Derogatory Remarks

Derogatory Remarks
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How do I remove derogatory remarks from my credit?

Thank you.


Hi @ryan1, glad to have you as a Community Forum participant!

First, let me make sure I’ve got your goal correct: You see negative (derogatory) information on your credit reports that you feel is in error, and you want to get it removed so it doesn’t affect your credit. Does that about sum it up?

If so, you need to contact each of the three major credit bureaus to dispute the information. They then have 30 days to check into it and reply. Here’s a step by step guide to requesting your full credit reports from the bureaus and how to dispute errors with them.

One thing to note: If the derogatory information is correct (you really did have late payments, that really is your account in collections), there’s not a ton you can do other than wait. Negative information eventually becomes too old to be included on your reports.

While you wait for those things to age off your reports, you can work to offset their effect by piling up a lot of positive information: Pay all bills on time (not just credit cards) and keep your balances as low as you can, because timely payments and low credit usage have a powerful effect on credit scores.


That is exactly what I needed to know. Thank you very much for your response.