Delta Sky Miles vs Flying Blue

Delta Sky Miles vs Flying Blue
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I’m an American who mostly lives, works, and travels around Europe. I’m considering one of the premium Delta credit cards, but I only fly with them once or twice a year to go home for the holidays. The Sky Miles bonus incentive on those cards is enticing, but not sure if it’s worthwhile in the long run.

I’m already enrolled with Flying Blue, which includes KLM, Air France, and a few other major EU carriers. I’ve racked up a healthy heap of miles with Blue, but nothing I can really do much with at this point.

Miles do not transfer between the two programs, but their loyalty tiers do.

What I really care about is the tier privileges. I like occasional surprise upgrades and lounge access; I dislike waiting at the gate and paying for check luggage. I’m trying to figure out the fastest way to achieve a higher tier status (though bonus miles are also nice), and if a premium credit card somehow helps that along, great!

Any advice?


Welcome to the community,! I’m hoping one of our credit card specialists will weigh in, because I’m not sure how helpful the premium Delta cards are for occasional travelers. Even two trips home a year might not catapult you into the tier of users who get those sweet surprises, but I’d love to hear otherwise!