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Discover It For Students
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Good card for students

I really like the Discover it for students. It was easy to get approved and is perfect for me. It’s also nice because I earn cash back on my purchases. The only issue I have had was my card was locked for a couple days. I guess they thought someone stole it? I don’t know, but I was very upset with them because I didn’t have access to money for gas.


This card is very reliable and has good bonuses for students.

I love using my it card. It has very good rewards for the stores I often frequent, and it is tailored for students like me.


A great first credit card.

This credit card was actually my first. I just wanted a card that would allow me to build up some credit and become used to managing my own card. I have to say, I’ve been very satisfied so far. There is a decent enough credit limit at the beginning to allow you to make big purchases while still giving you some restraint, and it can be increased fairly easily. It’s incredibly easy to pay off bills online, so there’s no need to worry about mailing or getting to a certain store in time. The 5% cashback bonuses are really nice, too, and the cashback can be put towards a lot of different things. Overall, I’d say I’m very impressed with the service. If you already have a handle on credit, you probably won’t need it, but for everyone else, it’s definitely worthwhile.


I think this is a great starter credit card for students.

This credit card helped me start my credit. I was pleased with this card and I do not regret applying or using this credit card.


Great introductory card for limited-income students

I found the Discover It card on Amazon after trying (and failing) to apply for Amazon’s own card. It offered a deal for students with a relatively low limit but with no requirements as to income. Because I had a limited income, it sounded perfect for me. There was also an introductory offer in which card owners could earn $50 cash back after spending $300 in the first three months. I had already planned on making several purchases, so I easily qualified for the promotional offer and received the cash bonus very quickly–no strings attached.

I have had no real issues with the card, and the ones that I did have were solved quickly and effectively by the website support staff. These issues had to do with cash back bonuses, so none of my personal finances were affected (i.e. I was not charged unfairly, no money was charged to me without my knowledge). I enrolled in their program over the holidays for 5% cash back and received a substantial reward for doing so, all for making purchases that I would have otherwise. I’ve had the card about and year and could not be happier with it. It has helped me begin to establish credit and I have not had to pay any fees whatsoever as I pay off my balance in full every month. They also give me quite a long time to pay off my balance just in case, but I find an effective budget is always the best option in the end.


Good 1st card for students

The low interest and lack of annual fee appeals to me the most. I have always had good experiences with customer service representatives when it comes to this card. The credit line is OK and it does increase over time.


One of the Most Underrated Cards for Students

For someone just starting to get credit, this is absolutely the best card there is. The benefits that come with this card totally outranks all the other competitors. To receive cash back of 2% and to be able to redeem the money anytime I want to is just phenomenal. I always got the perception from others that Discovery was at the low spectrum of cards, but in my opinion, Discovery card is miles ahead of the others.


The best card for students

Discover it for Students is a great card because they have many advantages. I’m able to receive 2% cash back on gas and I can redeem that cash amount any time. Also, as a student I don’t have a lot of money, Discover does not have an annual fee and this is a great thing. Once I forgot to make a payment and I didn’t receive a late fee, this was great for me. They have many tools to help students and in helping them manage their money better.

I feel really secure because I have 0% fraud liability, I’m will never be hold accountable for purchases I didn’t make.
Being a student means long nights and long days, I enjoy the convenience of being able to pay my bill up to midnight of the night my bill is due either by phone or online. Discover for students has really good advantages I enjoy, and their customer service is excellent. They are always there to help if you need something or simply want to ask a question. Really recommend this card.


it is pretty good is you use it enough.

This credit card is pretty good. My interest rate isn’t really high, so payments aren’t so bad. I don’t really use it much though. I sometimes feel I’m paying every month for nothing. I have thought about canceling a few times but I have never gotten around to it.


Perfect For Broke Students

I love to shop on Amazon and while I was browsing different items, I came across a deal for the Discover it for Students card. At the time I did not have much credit history or much experience at all with credit cards in general. The only other card I had at the time was a secured one my parents helped me get through my bank. The first thing that obviously caught my eye was a $50 bonus with my first purchase but the cash back this discover card offered also really interested me. It’s been a few months since I got the card and I’m very happy with it. The rewards are awesome for a broke student like me and Discover has great customer service.


