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Love this card!!

I applied for this card and was approved, every step was fast and easy I am looking for credit to go up happy Discover is giving me a chance.



This card is great!!! Excellent Customer service!!!


Great Card for Credit Newbies

Applied for this card on my 18th Birthday with no credit history and got approved! Great Customer Service and Descent Rewards for a Secured Credit Card! The only thing I don’t like is I approach my credit line of $300 fast in a cycle just for simple purchases such as gas, so I find myself keep having to pull out my debit card to pay. Only using this card to improve my credit score so I can get a true credit card with higher rewards. Hopefully I can have my deposit back within 6 months of opening my account. Great Card Overall!



I got approved with no credit history and it works great! I have a 739 FICO Score, after 6 months, thanks to this card. The free cashback is icing on the cake, too!


Love Love Love

Got this card, it was SUPER EASY. Excellent customer service and experience so far. Would definetly recommend this card to anyone trying to build credit and be smart about it!!


Great for expats with no Credit Score

Applied for this card about 2 months after I moved in the USA, application was quick and easy, not a single issue in the past 6 months, cashback with every bill cycle and a 740 credit score after 6 months. Pretty awesome.


Recent bankruptcy and past bankruptcy

My chapter 7 bankrupt was discharged 2 months ago and I filed for bankruptcy 8 years ago and it’s still showing on my credit. I researched different bk forums and they all said 2 years post bk. After getting my fico score for free from discover a score of 598, I was just led to take the chance even though I was recently denied for cap 1. To my surprise I was approved and made a $800 payment. I hope this helps builds my credit! I had a discover card before and it was lovely.





Awesome Card

This card is great. It helps you rebuild your credit, with on time payments. So far, I have been making these payments on time, and should receive a review within 7 months to get this card turned into an unsecured credit account, and with my deposit returned as well.



This card is awesome


Best Secured Credit Card Out There

Hi Everyone,

After i read some of your comments here I wanted to share my Discover It Secured Credit Card experience with you and hope that would help and answer some of your questions.

When i have applied for the regular Discover It credit card i have been denied due to no history and a pop up screen suggested me to apply to a secured one and i have applied this unsecured credit card right away after i made a little research and see that it is one of the best unsecured credit cards on the market and it had also a graduation feature which not many secured credit cards. Basically as you may already read, they review your account (i think that happens automatically)after 6-7 months of use and if they see a responsible use they change your credit card to an unsecured one and return your deposit back in check.

After i applied to unsecured card i have been approved right away and it asked me how much credit limit i would want with a note saying i will need to deposit that same amount of money from a source in order to get that limit. I have started with $750 limit and transferred this money from my personal bank account. And after couple weeks i learned that this card can go up to $2500 limit max with more deposit and since this was going to be returned after it graduates to an unsecured one i have put more money down and raised my limit (At this point the choice is yours , you absolutely not need to raise your limit to the max. I did it to help my utilization and higher my credit limit which will also boosts my credit score increase during my 6 months usage before becoming an unsecured credit card.)

I have used my credit card for 6-7 months and I kept my balance at below 9-10% all the time and paid the entire balance right away before the due dates.

After 6-7 months i have received an email and a letter in the mail saying that my credit card has been graduated to an unsecured one with the same limit and they have also returned my $2500 deposit back in 3-4 business days.

Now i have requested another credit increase after my credit card graduated and i have been denied. When i called and asked the reason they told me they need some more history with my unsecured card. Oh and i also wanted to mention that i have switched my card benefits to regular Discover it one with 5% rotating category after i learned that is possible at any time meaning you don't need to wait your card to graduate for that feature.

So now i will use it some more and request a credit increase.

I also want you to know that before i got this card my wife got a Capital One Platinum secured credit card and she has no graduation option and they don't increase her limit also her card has almost no good benefits.

Just wanted you to know if you are planning to apply a capital one secured credit card compared to her card discover credit card is much better choice.


I like it

It was easy to sign up for it. Got it in the mail in roughly a week or less. So far it has been dependable like any other credit card. I wish when I use it for gas that it would do the actual amount and not just take $1 then leave me unsure of how much I have remaining for three days roughly. Other than that, easy use of the website. Not bad for a first credit card.

btw try and keep it for more than 9 years; makes your credit score stay good.


Fast Approval Process

I have a very low credit score of 500 and got approved immediately. Application process is really simple and if you need more time to fund your card, there’s an option. You will be asked to submit your application then after your approval, then they will ask for bank account information. NOT BEFORE like most secure cards. I really like that feature. I also have the Citibank secure card and no delinquent accounts. Citibank does not have the many features as Discover. I hope that these cards becomes unsecured before Christmas so I can enjoy having a actual credit card by then. My card should be here in 2 weeks. I will update in a month. Good luck to you all!


Great process

Looking forward to developing my credit further from this point, I’ve heard nothing but good things with this company, and this card has been the only one that offers the kind of benefits it does.



I love it


The “it” Card of Secured Cards

Ditto all 5 star ratings, ignore any compliants, too minor for a secured card that earns rewards they match for first year, has no annual fee, and can convert to unsecured card?! Forget about it!


Simple and easy Mobile App

I love the mobile app I can do almost everything I can from the website and I love it simple and easy to use just the way it should be even more when making payments they make it simple and just FYI A month and a half of having this card my credit score started at 469 I am currently at 540 +71 points in less than 2 months I been keeping my utilization down to about 15% I’ll never use anything else


Not for everyone

I had a bankruptcy over 4 years ago and was denied because of it. Would not of applied if they would have informed before applying. Dinged my credit score which I was trying to improve. Very disappointing!


You have been warned

I have had the Discover Secured IT (stupid name) for the past 7 months. Always paid the card off in full every month.

(1) Discover will not protect you from fraud. I ordered some product online (never received) and Discover issued a temporary credit. The credit was reversed and I lost 145.63.
(2) Secured card holders are treated like third, not second class citizens. Discover will not deny that Secured accounts are treated differently.
(3) They report balances due to credit bureaus when your balance is zero. They reported I owed 463.00 in July 2017, when I had a credit balance of 32.03.
(4) RUDE supervisors that know you are a Secured card holder and treat you as such. Laughing on the phone, lying and unwilling to assist you.
(5) This card is treated like a prepaid card.
(6) Not secure for online transactions.
(7) Reports to bureaus as a Secured Card.
Just because something says free doesn’t mean it is.