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Discover It
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Great customer service and fraud protection, but with limits on rewards

Discover alerted instantly of a pending fraud charge and immediately removed it when I called. They also overnighted me a new card. I was blown away at the customer service and the no fuss fraud charge removal. The only draw back is that rotating 5 percent cash back. Its a very high percentage, but I don’t always use whatever categories they are offering that quarter.


Card decline and locked always.

Hi there I would like to give you my suggestions for discover credit card. I got my card few weeks ago. And I was trying to make a purchase cash advance,they locked my credit 2 times ,they ask me additional information I’d,social security number and my private bank summary. I did everything whatever they need. Then I did couple purches which’s not big amount it went truth and I still had my balance over 5000$ but unfortunately I got declined and account manger called me he said we are sorry of situation,you are able to make your purches,try one more time. I did try again and it’s decline. I couldn’t completed my shopping. That’s really bad I had over 4 times trouble with this kind of credit card. So before apply discover credit card , think one more time. Have a good night.


Don’t ever apply discover

Mine worst decision ever to apply discover. I got approved for American express with CL $15000 and bank of America Travel reward $3000 And cash reward $7500. They rejected when I had credit score 753 in Equifax. I don’t think I would ever apply aagain


Complicit in Fraud

Had a fraudulent purchase. Discover reversed it, then put it back with no explanation. Won’t talk to me about it. I made contact with the merchant and the merchant recognizes that it’s fraud - sent me written proof that they reversed the fraudulent charge. Discover refuses to post the reversal and is still trying to charge me. Can only assume a Discover employee is complicit in the fraud.



These people are cheaters… They gave a promise to do me the ACH for the excess amount which was approval by the lady in discover and now they declined it and also cancelled it without my knowledge
I requested them to listen the call conversation we had previously. But they declined it.


I LOVE Discover Card!

They give me Credit line increases with out me having to ask! fantastic customer service! Straight forward and easy to work with! 10/10 would absolutely recommend!!!



I have 8 credit cards and my discover card is by far my favorite. Excellent customer service, generous credit limit increase, top shelf security, easy mobile application. One of the best cash back rewards A total hassle free experience. I would say DISCOVER IT.


Discover is the BEST CARD…

I have 26 credit cards, all of them are the top tier cards. 3 Amex cards including a Premier Gold Charge card, Discover IT, Capital One Quicksilver, DoubleCash, Cash+, BOA Cash Rewards, Travel Rewards, Freedom, etc… blah blah…most of the top cards I have them. I say that just so you get the picture that I have tried most of the top cards and still have them, but when I’m in a pinch and need a card issuer that’s fair and always has my back, I use my Discover. They have so many different ways to use your credit line, and at fair prices, that I can’t recommend anyone above them. Plus their customer service is at the top of the food chain. I handle my finances online, but when I’ve had to call in I always end up speaking to nice individuals who sound like they like their jobs. I LOVE DISCOVER more than all the other credit cards in my wallet. I love Amex too, but imho Discover is the best card in my wallet.


I LOVE DISCOVER! Best card in my wallet…

26 premium cards in my wallet. Multiple Amex, Capital One Quicksilver, Discover IT, BOA Cash, BOA Travel, Cash+, Double Cash, Freedom, Uber, etc… a bunch of great cards. I say that to say this, out of all of those Discover IT is my best card. They simply have the most flexibility on how to use your credit line, the terms are always fair and affordable. Their customer service is literally the best in the game. I mean Amex is amazing too, but Discover is far and above the best in the game in treating their customers like ppl. They truly sound like they like what they do when you call in. I love my Discover IT more than any other card in my wallet. That’s saying alot because I love them all…lol


cash back pct.

I was told 1st $3000 each year (except the 5% class) pays .25% then the 1% others truely pay 1% or more
Fidelity 2% everywhere
chase AARP 3% on some classes 1% rest
chase AMAZON 5% on amazon 1% rest
current ‘special’ is SEARS CITI paying whopping 10% during promotional times in certain catagories


They side with crooked vendors

After being overcharged $10 at a gas station I still was overcharged that $10 by discover buyer beware do not get card it is the principle of the whole situation I will be getting a hold of the State Attorney General’s office and a personal attorney and suing them for lost wages for time lost all over $10 boo discover!


They don’t care about loyal customers or High credit scores

I have had this card for 5 years now my interest rate has only gone up when so has my credit score, I call them about lowering my interest and they are willing to lower it to a measly 21.99% %2 lower than when i signed up 5 years ago with a much lower score and now i have 750 probably had a 500 something when i applied. I have paid them always on time and keep my balance low or pay it off that month. And none the less they raised my interest 1% this year already claiming it was the prime rate but can’t even notify you when doing so. Horrible card company i will no longer do business with they don’t care about the consumer only the moneys the shareholders will make.


Excellent Company

I really love Discover, they are super great to work with and approved us for a large limit. Thank you Discover