Delta or travel card

Delta or travel card
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I fly every few months out of RDU, which has a lot of delta flights. Are there any travel cards that partner with Delta? Or is it just worth getting a Delta card instead.


Hi, @brbe16, and welcome! Maybe one of our credit card specialists will weigh in, but I believe American Express Membership Rewards can be transferred into your Delta frequent flier account. Of course, the Delta-branded cards give you perks like priority boarding and free checked bags that also could be useful. Here’s a round-up of the options:

Hope that helps!


Hi @brbe16!

As @lweston mentioned, if you have an American Express card that earns Membership Rewards points, you can transfer those to Delta on a 1:1 basis – meaning you get 1 Delta SkyMile for every 1 Amex point you transfer. However, you can only transfer points in blocks of 1,000. (The points programs offered by Citi and Chase do not offer transfers to Delta.)

If you fly an airline regularly and usually check a bag, it often makes sense to carry that airline’s basic credit card. That’s because you typically get a free checked bag for you and others on your reservation. That can save you $120 on a single roundtrip with a companion – more than the typical annual fee of around $95. That’s not even taking into account the miles you’d earn by putting purchases on the card.

Read through the article that @lweston posted, and see if one of those cards is a good fit. (Note that the Blue Delta SkyMiles, which has no annual fee, does not offer free checked bags.)