Discover It (W/ 18mo Balance Transfer)

Discover It (W/ 18mo Balance Transfer)
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Wonderful card with an excellent rewards program

The Discover credit card has great benefits attached to it. I was able to transfer some higher interest credit debt to this card with a lower APR and have it paid off in 7 months. Also, the 5% cash back has been wonderful for my family. I use this card for groceries, gas and entertainment and i receive the 5% cash back which I can use in exchange for a statement credit or gift cards. The customer service is great as I have never had any problems and the associates have always been extremely helpful and resolutions are pretty quick. I would recommend this card to anyone who was looking for a credit card with a great rewards program.


Good card but pay attention the variable rate.

At first I really enjoyed the card. Nice balance transfer, a GC offer from Amazon, too. Easy to use website, 0% transfer and purchases, relatively low APR once that was up (11.99%, I believe), and timely posting of the monthly statement. None of the payment is due in 2 weeks and we finally uploaded the pdf breaking down what you owe. Also, the FICO scores and credit spending breakdown tool are good.

But then the APR jumped to 18.99. So the balance left after the transfer period ended up costing much more than anticipated. Also a relatively high % of balance goes towards the minimum. That’s both good and bad, depending on how you look at it. Overall, I can’t complain about the card–I’ve had no issues, it’s worked well, and as long as I pay off thebalance it won’t get hit by a lot of interest. But jumping from 12 to 19% was pretty bad.



I have been a customer with Discover since 2005. It has been utmost pleasure doing business with them. From easy free payments over the phone, creating an online login to check my transactions, fraud protection, balance transferring, cash back rewards, to superb customer service. I had once been over the limit in a huge emergency. I was states away from home and been a victim of grand theft auto. Luckily, I had my purse with me. I was scared as I didn’t know how I was going to get home and I thought I was going to starve to death. Knowingly, I was over the limit on my Discover card, I was able to charge for meals during bus layover. Even better, they even waived the overlimit fees, $35 each at 6 times. I have always been grateful to them after that and remained a customer. That experience changed my life as it was a traumatic time. They will always have my thanks.


Great card with rewards

I received this card about a year ago. I applied mainly for the 0% interest for the first 18 months, and the ability to transfer balances from my other credit card. I also like their rewards program in which I receive a small percentage of all of my purchases back to use at my discretion. This really adds up if you use your credit card a lot for purchases such as gas and groceries. I also like their security. When I first got the card and registered online, they wanted to know if I wanted to notified via text message every time my card was used. This puts my mind at ease as I really am notified every time I use my card. Their customer service department is also very easy to contact, and are very good with customer service. All in all, I am very happy with my Discover card.


Excellent card for anyone

I got this card about a year ago as a replacement for my two Capital One cards. I was offered an excellent deal with the 18 month 0% APR on balance transfers. I was given a generous credit line and went ahead and transferred balances. The card has been nothing but a pleasure for me since. Free FICO score every month and cash back bonuses on a very wide range of purchases(including gas and online shopping) make this card a no-brainer.


Amazing card for balance transfer

I was late a couple days with a credit card payment on a different card. Immediately the next month they raised the interest rate to the maximum allowed(29.99%). I was stuck paying minimum balances for a while until I found this card. I was able to transfer my balance interest free for 18 months! This saved me a ton of money in the end. I cannot comment on the rewards because I have not used this card for many purchases but I do receive emails about their offers and they do look better than what other cards have to offer.


the perfect card for Amazon addicts

I’ve had the Discover card with 18 month balance transfer for a few years now. There is a cash back program that applies to certain purchases at a rate of 5% and 1% for all other purchases. This a great bonus program and the one thing I didn’t know is that if you link the Discover card with bonus cash back to you automatically get to credit your bonus money towards any purchase. I was rather pleased when I found this out and now I make all my Amazon purchases on my Discover card.


Excellent card for any income.

Was my first real credit card, applied for it…had to call in to confirm some information. Customer service was excellent, helpful, and polite. I had a few questions with how things worked, they explained everything to me. Customer support alone I’d rate them 5 stars.

As for the actual card, everywhere around me takes it, the cashback rotation is very generous. They rotate seasonally what gets more, at the moment gas gets 5%, but over the holiday season, holiday shopping gets 5% more. Otherwise you get 1% back on everything, with a very generous cap.

APR is terrific, and they (unlike most card companies) lower as you prove that you are no risk to them. I went down almost 3% 3 months after I called and asked them to lower it. Discover is willing to work with you, and also will protect you from any fraudulent charges. I can’t advocate this company enough for someone for their first card, the level of support and cashback you receive is terrific.


It has some benefits

The card is okay overall. It is definitely not my favorite card and I only applied because of the balance transfer offer. I was paying too much in interest with another card and I wanted to get a bit of a break. I transferred just over $1000 onto the Discover It card. The transfer fee was more than reasonable and I had plenty of time to pay it off without encountering added interest.

Honestly, that is pretty much the only benefit. My APR is rather high, even though I have a very good credit score. There are rewards associated with the card, but the interest is rather off-putting. I only use this card if I know I can pay it off immediately. That way I can get the rewards and pay the full balance before interest fees are charged.

I also get my credit score each month with this card. It’s nice to see my progress as I pay off my debt. This alone, however, is not the biggest deal to me. Since I can monitor my credit and see a detailed report of my credit online (for free), seeing the score alone isn’t particularly helpful.


Great for college students!