Great card for students just starting out

Discover it for Students is a great card for students like myself. It is ideal for those of us just starting to build up some credit. It lets us have the available funds if needed, without the sky-high limit that some other cards have which can let us dig ourselves into debt. The easy web-interface and minimum payments, as well as automatic payments deducted from a checking account make this card the way to go. Focused at students, this card is the one to go to, when you’re looking for a card to start out. Don’t fall for all of those random mailers, pick the card designed specifically for students.


Safe, reliable and great rewards for first time credit card seekers

I have been using this credit card since I started my graduate school. It not only gave me the perfect amount of credit line, $1000.00, but it also gives me really nice rewards for it being my first credit card. They also caught fraud on my card upon the fraud’s first charge and didn’t hold me responsible for the charge. The APR is great for me and my life now.

A lot of cards denied me because I had a very small credit history and some student loans. However, Discover allowed me to build an awesome FICO score and gave me a credit card when lots of other companies wouldn’t.


Exceptional starter card for college students

A wonderful starter card for students looking to kick-start building their credit. The built in credit check every month is an excellent way to not only monitor your standing, but also to see how different events impact your score. The cash back bonus is generous, and the interest rates are very fair.

Discover has been exceptional in terms of mobile access, online capabilities, and customer service. Though I’ve had a bit of trouble with my physical card peeling and deteriorating, Discover has made it easy and user-friendly to order a new one, which I appreciate. A customer can receive a new card at no extra cost, and it arrives promptly.

All in all, a phenomenal card that comes highly recommended.


Great customer service and rewards for students

I applied for this credit card two years ago. I am currently a college student so I was nervous about starting a credit card. This one was ideal though because you receive 5% cash back each quarter for different categories of purchases. I frequently buy things from each of the categories so rewards add up pretty fast. You also receive 1% cash back for all purchases.
Discover is great about promptly fixing problems you may have with your card. For example, I was double charged for a purchase I made online. I reported the dispute and was immediately refunded the money while Discover investigated my claim. They resolved the issue with no problems. Another time, I lost my card and noticed a purchase I had not made on my online statement. I canceled my card and reported the unauthorized purchase and was immediately refunded and sent a new card. I have had a great experience with this company!


Great opportunity for students

I have recently started using the Discover It card for students and have found it very useful and a great opportunity. The opportunities and awards are very nice. I like the fact that I get rewards and bonuses for using the card like cash back on certain purchases and am not required to pay excessive fees. The card gives me a great value for what I need it for.


The best choice for a student credit card, hands down.

The Discover It Student Card is the perfect card for students with low or no credit whatsoever. This card has a great cashback system and has never caused any problems. The best part of this card is the super low APR (14% when I had it) and the lack of foreign transaction fees. When I went to study abroad for a semester, I was happy to know that I could rely on my card to still work. One of my biggest problems is that most of the cash-back restaurants were not available in my town and I did not go to the specific gas stations supported. I tend to only go to Murphy Express, since their card gives cents off per gallon which significantly better than the cashback offered at more expensive gas stations. Overall, I would suggest that a student needing a credit card use this card to get them through college.


Good choice for students

I think this is a good choice for a credit card, especially for students. The interest rate is relatively low and the rewards program is great. There’s a lot of different options for how you can redeem your cashback, including gift cards that include an extra bonus on top of what you’ve already earned. I accidentally made a late payment once and didn’t have any consequences for it being my first time, which was appreciated. It also provides extra cashback on gas purchases, which is good for commuting students. Also, the Discover website now offers your FICO credit score every time you log in. The only issue I’ve had with this card is that Discover isn’t always accepted at all retailers.


Great Benefits and Good first Card for Creating Credit

I love my Discover card. There’s no foreign transaction fees and I travel internationally a lot.The one thing about this card that stands out from other cards is it’s worldwide rental car insurance coverage. It’s really great for rewards and cash back too. There’s a 5% cashback in specific categories every quarter.I’ve built my credit and it’s a great first student card for anyone. I heard they’re introducing new evm chips in their cards so it’ll be compatible when the system fully adopts the new security measures.


Excellent credit card

During the first 6 months there was no interest charged. There is also the ability to change your maximum allowed credit. Discover also offer an app that makes it very easy to view your account. For certain purchases you earn “rewards” which can be applied to a variety of thing such as towards a gift card or to pay back some of the balance you might owe.