Derogatory Mark Question

Derogatory Mark Question
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Hi, I have a small dilema. I had two medical bills go to collections. As soon as I was notified of this, I paid them immediately and both creditors noted they would submit a request to remove them from my credit report. Credit Karma notes they have been removed, but other sites like credit. com and nerdwallet do not. My credit score jumped considerably (683 to a 724) but the marks are still showing up. How can I ensure they are removed from my report and how long should it take? This was all completed at the end of October.

Many thanks!


Hi, Phil! Glad you stopped by. The three sites you mentioned get their credit reports from different bureaus. NerdWallet uses TransUnion, uses Experian and Credit Karma uses both TransUnion and Equifax. The three bureaus are private, competing businesses and they don’t always have the same information.

Some collection agencies only report to one credit bureau, rather than all three. It’s possible that Equifax was the only bureau that had the information to remove. The only way to know for sure would be to look at the actual credit reports. If they are still showing up, you can dispute them.

Consider going to to get the reports and make the disputes. That’s the federal site that allows you one free look each year at each of your three credit bureau reports.

I hope that helps, but please feel free to ask any follow-up questions you may have. We like helping people get their credit issues resolved.


Thank you so much for the information! My next move will be to pull the reports, and dispute them. Do I need to go back to the creditors in order to have them submit documentation to all three, or can it be removed easily do you think?


Small update. I called one of the creditors and they noted it’s been on file to be removed and I should expect that to be removed by January 1st. Seems like a long time from when I paid in October, but I’ll keep an eye on it.


Creditors have regularly scheduled uploads with the credit bureaus. Many lenders do that once a month with automated information, but stuff that has to be tweaked may take longer.

To answer your other question, you can now submit proof via the bureau sites and they should pass that onto the creditors.


Thank you again for the information. I submitted confirmation that they were going to remove the derogatory marks and already Experian has removed both inquiries from my report! I have done the same with the with other two, so hopefully I will get the same outcome. The email I received was noted as a dispute, so guessing it’s classified as that. lweston thank you again for the assistance on this.

Now I just need to wait for the reports to be regenerated and see the results reflected.

Thanks again!


That’s great news! Please keep us updated.


So a quick update. All derogatory marks have been removed. I have monitored this over the last month since posting this, and finally all marks have been removed. Scores have gone up! TU went from 611 to 741. Equifax went from 654 to 728 and experian went from 610 to 728. I’ve gone through my reports with a fine tooth comb and everything seems to be in good shape now. A couple of other things I did to aid was to have a HP removed from report and reduced credit utilization (minimally), but enough to help. Thanks for all the help on this!


So glad to hear that, @philamthebest!! I love it when things work the way they’re supposed to. Glad we could be of help.