A rep at Discover told me that almost everyone gets approved but students with good grades going to great universities get a higher balance! This was very very true! I had initially called to get a quote to see how much I’d be approved for as a high school student and it was only $500! One year later when I got into Yale that bumped up to $1500 + a bonus of a $100 Amazon gift card! I had to sign up! I started out with Discover it for Students and when I was no longer a student it was bumped up to Discover it (w/ 18mo balance transfer)! This was fantastic! I had a pretty high balance my last month at university and this was just what I needed! I didn’t even have to call to ask they did this for me!


  • When you miss your first late payment they wave it as a courtesy, but any other payment after that they will do so after if you have a valid reason! If it’s your banks fault simply fax them over the information and they will take care of it!
  • They’re rewards are something people complain about a lot but get this, in a whole year you may get 1% cash back with every purchase with other cards, but in the fall you get 5% cash back for online purchases and department stores with Discover it! You basically make a years worth of rewards in just three months!
  • With fraud being a big issue these past few years it’s good to know Discover has your back. Claims are quick and easy, you can submit them online and you never ever have to pay for something that you did not purchase. You need to have a credit card these days and Discover has been the easiest out of a few other name brand cards I’ve had. Not to mention their customer service is great.
  • Building up on that, customer service is just great at Discover. They really truly are friendly. Those commercials you see, we’d treat you like you’d treat you? Spot on. I love talking to them with all of my questions they sound genuinely interested in helping you unlike others bank that make you wait 3-5 minutes for a simple answer just so they don’t have to talk to another customer. Discover is fast and they will stay on the phone for an hour if you need that but that entire hour will be spent talking back and forth no long holds and this is great.


  • I’ve been with them for FOUR years now and have yet to find any.

Overall: Get this card NOW!


Discover IT Card : They treat you well!

I really love my Discover IT card. I have transferred a balance and I am currently enjoying the lower interest rate. I also like the fact that I receive my current credit score on my statement and that all of its customer service is US-based. Like the commercial says, they really do “treat you like you treat you”.

One of the features that come with the card is the cash-back on every purchase made. Even though its 1%, but over time it does add up. I have the option of transferring to a bank account or using it as a credit on my statement. There is an option that I have not used yet and that is the 1st time late payment forgiveness. I don’t plan on being late but I think that this is a very good option that is available to me if I need it.


Best Transfer Card With Some Reward Options

The Discover It card allows me to transfer a balance for up to 18 months without interest for a nominal transfer fee, which is a pretty decent balance transfer period compared to the 12-month transfer cards. There are also quarterly opportunities to sign up for special 5% cashback earnings in special categories i.e. every time I use the card at a gas station between January and March this year. Earning rewards isn’t straightforward, you have to remember to sign-up for the cashback earnings online first in the sign-up period, then remember to use it in the specific category mentioned when you signed up. Rewards can be applied towards your credit payment, to the Discover gift card store, or to an Amazon purchase, all of which are decent options. Decent all-around choice, with the added bonus of there being no annual fee.


Excellent Customer Service and Perks

I am very impressed with the service I have received with this card. First, I was able to transfer some of my cards with a higher rate very easily and since they have been paid off within the 18 months no interest period, I have saved quite a bit of money. In addition, you can earn a great deal of points if you sign up each quarter for higher rewards on certain products.
There was an issue with this card however, even though I do not carry this card as I used it to mainly transfer and pay off balances at the promotional rate, somehow, my account information was stolen and a large amount of charges were placed on it. The people at Discover handled this by freezing the account and reissuing the card with all fraudulent charges removed. While this was inconvenient, I felt very happy with the way this was taken care of and my credit was never impacted because of the quick response time by the company.


Great card for parents

i like the balance feature. this is my first credit card and i love how easy to use it is. this is a great card for parents with unexpected expenses!


A highly recommended card for anyone!

I have been using this card for over a year now and I have been very satisfied with the rewards and service. I managed to receive a credit line increase within 6 months of enrolling, in spite of my credit score not being very high. 18 month with 0% apr for balance transfers is also a plus.

Low Apr and decent cash rewards for purchases each month. All in all, I am satisfied with Discover It and highly recommend it.



I’ve been a Discover More card holder since 2010 . I have a 773 FICO . I’ve never paid interest on any card ( Amex , MC , Visa or Discover ) as I pay in full .

I applied for a discover IT on and was given a low CL with a purchase APR at 20.99% I then asked what my More card was . I was told it is 18.99% .

I called customer service was told they couldn’t do anything … Lol .

Needless to say since I have other cards at a low of 8.99%
I will be canceling both Discover cards .

I applied for a Citi Diamond preferred , was given a high CL and their lowest ongoing Purchase APR after My Discussions with Discover …


Excellent help from well spoken customer support!

I will be with Discover forever. Great money saving promotions. Super intelligent phone support from American people. Earn money back and get free gift cards or discounted gift cards with every purchase.


Very happy with Discover

Discover has been absolutely great. I was going through a hard time financially and I happened to mention it to the customer service rep. What happened? Discover sent me a check for $100, no strings attached! They also just increased my credit limit due to, as they put it, my “overall excellent credit management”. I will always have this card.


Discover Closed my Account!

After having my card for several years Discover closed my account because they said I was not utilizing the card often enough. They did this completely out-of-the-blue; I received only an email from them stating that my account was closed due to inactivity. If I would have been traveling with this card at this time I would have been in deep trouble.

I am being 100% sincere when I tell you that my FICO score is above 820 and I have no outstanding debt, so I consider this move to be manic on their part!