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Perfect card for first-time credit card users

The Discover it card is a great card for those with little to no previous credit history, allowing them the ability to increase their credit score and working with them to ensure a sound FICO score. The card is accepted nearly everywhere and takes away the restriction of limited usability that many cards for new cardholders offer.

The best feature of the Discover it card is the app paired with it, allowing users to receive online statements, pay their bills online, and even see their FICO credit score free of charge. The card also has a cash back rewards feature from all purchases made with it. Cash back can then be used to pay off a credit card bill or directly deposited into the cardholder’s account.


Good first card with nice rewards

About 6 months ago I applied for Discover It as my first credit card. I have been really enjoying this card so far. There is a 5% cash back in categories that change each quarter of the year. For example one quarter it could be for gas and ground travel, another quarter it will be Restaurants. All other purchases get 1% cash back. The cash back can be redeemed at any time and it never expires. I personally buy on Amazon frequently and this card allows me to use my cash back instantly with them. There is no annual fee for this card and no over-limit fee. Another plus to this card is the free FICO credit score each month. Overall this is an excellent card that I recommend to people looking for a first credit card.


Very good card overall. Good rewards.

I like the card a lot. It’s my number one choice for almost everything. I really like the rewards credit you get for every purchase and the reward options available are also very good. The rates are good and it’s never been any problem to get my limit raised when I needed to. Never had any problem that they were not ready and willing to work through with me. Highly recommend.


Great cash back card

The Discover It card is a great card if you want points that can be redeemed for cash or statement credit. It has 1% cash back on all purchases but the best feature is the 5% cash back on categories that change every quarter. It currently has 5% cash back on gas. They used to only allow you to cash in the points when you got $50 worth of points, but they have recently changed that policy to allow you to cash the points in at any time. This is a great feature for families and those that commute for work. If you have good credit, you also might qualify for an introductory 0% interest rate as well. Overall, this is a great card for me.


Great card for benefits

This is the best credit card I have used to date. The rewards are excellent. It is also easy to get as a student just out of college. The online support is better than any others I have had to deal with. Lastly, you can redeem your rewards in many different fashions, allowing you flexibility with your money.


Great card for every occasion

I have the Discover it card. I am very pleased with this card. My card started with a no interest for the first year, which was great. The best thing about this card is the ease of which it is to handle and keep track of spending. The website is fabulous. First off, you get a free FICO score whenever you want. It also keeps track of where you use your card; whether it was used for gas, eating, home repair, etc. It breaks this down and displays in a pie graph for your reference. Setting up payments is a breeze through the site also. One of the best things about this card however, is the rewards. Everytime you use your card, you accumulate rewards points. These can be cashed as a check, deposit, gift card, or throw it towards your balance. You can also use your points to purchase items on amazon. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this card, as it has a lot to offer.


Great Card for Anyone

This is a great credit card to have. I always get 1% cash back for all purchases I make using the card. In addition, I get 5% back for specific purchases. For example, I can get 5% back on all gas purchases.

This credit card is also great to have because the website makes it very simple to pay bills. You can review every transaction right on the web. Also, you can see your credit score.


Great card for everyone

I got referred to use the Discover it credit card by a friend that had been using it for a couple of months. When I signed up for my card, I got approved, as a student, very quickly and very easily. I loved that I got to choose the design I wanted on my card. When I received my card in the mail I called and talked to the very nice and personable customer service agent and got my card activated and all of my questions answered. Both me and the friend that referred me got a $50 cash back credit to use on our card, which in my opinion was the best part about getting this card.

As far as using the card goes, I love it. It is accepted almost everywhere and I get 1% cash back on everything I purchase. Each quarter they have a special promotion and you get 5% cash back on a specific category of purchases (i.e gas, food, online purchases). Making payments is very easy to do over the internet or on your phone. The app that allows me to check my balance and make payments is very user friendly and convenient. Overall, I am completely satisfied with my Discover it card.


Great card for building your credit.

It was very convenient whenever I didn’t have access to money. It also has a great rewards program. The monthly payments are reasonable and the interest rates.


A great card with useful bonuses and benefits

I began using the Discover It card a few months ago because my wife has been a long time user of Discover cards. My impression so far have been very positive. The only complaint I have is that Discover automatically signed us up for a “monthly protection service” related to the card. We would not have chosen this service on our own. The card offers 1% cash back on all purchases as well as 5% cash back in specific categories that change quarterly. The most recent bonus cash back product offered 5% cash back for many online retail purchases. This was a great bonus that allowed us to save on our holiday shopping.
I would recommend the Discover It card to anyone looking to save money on their everyday purchases. Discover also includes free credit scores on each monthly statement which is an excellent tool for anyone concerned about monitoring their credit.


