Discover It For Students

Discover It For Students
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Perfect for college students!

I’ve had this credit card for a little over a month and as my first credit card I am very impressed. Being a student owning a credit card can be terrifying and overwhelming, but everything discover offers seems to be in my advantage. I have a balance of $500 and that is more than enough for someone who isn’t looking to rack up too much credit. I plan on earning and maintaining a good credit score and this is honestly the best one that I could find. It also didn’t require me to have a lot of money through my job and that’s nice for someone who like me who works part time and attends school full-time.


Great card for low to no credit history

As a college freshmen, I did not have a credit history so it was difficult for me to get approved for a credit card. However, when I applied for a Discover card, I was approved with a 500$ credit limit. I knew this was not a lot but I was glad that I was able to get approved.

There are few things I like about the Discover card. Although the APR is 19.99% for me, that does not bother me because I always make my payments on time and I solely use this card to build up my credit early on in college. I love how Discover offers many cash back deals with online companies and stores. Every quarter Discover offers 5% on select purchases so I focus my purchases on those deals. For instance, the beginning of the year, Discover has been offering cash back on purchases related to gas and transportation. Since I am doing an internship, I have saved a lot of money commuting to work.

Although Discover is know to be not accepted in many stores, it is a good way to start building credit. I have a good credit line now and I was able to be approved for a few credit cards from different banks. Also, since I do a lot of purchases online such as Amazon (Discover has deals with amazon as well) I know that most online companies accept Discover.

All in all a great starter card for college students who know they will pay on time.


My first and Favorite Card

I am a first year college student, I had some extra expenses, and I needed to get a credit card. I got approved for Discover it right away, they don’t charge me a fee each year. I love the rewards program, and every time I have a question, I just call them up, they are always happy to answer it for me. They have the best customer service.


Perfect first credit card

I really like this credit card. It was very easy for me to get, and as someone with no credit and a part-time job, I really appreciated the opportunity. I also like the versatility of the cash back program. I prefer having a lesser rate on everything in addition to categories so I am always saving. The online interface is simple, intuitive, and convenient and the customer service is helpful. It is easy to pay my bill in time, and I have so far only encountered one place that did not accept Discover. I prefer using this to my Debit card and am very happy with my choice.


Great perks, easy way for students to build up credit

I have now had this card for 5 years and it has been a great first credit card. The Cashback Bonus is a great perk, especially since it redeemable on Amazon. As someone who commutes and lives an hour away from my family, I look forward to when gas is part of the quarterly 5% Cashback Bonus. Their customer service has been great at handling fraudulent charges and security breaches (like Home Depot) and I’ve never had a problem with paying for something I didn’t charge. In short, it’s been a great way to build my credit through responsible use.


Great card for students.

I love this card. This was my first credit card, as having no credit history it was really hard to find any credit card to approve of me. After looking on line high and low I discovered discover card. After applied, I had to prove that I am in college and show proof and after that I had my first Credit card I was so happy.
I really appreciate that discover card had take a chance on me giving a 19 year old his own credit card. I think that it shows that this bank has a lot of trust in its customers and I really like that. It just shows that this bank is dependable and reliable. Because I was approved at such a young age this helps me build a credit score for the future. If in the future I do deiced to buy a home or a car I will be definitely be using discover to take out a loan because they believed in me when I was young and so I will stay loyal to them.


Ideal for College Students

When I first arrived on campus my freshman year I had the option to join the credit union associated with my university. Instead I chose to apply for the Discover it card for students. There are so many great aspects to having the Discover it card for students as compared to a Visa card; which I have had before. There is a lot of flexibility in paying off charges, and when I couldnt make my first payment on time I wasnt charged a late fee. Even when I exceeded my charge limit. I also went abroad last year and had the process go much smoother since I didnt have to get another card. The customer service team was great when I lost my card and had to cancel it while abroad; which saved me from paying for the unauthorized charges. I was able to use my card as much as I needed without being charged any fees for the currency conversion. I also appreciate the little extras included with the card. Every month I get my FICO score on my statement and it lets me keep track of how my spending is affecting my scores.


Wonderful start to build credit, especially for students!

I used the ‘It’ card when I left my state of California to pursue a degree at MSU in Michigan. The card itself was wonderful with the payments each month being very reasonable at around $27 per month. I found my spending to be tracked the way I like and they even implemented their own version of moneystream that predicted your balance for next week and gave you updates when the credit was low. I appreciated the building of credit with a reliable card, Discover really helped me out in tough times as well by extending my credit limit when I needed it. I only have good memories from the Discover team.


I have had a really positive experience with this credit card.

I really like the credit card. The only bad thing I have found with it is that a decent amount of places still don’t accept discover. Otherwise, all the other functions are great. It is incredibly easy to view my statement, pay my bill, and redeem my cash back each month.


