Discover It (W/ 18mo Balance Transfer)

Discover It (W/ 18mo Balance Transfer)
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My goto card

Very happy with this card. Use it for everything & pay balance each month. Rewards points go further on the gift cards I get because they are 20% off. Good security built in. Customer service has always been great.


Approved for $2,500 within seconds!

Recommended by NW for balance transfers.


I love Discover! Customer service is phenomenal!

I just love the customer service so much. From the iPhone app—SECONDS away (literally!) I have my questions answered every time. Also, I don’t even know how much cash back I get from what specifically, but I’ve gotten a sweet amount of money in cash back! :slight_smile: Highly recommend Discover… It is also my very first credit card and now I have excellent credit!



With a FICO score of 577, I would say I was very amazed they approved a Credit line of $4,500 within 15 seconds. I did have excellent payment history at least the last 3 years with a Furniture Warehouse… not much else to show off except maybe the annual income (30K back then) vs the debts that I had registered under my name (About $500 on bills monthy). I must say the MOBILE APP is absolutely gorgeous, well designed, user friendly, and provides all the access to your Credit Card features. If you are considering applying for this card, just go for it, there are no cons. Only thing I would say, if you are aware your credit is too compromised, or you do have anything less than Excellent Payment History, contact their agents first and see if they could “Run a pre-qualifying test” to determine eligibility.


Ordinary card, not everywhere accepted

It’s probably good for people without good credit history or as a first card. I got mine 8 years ago mainly for the promotional reasons ($75 promotion). I was never late and always paid in full. I also have a savings with Discover.
Promotions are not that good comparing to other cards. Their 5% gas promotion goes in Jan-March, which overlaps with the same in Chase Freedom. Other categories are mostly useless if you are not Amazon user.
I planned to use it anyway and ask for the credit line increase as the current one ($3k) was not enough. And I was really surprised they denied it (giving my perfect credit with FICO>800). I also was not able to sign for the 5% promotion, as it was disallowed.
I have no idea what is going on, but they make me feel like they don’t want me as a customer. I am going to give them my last call and cancel it forever.
Have to mention that Discover is not everywhere accepted, and useless outside of the US.


Not the best interest and payment terms

Not as competitive as other major credit cards


no one takes it

Since not many people take it, I don’t really use it. But I get a lot of personal loan offers from discover and I guess that’s nice if I need it.


Great Card

Easy to transfer to… great customer service!!


A Lousy Credit Card , Terrible Customer Service

Bad customer service, not accepted by small-time businesses, inconsistencies. When I asked for a paperless service, they still send you paper documents to your mail because their system is not consistent . Even if you requested 3x , they still keep sending you paper documents until I yelled at them. They don’t listen to their clients. They just do what they want you to do.


Discover card has a strict policy of kicking you when you are down.

We are in the process of moving for work. While selling our house we were required by the lender to pay for a new roof on our home prior to closing.Work started at our new location before the house sale closed so we are paying both rent and a mortgage. Getting the utilities(electric,gas, water, and internet) set up at the new location caused 4 new credit inquiries. Having to pay rent, a mortgage, and $14k for a roof cause my credit card utilization to increase significantly. This of course caused my credit score to go down. Then Discover card lowered my credit limit to within $125 of my current balance. This further increases my credit card utilization therefore FURTHER lowering my credit score and it takes away purchasing power when I need it the very most! I called Discover card to get my available credit back and the first operator transferred me to her manager and they transferred me to someone else again. They said they just cant do it. I explained to them that I have had a flawless account with them for several years and if they could not give me the credit back they would lose me as a customer. They told me there was nothing anyone there could do because of their policies and my credit score. So in 2 weeks when my house closes I will be pay my credit cards off. I will not be using Discover card for balance transfers or purchases ever again. I don’t want to give my money to a company that kicks you when you are down and says must do this because that is their policy.


Discover’s been my Favorite for >12 years

No phone trees. American based phone support. Nice cash back rewards, knowledgable staff on phone lines who have a willingness to keep customers happy. Waived my late fee when I was having a family emergency. I love this card. I also have the Citi Simplicity, Chase Freedom… this one is my favorite. In Mexico it was not accepted many places, but it still is my go-to that I recommend to all my friends needing a card.


Everyone needs to discover “It”!

I have had this card for about 5 months. I was not looking for another credit card when I came across an article about discover. I have had the same 5 credit cards for over 25 years with low interest rates. I don’t hardly ever use credit and have no debt, high credit score. But the cash back that discover offers is amazing along with the best customer service I have ever had from any credit card company. It is now my “living card”. I use it all the time for everything. Nobody can touch the cash back rewards. Feels good to use a credit card again with confidence!



I was absolutely happy with Discover when I traveled to Dallas in October 2016 and lost my card at the gas station after a purchase. I immediately called customer service and they were so helpful and comforting. They offered to overnight me a card to help with my financial situation. I was very pleased with the high level of professional service and Compassion that I received, especially when I was alone and 1000 miles away from home. I must say that I Have Never Had an unpleasant experience with my Discover Card! I have been a customer for over 11 years!


All Smiles !!!!!!!!!!


customer service

We have been with Discover for over 11 years. Wanted to do a balance transfer and could not get an answer as to WHY we did not qualify for a higher line of credit. Called several times and got a difference answer each time. Our Credit Score is excellent and we had ONE late payment in 11 years (not deliquient, just 12 days late). They all but beg you not to close the account but then are not helpful to STAY with them. SO DISAPPOINTED !


Bait and Switch

I was lured by Discover’s benefits, 0% transfers, bonuses, cash back etc., so I applied. What they did not disclose up front on the application was there IS a balance transfer fee. They later said it was in the details AFTER approval. Total bait and switch. Had I known, I would NOT have applied. Canceled immediately.


Be aware

I got approved without a problem in 2016 for $7500. In 2017 they decrease my limit to half. No delays, paying on time above the minimum. When I called they say they periodically review your credit and they decided I was using the card to much. My balance at the time was $3100. So in an essence they penalize you for using the card. What they expect is for you to pay it off or reduce the balance to 20%. So by them reducing my limit your credit is affected because of your credit utilization. So be aware, I cant wait to pay it off and never use it again.


Balance transfers a joke

Their policy is to approve new customers for very low limits. If you have a balance you wish to transfer that is over 5k, don’t bother.


Terrible in oh! so many ways…

My husband and I have had a Discover card for many years, but had not been using it because we had since acquired far better ones and, also, we wanted to keep our accounts separate for credit bureau ratings; keeping an account ownership in both names means that anything being used on the card shows on both of our credit scores from the 3 credit bureaus.

Last year I saw what appeared to be an excellent offer from Discover: since we had a PERFECT record for over 20 years- no late or skipped payments, and both of our FICO scores from ALL 3 bureaus were over 800, I figured
getting my husband one of his own would be no problem. His income showed over $80,000 and there were no rent or mortgage payments.

Now he had taken advantage of a zero interest offer on another card several months previously- the rate was to expire a few months later and so, because he had paid a bal transfer fee, we had decided to wait until the expiration to pay it off; the balance was around$8,000 but there was around $30,000 in our account- we just had wanted to keep the cash ready for other needs.
Our total credit line (all cards combined) was around $140,000, with most of its being in my husband’s name. Outside of the $8,000’s being used, he had several hundred on another card which he would pay off each month.
One other card had a $39 balance on it.
Well, as I said, the card being offered appeared to be excellent, so he applied- and was turned down! The reasons? We hadn’t been using the other card ($7,000 credit line balance) and the fact that the $8,000 on that one balance transfer was too close to the $14,800 limit, they said.

We offered to pay off the $8.000 balance immediately- this didn’t move them. Then they gave him an offer- they would transfer the $7000 card we held already into his name (they wouldn’t just use that amount and change the old card into the one he wanted) and they would give him a $3,000 balance transfer offer WHICH HAD TO BE ACCEPTED BY THE NEXT DAY or it would be withdrawn- and the interest rate was to go to close to 25%!!!

By the way- this sick joke of an offer had come after our placing calls again and again to them. They had returned only one of the promised calls-back and after talking with their ombudsman who had taken this to the highest level (she said) before she, herself, she had contacted me and had -used a very condescending tone with me with that “take-it-or-leave-it” offer.

This had gone on- back-and-forth- for almost one month! Their “managers” are that in name only- they have no authority for anything! Even the original person with whom I talked had looked over the application and had said that he couldn’t see any reason whatsoever for the original turn-down. Even other "managers’ with whom I spoke during all this fun time couldn’t understand why this was happening- and had promised calls with information as to progress (that never happened).

The problem is that once a “hard-pull” credit inquiry has happened it stays on your record for 2 years (impacting the score for the first year); IT IS IMPORTANT TO REALIZE THAT YOU SHOULD NEVER TURN DOWN THE OFFER YOU DO GET, even if you don’t use the card, because the inquiry still stays on your record and at least an offer would increase your credit line (this was a non-issue here in this case, since we already had the $7,000 figured into the total credit line).

T LIKE AN OFFER AND THEN TRY FOR ANOTHER CARD it will PLUNGE YOUR SCORE because over ONE inquiry within a year can take you down 10%. For example, if you have a 750 FICO score, you go down 75 points!

What is needed is the same kind of protocol as they now do with home mortgages and auto purchases: the first inquiry counts, but within a certain time period you can have multiple inquiries which will not bring down your score- as long as you don’t accept any but the one you want. All that would be necessary is that the bank card you’re turning down is reported to all three Bureaus as having been refused. It’s just common sense. We are, essentially, being held captive by the first (bank) card for which we apply since they usually hold back on important information until AFTER you’ve applied (including bait-and-switch offering of inferior cards, not to mention jacking up interest rates). On occasion you’ll find an offer where they inform you of the lowest credit line they offer on their card, or other information that allows you to have enough info before you app Meanwhile Discover keeps trying to get us to use the card we have- yeah- right…


Good Card for everyday but not large purchases

Excellent deals for cash-back match, however, I made the mistake of using this card to order a large purchase from Nikon, a reputable worldwide dealer in camera gear (staying well within my available credit limit) and Discover’s fraud-detection computer denied the transaction without verifying with me first. It flagged NIKON for “fraud”!? This cost me and my business my pre-ordered camera which I needed to use at a particular gig the following weekend. The Discover agent on the phone said “we understand your situation” and “there is nothing we can do”… now it will be weeks out before I get a back-ordered camera, costing me the gig and hundreds of dollars in potential revenue and further business. This is not how you do business.
After this event, I don’t know if I’ll ever use a Discover card again; it’s just not dependable when you need it.


Ripoff company

  1. Their purchase interest rate is the highest in the industry. It took me almost 6 years to get a 2 points down
  2. Their balance transfer offer is a complete ripoff. They give you two options. Pay a transfer fee or no transfer fee but pay interest in balance. I chose the first option only to find out later that they will start charging the regular APR in your purchases, even if you pay it off each month!! Of course, this is the tiny letter after you bite the hook.
  3. I had an additional card for my wife with them (as I do in other 2 cards) then they took it from her because she does not have a SSN (not allowed to have one, just an ITIN). Any other company and bank uses the ITIN without issue.
    Conclusion: They have consistently, year-by-year, proved to be an exclusive, narrow-minded and greedy company. A complete ripoff. Don’t recommend.