Great card for everyday purchasing

Discover It is my favorite personal credit card and if it were accepted everywhere it would be the one card I leave the house with everyday. There are quarterly categories where you can earn 5% cash back, such as gas stations, restaurants, and retail stores; during the retail quarter which is the end of the year, you also earn 5% cash back on Amazon purchases. This makes it a great card for anyone who buys a lot at Amazon or for the holidays. When buying online, you also get increased cash back percentages at a number of sites when you go through their online shopping portals. The card also provides you with your FICO score for free, updated every month.


Great everyday card with great customer service!

My “Discover it” card is the only major credit card I have, and in my experience it is the only one I need! I use it for all of my major purchases in order to get the most cash back (1% on everything or 5% on certain categories which change every three months). The cash back seems low sometimes, but it is comparable to other cards I’ve seen and the dollars really add up over time. I also love that I can use my cash back bonus directly on Amazon. When I first got my Discover card I was worried I would run in to trouble with businesses not accepting it, but in all honesty I’ve only had that problem a handful of times in the smallest Mom and Pop stores. This allows me to use it for almost everything.
The customer service from Discover is also outstanding. They not only let me see my credit score every month for free, but they handle any problems I’ve had. My card number was stolen one time and used to buy over $800 worth of items. One phone call later the charges were taken off my account and completely handled. Another time I forgot to let them know I was on vacation in another state, and they called to verify the charges I was making were legitimate. This makes me feel completely secure using my Discover card for everything, both online and in person.
Overall I love the Discover it card and would recommend it to anyone.


Great All Purpose Card!

I love my Discover It card. I was hesitant at first because I have never used Discover in the past. I was surprised at how great their customer service is. The card has a lot of features too. My favorite is getting my FICO score updated for FREE every month. That’s right! It’s free! I also get cash back on all my purchases and I have never had any problem with ghost charges with Discover.


Start building your credit now

I have had no qualms with Discover for nearly 10 years. After a few years of timely payments, they raised my limit and lowered my interest. In terms of customer service, my calls have always been pleasant. Once when my card was stolen they called me within 48 hours to notify me of suspicious activity and the charges were removed from my account. My only gripe is that they have such stiff standards when you seek to raise your credit limit yourself (rather than them providing you the opportunity); while I know my low-income status affected their decision, I believe they did not provide my stellar payment history the credence it deserved.


Great all-around cash-back card

Of all of my cards, I use this one the most often. The Discover website is well-designed and easy to use. You never have to try too hard to find the information you’re looking for. The rewards, which can be used for cash back or for credit on websites like Amazon, are good. 5% cash back is available year-round for a particular category that changes on a quarterly basis. It’s particularly nice that online shopping gets 5% cash back in the period leading up to the holidays. And of course, Discover offers all of the other usual perks such as purchase protection, auto rental insurance, fraud protection, etc


Best and Easiest Cash Back, Great Customer Service

I have been happy with this card for years. The statements are surprisingly easy to read and understand, as well as Discover’s phenomenal cash back program. I was told this is the card to get based on the high and simple cash back rewards, and I was not disappointed. The online notifications and fraud detection on this card is also accompanied with high levels of customer service, as I have come to happily expect with Discover.


A great card for the rewards, if you plan to pay off your balance regularly.

My Discover It credit card has been a good fit for my life - the company’s customer service is competent, and their rewards program has gotten me a lot of money back. This card features rotating rewards categories that will get you 5% back on each purchase, and offer 1% back on everything else. This money adds up surprisingly fast, and you can now access it anytime. It’s also easy to apply your reward money to an Amazon purchase, which is a fun convenience that makes it nice to treat yourself with.
My online banking experience with the card has also been great. Easy, streamlined, with convenient access to my monthly credit report. My only complaint with this card is their relatively high APR compared to some other cards out there. I make it a point to pay the entirety of my statement balance most months in order to not lose money to this. But if you want a credit card that you plan to regularly pay off, this might be a great fit for you.


Best card with no fees and easy to use!

Since having the Discover It card, there’s no annual nor membership fees included. The main advantage is the free credit score check when you log into your account at anytime, and click at the top to open it up. Also the cash back feature is one of the best, as it now allow you to redeem at any amount. This makes great for using your card and knowing once cash accumulates, you may redeem. Knowing your credit score is something most people don’t really love looking into but Discover allows you to view it free.

I also like the design of the It card. Every time I make a purchase, people allows give it a second look because the front is a blue steel like appearance without the numbers. They flip it over and say, “oh ok.” Since having this card, I was able to receive 2 credit increases and had no problems with the customer service, which has always been smooth. I would definitely apply if this is your first card, as it is simple to use with a quick approval after applying.


Great benefits with this card for everyone

I like the benefits the Discover It card provides me compared to other credit cards I have and have had in the past. Firstly I like that my credit score is provided to me on my statement for free every month without having to jump through any hoops to get it. I love the options for the cash back bonus and you can even apply the bonus as a credit to your statement or have it deposited to your bank account although I mostly use the bonus to pay on Amazon. Signing up for the special rewards every few months is only a one click deal. The APR is not the best honestly but if your like me and pay the card off every month the benefits outweigh the higher APR and I would not hesitate to recommend this credit card.