Credit score dropped 37 points dut to at&t

Credit score dropped 37 points dut to at&t
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They opened a phone acct when I got directv, even though I specifically told the guy on the phone NOT to…I never activated the number, then received a bill for $78. Went to at&t after I got a notice and they said not to worry, that they took care of it and it would go away…fast forward three months and I get a notice from a debt collector!! Att turned it over to collections, which dropped my score 37 points!! I went in to att, and they admitted fault and got rid of the $78 dollars they said I owed…that is great, but what can I do about it wrongly being
reported and dropping my score?


That is so frustrating, @ewhampton1968! Your scores will recover when the erroneous collection is removed from your file. Here’s an article that may help: