Derogatory Account Info Confusing!!

Derogatory Account Info Confusing!!
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So in the very early stage of fixing inaccuracies on reports for the 3 Gods (oops…I meant agencies…my bad🤥) and saw the following statement on an account that was paid:
“Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements” What?! According to who?! I requested written documentation that states this is mine and I never even heard a word from Collection Agency let alone verified info. So what gives?!


Hi there :wave: and welcome!

It’s my understanding that statement generally means that the dispute was resolved, (either by verification of the accuracy of the disputed information or by correction of the information that was reported inaccurate.)

Are you seeing this information associated with that account with each of three credit bureaus, or just with TransUnion?


Ugh, enright2019. Sorry this happened to you. It’s not that uncommon, unfortunately, for a collection agency to blow off such a request.

What’s showing as the balance on this collection account?