Discover It (W/ 18mo Balance Transfer)

Discover It (W/ 18mo Balance Transfer)
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Kept checking pre qualify till i was approved

I liked the pre qualify to not get a hard inquiry until I was qualified


Great card to carry!

1.5 miles and matching miles that never expire are just what I was needing!


Link was not honored

Got the card because of the transfer balance offer and six months later started to get charged interest. Discover did not honor the 18 month zero interest offer and applied the six month zero interest on purchase and balance transfers. Buyer beware.


US Based Customer Service

Great cash-back reward program + English speaking customer service reps based in the good ol’ USA. Support American workers here in the USA (instead of those frustrating off-shore call centers outside the US).


Easy application process.

Decided to try this one due to the review on NerdWallet.


Seemless Application (if you have good credit)

I was looking for a balance transfer card to unload a good chunk of debt incurred during a year of unemployment. My cedit is not bad, but, not so great either, so the credit limit offered on this card was adequate for my needs to pay off the debt in 15 months with no interest.