Nerdwallet
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I am new to Nerdwallet, checked it out mainly to look into getting another credit card.

Thats not the problem- I happened to notice that it gives my credit score, and it says it is 638, and the reporting agency is TransUnion.

This shocked me, and it just so happens that two of my credit cards, Discover and Barclays, both offer free credit scoring via TransUnion as well. I hadnt checked it this month but it was much higher the last time I checked.

So I checked it out, and my current score on the cards site was 713 with TransUnion. And has been within a few points of that for a long while, and has never been anywhere near 638.

So I called TransUnion, and a rep there had my score as 713, same as the two credit cards.

Anyone have an idea as to why the score on Nerdwallets site would be lower than it is at the
credit agency?

Thanks In Advance

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Hi Harold! Thanks so much for posting your question and welcome to the NerdWallet community! :wave:

NerdWallet members receive a free VantageScore through our site, which is provided by our credit score partner, TransUnion. It’s likely scores you’re seeing elsewhere are your FICO score, which might be different from what you saw on our credit dashboard.

VantageScore and FICO use the same information from your credit report to produce your credit score, but the scoring models are not exactly the same. This means that information on your credit report might be treated differently by each model, resulting in different scores.

You can learn more about FICO and Vantage scoring models here:


Hi, Harold! I’d be concerned, too. There’s usually a difference between the FICO bank scores that credit card companies use/provide and the VantageScores we provide, but that’s quite a gap. Did you take a look at the credit report information NerdWallet provides to see if something negative happened? Score providers get their information on different days, and it’s possible something happened between your credit cards getting your score and the one you see on NerdWallet. A higher-than-average balance on an account or a late payment could explain it. Hope I’m wrong but it’s worth checking out.


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