Debt Goal Not Working

Debt Goal Not Working
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I tried to set up a “get debt-free” goal but the page doesn’t let me do anything. Please help.


Hi Maria,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble setting up your debt goal! We’re here to help but could use a bit more information in order to troubleshoot this.

Can you shoot us an email at [email protected] with as many details as possible about the issue you’re experiencing?

It would be especially helpful to know exactly where the issue occurred; for example:

  • Selecting the type of debt.
  • Linking accounts to the goal.
  • Setting how much you can pay monthly.

Screenshots of what you’re seeing can be helpful as well.

This information will help us zero on in on the source of the problem and have you set up to track your goal in no time :smile: Looking forward to hearing from you!