Discover It For Students

Discover It For Students
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Amazing Customer Service

I’ve had a Capital One card and it’s been a not so amazing experience. Just got my Discover card and there was some fraud, but the customer service at Discover was more than amazing with not only freezing the account and making the transactions disappear when they were still pending, but it was all down within less than 24 hours. I highly recommend it.


Disappointed with Discover application process

My son is going into his sophomore year at college, on the Dean’s List, good student, etc. Wanted to get his first credit card and applied at local bank. Of course, denied since he’s a full time student. Then applied for Discover It Student card since online reviews are good and Discover claims they want college students as customers. Discover denies him saying he had too many hits in his credit record? Never mind his 655 FICO score. Told him to re-apply in a couple of months. Thumbs down to Discover It Later Student Card.



Good luck having them approve you.


worst credit card ever

It was my first credit card but it was closed 20 days after I got it. I tried to pay off more than 10 days before the due day but at that time I was not familiar with the payment process so it was unsuccessful at first. I was able to pay before they due day finally but they closed my account without any notice.



I applied for this card and I had an email saying I needed to call and verify my application. When I called they were trying to get my to tell them my social security number over the phone and if I didn’t they couldn’t process my application!!! Of course I didn’t give them my social over the phone and I had to turn down my application.


Great card

Great card to build credit with. Website and app makes everything easy and allows me to make multiple payments a month (I usually pay every time I get a paid). I get a credit score every month and if there is ever an issue they are excellent over the phone. They are also really generous with their credit line increases if you maintain good standing. I opened it with a $500 CL and that has increased to $2,200 within 1 year and 8 months. Plus, I once lost my card and they overnighted me a new one for free, I’ve heard people tell me they have to pay for replacements with some banks.


Easy, secure, good rewards, great way to build credit

I’ve had this card just over a year now and I really liked it. The website and mobile app are easy to use and make it clear whats due when. Discover sends your reminder to pay a week in advance of your due date, and you get 3 late payments. There is free SSN, credit card monitoring and text/email alerts. They also provide you with a credit score (if/once you have one). The card itself has a few cute styles and it has a chip so it can be used abroad. If you’re careful and smart there is no reason this card won’t help you build your credit. The rewards are pretty good too, 5% cash back on categories that rotate quarterly and 1% back on everything else. I “made” like $70 in my first year spending regularly. They will also match that amount your first year. There are also a bunch of places you get a % off or better cash back but I haven’t used any of those yet. Overall this is a crazy good deal, especially for students with limited credit/income and it really helped me build my credit and learn to use a credit card.


Discover is a problem in Canada

Got this card for my kid who goes to college in Canada. NOBODY ACCEPTS THIS CARD IN CANADA. Total disaster.


Wonderful :frowning:

I have been using a debit card for the last five years and with running a small part time business the need for a credit card has become very apparent. So I applied for this card because I was Pre approved and had been declined by another credit card company. So I applied and I was denied. I dont understand this it is a student credit card, correct? I have a credit score from a vehicle loan I had done in the past and had successfully payed off. I am a full time student who makes over $24,000 a year and has around $10,000 in liquid assets. I dont know why I was denied but it is incredibly frustrating especially when I met all of the requirements they had for this card. My question is why lay out guidelines for the card then deny someone for meeting all the guidlines that they put in place? Insanity!


Hands down the best card!

Amazing customer service. Very generous lines of credit offered. Amazing perks such as 0% APR Direct Transfers for personal cash advances.

Amazing card from start to finish. I will never cancel this card.


Great card with no issues and great benefits!

I started with a $500 limit, used about $30 each month and made all my payments and after a year, my credit score is 724 at 19. My credit line was also increased to $1500 after one year. The cashback bonus is also great, as I have racked up about $130 total. Use my referral link to sign up! You will get a $50 statement credit.