Digital Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Secured Credit Card Review | Nerd Wallet

Digital Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Secured Credit Card Review | Nerd Wallet
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A waste of time

Considering this is a “secured” credit card (meaning your money not theirs), they’re not very lenient or cooperative. I also got a lecture from the customer service rep about how I need to work with past creditors to improve my credit rating. Sorry I bothered! :frowning:


Horrible…pathetic service with this DCU

Please do not waste time by going with DCU. This is most horrible credit unions I have ever had accounts with. I have been a loyal customer past 18 years, yes, last 18 years. Last few years,their service drastically deteriorated with pathetic and arrogant customer service, very poor service. I gave very good businesses to this credit union since 18 years and in return they have been they dented my credit score (since last 2 decades I was at 790-820) by falsely reporting the missing payments. within couple of months, came down to 600+ because of DCU reportings. Even though I had automatic payments, always paid off full amount since last 18 years, but, since last few months, they are falsely reporting to credit bureaus though it is their flawed and automatic payments caused the issue. I have disputed with DCU with proof and the customer service was arrogant, pathetic service and not willing accept their fault (even after showing the proof of automatic scheduled payments) and never reversed false reporting that sent to credit bureaus and not accepting their fault, which was falsely reported to credit bureaus. Basically, their automatic payments did not work as it was intended, it is not once or twice, but, was broken more 6-7 times since few months and they do not accept their fault. That shows how ethical this credit union is. Never do business with DCU…its just waste of time, more importantly, you bring business with good credit score, but, they will dent your credit score within few months…not worth your time, money with DCU…period…I would have given zero star…but, this website does not allow…


Waste of My Time

Applied 2 days ago and I have not heard from DCU. Most lenders respond quickly with a positive or negative. If I hear from DCU now, I will not proceed with them… I am uncomfortable that DCU has my personal information included with the secured credit application. Shame on NerdWallet for including DCU as an option for those seeking to rebuild their credit. No confidence in NerdWallet now.


No Service

I applied for this card and I got no reply if I was approved or not! Called Member Service and can’t get no one on the phone. I wish I would had read the reviews before I applied. Nerd Wallet should not recommend them.



They are high pressure, rude, 2 deaths in family and would not make me a payment plan lost my house and credit cards all through them. All 10 family members I signed them up with dcu and I am a paraplegic vet. 72 years old used them as long as I can remember. STAY AWAY


The card and bank are great

All transactions and deposits are immediately placed in your account (even cash deposits after hours). Pay checks also go into your account a day early. Most convenient bank from a digital standpoint. Haven’t needed to contact customer service because most can be done easily online. Rates are good, have been with the bank for 8 years and no complaints. i now live 1500miles away from the closest DCU branch and still use it as my primary FI.