Debts Inaccurate?

Debts Inaccurate?
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I connected my Nelnet student loan account to my Nerdwallet account for the “Debt Goals” feature. I know my minimum required payment (total) is ~$300/month. I have plugged this into the widget thing manually. For some reason, it calculates it out to be only $122/month, and actually changed the minimum payments that I’d plugged in to reflect the new number. Regardless of whether I try to change it or just accept the number and try to move on to the next step, it keeps freezing.

How can I move forward with the debt goal and make sure the minimum payments bit isn’t changing on me?


Hi Mara,

Welcome to the NerdWallet community! Thanks so much for reaching out, and for sharing your experience. We’d like to help you out with this one-on-one; could you copy your message into an email and send it to Sending the email from the address associated with your NerdWallet account will make for faster troubleshooting. Thanks! One of our Nerds will get back to you ASAP.

Additionally, screenshots of the steps you take on the goal are helpful!



Thank you! I sent to support!