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Discover It Secured Review | Nerd Wallet
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Do you REALLY get your security deposit back?

When I applied for the card in December 2016, they required a security deposit. My credit was in the upper 500s at that time. I was rebuilding my credit. This was the only credit card I had after closing out 3 cards before this. I put $300 down. I used it constantly & paid it off every time. Fast forward to Feb 2018. I now have 11 other credit cards (12 in total) and a $4k loan w/ One Main Financial. My highest CL is with Bank of America for $1,800 and I just got it Jan 2018. This Discover card is the ONLY $300 SECURED card that I have! What gives??? Every time I ask them when will my card “graduate,” I get the same response … “the system determines that, we don’t.” So my credit is determined by a computer, and not a company???


Asked for photo of license and Social Security card to apply

Not only did it ask for all of my banking info and social security number (normal for a credit card application) but it asked for my mothers maiden name AND a photo of my drivers license and SSI card to upload. This made me VERY uneasy. To be clear, I don’t have the card, I couldn’t make it past the social security card upload. Very Scary.


Pay off your balance every month, don’t use more than 30%!

I chose the Discover it Secured Card over the Capital One Secured Mastercard, and I opened the account in Jan '18. My credit score began in the low 500s (or potentially lower than that if I remember correctly), my credit history is less than 5 years old, I have a few collections, and 2 “late payments” (student loan nonsense!). My credit score went up 79 points on Transunion, and 95 points on Equifax between Feb '18 when I made my first payment, and now April '18 (my 3rd payment is due this week)–so that’s only after two payments! I pay off my balance IN FULL when it’s due at the end of the month, and I never spend more than 30% of my credit limit within that month. If you need to improve your credit, I recommend giving this card a try and using the methods I mentioned above.


Approved for the first time in 3 years!

I’ve definitely F’d my credit up during a stint in grad school and had some bad marks despite having a great job currently. I put down 400 and got this card in 2 weeks. Major bank, great app, good cashback for common purchases like gas and groceries. My credit score went up 96 points personally.


So Far So Good

Applied and approved for the Discover IT Secured card around August 2017 with a credit score of about 560. Deposited the $200 and have not been late or missed any payments. Still haven’t graduated but I’m noticing that comes within the 8-12 month time frame. Although my utilization is a little high (After all limit is only $200), I often make multiple payments a month. Thinking about increasing by deposit for higher unsecured limit down the line. Credit score now just over 600 and climbing. If you’re looking to repair some damage and improve your credit, this is the card for you. No issues whatsoever so far. Fingers crossed on graduating sooner than later.


The Best Card to build credit hands down!

just like everyone else my credit was to low for a unsecure card. I put the $200 down and make monthly payments my best advice is to buy a tank of gas every month with this card and pay half of it. this card has gave my wife and I no problems at all and you get cash back that you can use towards your payment who doesn’t like that! All smiles from this happy family!


Terrible application process

If I could give them 0 stars I would! I was actually excited to get this it card and ready to do my deposit and everything then their bootleg website wouldn’t allow me to upload my docs… I called the customer service multiple times the first lady said “ohh you’re ok just wait until they do the small deposits and verify them and you’ll be fine” so i called to verify the deposits and still couldn’t upload my docs… I called their terrible customer service agents AGAIN and the lady immediately sent my application for denial like its my fault their webpage didn’t work! I thought you were supposed to HELP people Discover? This is ridiculous… Then I called yet again and they lady was so dismissive… I guess since they didn’t want me as a customer they didn’t have time to deliver that “world class customer service” they brag about… Bye Discover I’m headed to Capital One!


Great Card for Building Credit

7 months ago I had no credit. I needed to do something to establish a good credit score so I could get approved for a house loan. I got this card and a capital one card, $300 on each. I’ve always kept my credit utilization under 30% and always paid in full on time. In 8 months of using these cards I went from no credit score to a 708. And yesterday Discover Card emailed me that they are returning my security deposit and upgrading me to a normal card with a $1,750 credit limit. I am extremely happy with the card and what it has done for my credit score. I recommend for anyone trying to build credit.


DO NOT USE DISCOVER! 18 months later!

I have had a secured it card for 18 months. I have paid on time every month. I pay the FULL STATEMENT BALANCE ALWAYS. Sometimes I even pay every 2 weeks. They have not given me back my security deposit. I will never use them again. I also have AMEX and capital one. They are unsecured and they have both raised my credit limits (both cards are only 6 months old) without me having to ask based on my payment history with them. DO NOT USE DISCOVER SECURED CARDS!!!


Amazing Credit Card!!!

I arrived in America in Jun/17. As a foreigner had no credit and had a really hard time buying anything.
As soon as I got my SNS, I applied for Discover. A friend of mine had already recommended it to me.
Made a $600 deposit and started using it on Oct/17.
I used a lot, paying every 3 days, but would never let my monthly statement balance be above 30% of the limit.
On May 5th I checked my credit score, and it was available: FICO 704, Experian 715.
Just now I got an e-mail from them saying that they would be returning my deposit, and increasing my limit to $1,800.

The cashback program is a great plus.

Unfortunately, they are removing the purchase benefits (like extended warranty, price match etc.), but I will still use this card a lot.


Got Approved

I have a recent BK chap. 7, discharged and was approved within minutes of applying. I just want to rebuild my credit and hopefully be able to buy a home in the future. Thank You Discover.


Great for building your credit

I got this card December 2017. I have always paid it off in full. In May 2018, I received a credit limit increase and a refund of my deposit. I love this card for helping build my credit, monitoring my account security and allowing me to have free monthly updates of my FICO credit score. The only thing that I’d say could be improved is the cash back rewards. Its only 1% which isn’t that great. They do offer cash back match after the first year which is nice, but with only 1% you may not get back much. All in all this card was a great investment and I am very glad I chose this over other cards.


Great information

Thanks for this great information


Would never recommend!

I have had this card for 1 year and 5 months. I applied for this card to help build my credit and received it in the mail within 2 weeks. I paid my $200 security deposit and paid my monthly bill every month! Always on time, never late. I have 100% on time payment history. I now have 2 cards with Capital One. 1 Capitol One cad was secured and 6 months later I received a credit line increase. 2nd Capital One card is the QuickSilver and within 3 months I received a credit line increase, as well. 3rd card is with CREDIT ONE, which is the worst compared to Capitol One & Discover, has given me the highest credit line between all my cards & I have never had any problems all at… With that being said, I am beyond disappointed with DISCOVER. After a year & 1/2, I cannot get my deposit back not even a credit line increase. NOTHING. My credit scores are pretty decent compared to where I started thanks to Capitol One & Credit One. To Discover Bank: you will never have my recommendation and/or my business again.


Good for credit building

Got card about 6 months ago with 200 dollar deposit only used for gas and what not paid off ever month and credit jumped from a 557 to a 667 fast



I love it



I got this card in May 2017. I had hoped that after 6 months it would convert to an unsecured card, but it didn’t. Needless to say I was a little bummed over that, but I kept going along. I always paid the balance on this card in full. Well, I opened my email this AM & I received word that they were converting it to an unsecured card, increasing my limit to $2,000 & sending my $200 back. I’m pretty happy that it’s finally happened.