Great Customer Service but High interest rate

Discover has absolutely the best customer service I have ever experienced with any credit card.This was my first credit card and I wasn’t sure how to watch my balance. I had my identity stolen within the first few months. Someone tried to buy a PlayStation in my city using my information and Discover immediately called me to make sure that it was me along with some other charges to They were literally on the phone with me for only a few minutes and got the situation completely figured out. I felt very safe with them.
It must also be mentioned that I have never been kept on hold with this company even though any time I call the American Express customer service (my other card), I get put on hold.
The only downside to this card is the high interest rate I have on it. As a college student you cannot always pay off the balance immediately and the interest rate makes it much harder to pay off the balance. So I would only recommend this card to people who have a steady job and are able to pay off their balance in full each month. Otherwise you are paying a good sum each month for their excellent customer service.


Amazing card for students.

I absolutely love my Discover for Students. It really helps in times where I don’t have money to buy books or just need to use it to get a meal. The interest is relatively low and I like earning points on purchases that I make.

If you are about to start or are already in school I would recommend that you get this card, it can be a lifesaver. You can even take cash out at the ATM if you need to, so everything about this card is convenient. This card helps you be prepared for whatever may come up.


Credit for College Students

The credit card I selected is Discover it for Students. This is the first credit card I ever got and it is still the only one I am using. I got it whenever I was first started college and I am still currently using it while it college. I think it is a great credit card for any student that is it college. Many college students do not have much money and live from paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes you don’t have all the money you need all at the same time so having a great credit card like this is ideal for any college student.


Very satisfied student!

I am currently a student and this credit card is perfectly suited for my needs.I am able to responsibly use my card without going overboard, like some students tend to do with other cards. The cash back feature is especially appealing for a college student like myself. I really enjoy the flexibility that Discover it gives me with redeeming my cash back bonus. The online tracking is also a feature that I greatly enjoy, since I spend a great deal of time on the computer each day.


Great card for students

Discover has been a great credit company for me. As a student I don’t have a lot of time to worry about problems and any questions of issues I’ve had Discover has been right there to hold my hand. Having access to my FICO credit score monthly gives me peace of mind. This is one of the best credit cards a student could get.


Great first credit card

This credit card was the first credit card that I ever owned. I needed my parents to cosign for it (even though it is a student card, my summer job did not provide enough income to qualify) but have been impressed since the first day that I got it. Right away I received a 50 dollar bonus for reaching a certain threshold of purchases within the first few months (very easy to reach) and also received the monthly cash back bonuses in certain areas, making my total benefits about 70 dollars in the first few months. I still earn about 10 dollars a month by just using the card and paying off my balance each month. Overall, I continue to be very impressed with the rewards system.
Customer service was another area that I was impressed with. When school resumed, I had to call to change my address so I could receive my billing statements where I was living for the year. To my surprise, it was very quick and painless. This is one of the few companies that I have dealt with where I feel they are truly looking to help you. The bar has been set high by Discover for any of the future credit cards I may receive.


Fantastic Costumer Service, Speedy, & Super Helpful

I wasted so much time with Bank of America. I applied for their travel card for my backpacking trip to Iceland next weekend and when I called to talk to an application supervisor last week, I was told I was approved and I would get the card by the end of this week. After getting off the phone with her, my account was gone and I no longer was in their system. I spent over 4 hours on the phone this morning trying to take care of the problem, and after being transferred over 17 times, with no help from any supervisors, I decided enough was enough. I contacted the car rental in Iceland and asked if they accepted Discover and as soon as I got the yes, I applied for the Discover it card. I was approved immediately and received a larger credit limit than Bank of America and with better perks! I called Discover to see how long it would take to get the card and they said they would overnight it to me for free. I would recommend Discover to anyone. I got someone in the US on the phone right away, never got transferred, and had the answers I was looking for within 5 minutes.


Fantastic first credit card for a student, and excellent customer service!

I am currently a student and this is my first card. The credit limit was good and the customer service is excellent. This card has little to no fees involved and many benefits thats a student can take advantage of like 0% apr for 6 months and no annual fees. Also this card requires no past credit history which is great for a student because many don’t have one. I got $1000 limit of my card which is great for my college expenses and things. HIGHLY recommend this card to any students looking for their first credit card. Cannot get better then this.


My first “real” credit card – wonderful!

I moved up to this card after using a pretty awful starter credit card after getting at job at 18. The Discover It student card has been an amazing experience for a young adult like myself, who has gone on to build excellent credit without the help of a parent as a cosigner! (My parents have awful credit).

If it wasn’t for Discover, and their student program, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to build up my credit like I have. My FICO is currently 747 at age 22! :smiley:


awful !! worst credit card experience i have ever had!!

Real simple, the most unorganized company i have ever delt with!! from top to the bottom filled with ridiculous customer service and un qualified assistance to most simple task… took me over three months and hours of cell phone calls just to get my son a card and i have a credit score over 800… took two month’s just to get an application sent to my house !!!


Best Student Card

Wasted 3 years with the Wells Fargo Student Card. Got the IT card for 2 months and already accrued more rewards. The IT card also has a referral program giving out $50 (which also doubles in 12 months) to new applicants. So basically you get $100 just for signing up. And your rewards are 1% or 5% which also double in 12 months (giving you 2% and 10% rewards if you don’t assume time value of money) . If you get the referral its honestly one of the best cash back cards out there and you can GET IT AS A STUDENT!